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Hailing from Detroit by way of Los Angeles, Alex has lived and breathed sports (especially his beloved Lions) for as long as he can remember. Alex holds fast to his loyalties, but he isn't afraid to tell it like it is, even if that means recognizing the greatness of other teams and players. It’s only natural that he would parlay his favorite hobby and pastime into a career. Raised in a Cuban American family, Alex’s other passions are naturally food and music. Since very early in life, playing and listening to music were always big things in his family. As far food is concerned, he will try anything at least once and never misses the chance to enjoy a good meal with family and friends.

Alex is a stand-up comedian based in Detroit, MI. His hunger for sports was born in the late 80's with the Bad Boy Pistons, which makes him partial to teams and players with grit and that are often viewed as underdogs.

Summer days in Michigan were perfect for all manner of competition: soccer, basketball, street hockey, flag football, kick ball, batting cages, BMX bikes, the driving range, hell even a round of Ghosts in the Graveyard. Bruno Tysh has played them all. Bruno's other love is cinema. At 16, he got a job at a movie theatre and had his own film review column in the Detroit Metro Times. After graduation came film school at Columbia College Chicago. Four years, student loans and still no love for the Chicago Bears. Go Lions. After relocating to Los Angeles, Tysh keeps his Michigan teams close to heart by watching them religiously, road tripping to see them and dropping everything when they come to town. When Bruno isn't working on the site, he is writing, making films ( and trying his hardest to laugh and have fun.

North Dakota Born. Minnesota Bred. California Livin'. Jeff "The Terminator" Reardon is my spirit animal (except for the pills and robbery).

Like one-half of those two old dudes who sit in the box seats on the muppets...but with better class politics and more precise info on Skeeter Barnes' current whereabouts.

Just a guy from Michigan hoping to see a Lions Super Bowl victory before I die.

Walking is funny. Life is okay. @FranciscoSims on Twitter, Instagram & Periscope.

Producer/Editor at Former Associate Producer at Fox Sports West. Fan of Tigers, Lions, Pistons, Red Wings, Simpsons, Seinfeld, Nas, OutKast, Tarantino, Fincher. Avid Skier. Amatuer foodie. Bourbon connoisseur.

Michigan homer living in St. Louis, MO. My mom thinks I'm clever.

Raised on the Redwings of the 90's and taught by the Pistons of the 2000's. Nick has said "Detroit vs. Everybody" more than anybody you know....Detroit vs. Everybody.

A father of 3. Was in the advanced classes for Sarcasm. Sports fanatic. I'm a grown up trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. God -> Kobe -> Wife. Associate Degree in Business Administration. Clearly you see where my life is heading. Happy reading and thank you all for viewing the site. FOLLLOW ME ON THE TWITTER @PharoahPharrell

Musical Director for Bruno Mars and Selena Gomez. Ambassador for Detroit. Writer of wrongs.

Just a kid (at heart) living out a dream. No bias, no filter, but 100% authentic. Born and raised in the great state of Michigan. Sports junkie, getting my daily fix on all things sports. Hometown kid, love my Detroit/local teams but recognizing greatness outside of my state’s limits. Very well-rounded, avid fan of all of the following: NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, NCAA Basketball and Football, International Soccer (BPL, La Liga, etc) Golf, Tennis and Fantasy Sports. Social drinker, occasional gambler, and frequent agitator. Recreational soccer, basketball, golf and sand volleyball player, traded in the bat flip for the pen flip. Follow me on Twitter @RyanJaquith

Amateur sports journalist, pong player, and golfer. Very dedicated New York Islanders, Mets, Jets, Knicks, and FSU Fan. I also play lacrosse at Suffolk Community College. I tend to complain in my articles and express my opinions in a loud way... So yeah be ready for that.

Grad student studying mental health at USC, I'm really into Black Rebel Motorcycle Club these days, love working out, hiking, love the LA Kings : D and I practically live on Instagram, find me mrmcgibblets_

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