Your Sporting Summer Checklist

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Published on : July 25, 2016




As July melts into August, we can sense that summer is burning out. Kids and adults alike are dreading the return of the regular routine. Don’t despair, it’s not too late to save your vacation. All you need to do is get out of the house and get moving. Below is a bucket list of sports activities that should be enjoyed while you still can. Get out the sunscreen and your favorite tank-top because here is Your Sporting Summer Checklist.


1. Go see a baseball game

I know the MLB season is most of the calendar year but there is nothing like a summertime trip to the ballpark. One beer and a hotdog, please and thank you. I prefer the later start games that bleed into night. Often there are fireworks and the cooler evening air just makes everything perfect. Bring your glove, because you might just catch a souvenir. Another beer and hotdog, please.


2. Something on the water



Could be boating, tubing, kayaking, swimming, or even living that canoe life but do something on a natural body of water. I’m talking oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, hot springs, whatever you got. Splashing in the pool is fun but a man-made watering hole is not the same as enjoying the outdoors of this majestic planet.


3. Hike/walk

Plan a fun route and make a day of it. Or at least a few hours. Bring water, your fully charged cell phones and maybe even a little snack. Going on a real-deal hike? Then up the gear. Med kit, map, ways to signal for help when phones won’t do the trick, more water, sun screen, etc. Dress appropriately. Hat and or sunglasses, multiple layers depending on conditions, and good footwear. No brand new hiking boots. These will hurt. You need to break them in first. No shitty old sneakers either. They offer no ankle support and often have little grip left on the bottoms. New to the game? Start small and easy. No one wants to get stuck on the endless hike to nowhere.


4. Bikes

Oil that chain up and go for a ride. It may look dumb but wear the helmet. Your brain will thank you later. Being on a bike transports you back in time to when you were a kid. Even your old ten-speed will zap you into nostalgia. There is just something about the freedom you feel on a bike that cannot be mirrored by anything else.


5. Camping



Within two hours driving from anywhere, there is a camp ground in the United States. Load up the car with essentials and hit the open road. If you plan accordingly, you can do most of the items on this list in one excursion. It will be an epic trip but you deserve an epic trip. Camping is excellent because you can’t help but feel connected to the earth. Don’t forget the bug spray, and a hatchet always seems to come in handy.


6. Try something new

Whatever is new to you. Go surfing, learn tennis, rock climb, paintball, something. Challenge yourself to explore different activities. If you need, rope your friends or family into it. You may not fall in love with the experience but there is no doubt you will be better off having tried it.


7. Be safe

There is a wealth of info on anything you want to pursue. Do a little research, be prepared. Have the stuff you need to safely have your summer fun. Nothing ruins a good time like a trip to the E.R. Be smart, plan ahead and don’t half-ass the the important stuff.


I promise that if you do each item on this list then you will have a great summer. Then when someone asks what you did over vacation, your only problem will be which adventures to share first.





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