Los Angeles Belongs to the Rams

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Published on : January 30, 2016



When I awoke from my slumber at the crack of noon yesterday, it seemed as though the Rams and Chargers were destined to share Los Angeles for the foreseeable future. The news was that the two teams had worked out a deal for the Chargers to move to Inglewood next year and share the brand new, state of the art mega-stadium complex that is being built on the site of the once majestic Hollywood Park Racetrack. This seemed like the right move in order for the Chargers to remain relevant in Southern California.


As Friday wore on, news changed a bit. Turns out the Chargers agreed to terms and have the option to move into the new stadium, but will remain in San Diego in 2016 and continue to try and get a new stadium built there. If they can’t come to an agreement on a getting a new home in San Diego this year, they will likely move to Inglewood next year, if for no other reason than to keep the Raiders out of Southern California. This makes sense because if the Raiders and Rams are both in LA, the Chargers position in SoCal becomes much less appealing. With the already well established Raiders fanbase in town, they will have gone from being the only kid on the block to third-fiddle. That will make it a lot harder to fill up any NFL sized stadium.


                                                Artist rendering of the new Stadium in Inglewood


The City of San Diego doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to help finance a new stadium which leads me to believe that the team will probably end up in Los Angeles regardless. But by the time the team gets here it may be too late. LA has been desperate for a football team for a while now and once the Rams arrive the bandwagon will fill up quickly. If the Chargers were to come up north this year, the same time as the Rams, that would give Los Angelenos another initial option for football fandom, and a good amount of people would jump on the Chargers wagon.


With an entire year alone in the City of Angeles, the Rams have a chance to snatch up the Lions’ share of football fans, and no matter who arrives for the 2017 season. The Raiders at least have a history here and tons of devoted fans around the world, but the poor Chargers will be the Clippers no matter what. Simply put, by the time they get here the Rams will own this town. The Rams always made the most sense to come to LA because this was their city for fifty years and I anticipate the city getting behind them in full force. With one year as the only show in town they will have a stranglehold on pro football, and that spells bad news for anyone else who may come after. Sorry Chargers, but you missed your chance to gain a share of the market and now Los Angeles belongs to the Rams.




SBS Stadium Series: Questions about Qualcomm

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Published on : September 20, 2015


For the last four years, Alex and I have traveled to whichever is the closest to Los Angeles of the Detroit Lions’ west coast games. We’ve done Candlestick Park in San Fran and twice been to University of Phoenix Stadium for Lions vs. Cardinals. As soon as the NFL schedule is released we look for our road trip game. Boom! Week 1 in San Diego for a battle with the Chargers at Qualcomm Stadium. I have never been to Qualcomm and after my trip I have a few questions.


First question is where are all the crazy fans? The face painted, decked out in head-to-toe team gear psychos? Where they at? I didn’t see them. 


The Michigang rolled into the tailgate lot and found a surprising amount of away team support. Maybe it was all the blue but it felt like there were tons of Lions fans. I’ve been to my share of hostile grounds aside from a few negative comments, the Charger locals were all chill.


If you look close in the picture below you can spot a few other SBS writers. Let’s play a game of ‘Where’s Joe and Michael*?’

*Michael is not from Michigan but still our friend so we let him come anyway.



My next question is about the parking lot, there are several gates leading in but why isn’t there an “Antonio Gate?” I mean how many TD’s did Gates catch for the Chargers? Seems like a missed opportunity Qualcomm.


Qualcomm 3


God Damn it’s sunny there. Make sure you get tickets on the home side of the field or you are gonna get roasted. Even in the partial shade I had to rock a t-shirt do-rag just to keep the UV off my neck. Overall, I’d say the stadium has decent eye lines but it feels strange that the seating doesn’t start right behind the team bench.


Next question is what are they saving all that room for? It’s a complete waste of space. You could get more seats in there or move everyone a little closer. Poor planning Qualcomm. 


Qualcomm 2


Hey, haircut! Down in front. I feel like Kramer from Seinfeld was sitting in front of me. As the game continued into the second half I decided to venture out and get some snacks. Being in Southern Cali, I half expected sushi or at least tacos but I found the food options in the upper sections to be quite limited.


Where is all the fancy concessions Qualcomm? The new trend in stadium food is leaning into the craft and gourmet but all I could find was the usual suspects.  Step your game up.


I settled on nachos, a hotdog and two more beers. And yes, I dipped the dog in the cheese. This ain’t my first rodeo.


Qualcomm 1


The game was almost over and the Chargers were putting the finishing touches on a masterful and heart breaking (for us Lions fans) comeback. To my shock, many of the San Diego faithful were already leaving to beat traffic.


Last question: are you kidding me??? Your team plays great and storms back to win in your home opener/season opener and your fans don’t even want to stay to cheer on the squad? That’s nuts. I get leaving early if it’s a blowout but c’mon Qualcomm. Show some respect. 


Maybe I’m just bitter because my team lost but the flip-flop beach attitude of the Chargers fans really rubs me the wrong way. This isn’t Sea World, it’s the NFL and if they don’t care enough to heckle opposing fans and stay to the end of the game then maybe they don’t deserve a team. I know Los Angeles is ready and their fans kill people* in the parking lot. Now that’s commitment.

*SBS does not indorse fan on fan violence, just an observation on the levels of loyalty.


Overall, I had a really, really good time. The stadium and the fans are maybe too relaxed for my liking but the Chargers are a no-quit team and you gotta give them props for that. I just really, really wanted to win.


There is nothing worse than getting beat by someone who seems like they don’t care as much as you. Maybe it’s some sort of Zen tactic to drive people crazy. So I’ll leave you with the immortal words of The Anchorman, Ron Burgundy “Go fuck yourself San Diego.”


F Qualcomm


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