The Worst Tattoos in Sports

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Published on : December 2, 2016



More than ever, athletes are tatted up. In every sport, we see body art covering the arms and legs of some of the biggest stars in the game. The stigma around tattoos seems to have been lifted and most wear their ink proudly. But some shouldn’t because they have awful tattoos. Just dumb stuff, in bad colors and in stupid locations. And for the record, I have “Get To The Chopper” tattooed on my stomach in large gothic letters, so I know a thing or two. Let’s look around sports and call out the worst tattoos we can find.


The Undertaker

undertaker tattoo


One of the earliest dudes I can remember in sports to rock lots of ink. In the 2000’s, the wrestler added “Sara” on his throat for his then wife. What a terrible idea. It doesn’t look good there, it’s a brand more than anything, like “don’t fuck my husband”. Well they split up and he remarried and then covered up the art. But the Taker obviously didn’t learn his lesson because he went and got both his daughter’s names on either side of his neck.


Chris “Birdman” Andersen



Let’s keep the neck theme going. NBA player, Chris Andersen, and his “Free Bird” piece is an absolute horror. The colors, the size. It’s clown nightmare. I get that he’s going for freak show meets other freak show look but it just doesn’t work. The sleeve tattoos look fine but that neck takes it all to an ugly place. This isn’t your high school locker, it’s your body, show some respect.


Mike Tyson



Not the face! Is something I scream when I fight, but it’s also something you should say at the tattoo parlor. But legendary boxer Mike Tyson don’t care. And this art famously communicates that. He is the original king of awful sports tattoos. Crazy to think after a full career of being punched in the face, Tyson retires and is like all “those fists didn’t destroy me, maybe I’ll try a needle.” Well played sir.


Brian Urlacher

urlacher tat


Like a frat boy on spring break, Brian reps the barb wire bicep wrap. Made famous by Pam Anderson in the movie Barb Wire (1996). Urlacher featured this piece on tackle, after tackle during a solid 13 year NFL career. A note a wrap tattoos, Celtic culture says if you get a band tattooed around a limb then you lose it in the afterlife. Most Celtic ink never makes a full circle around a body part. Just something to consider.


Ryan Kesler

ryan kesler


The Superman logo, which could be cool if you’re Shaq or if you played Superman in a movie or if you’re Shaq. But other than that? You shouldn’t do it. Plus all the black ink doesn’t look great with that cartoon “K”. It also kind of crooked. The scripty tattoos of his kids names are fine but why add to the same arm? Put it somewhere else. It’s so sloppy now. Maybe the worst ink in the NHL. For shame. May Shaq have mercy on your soul.


Scott Spiezio



We are all lucky this dummy and his Stacy’s Mom-esque pin-up tattoo are retired from Major League Baseball. He may not be a household name but his ink is famously bad. Actually in a way, this piece is great because it lets everyone know, from very far away, that this guys sucks, real hard. Thanks Scott, for the heads up on not wasting our time with you. I’m sure there is some backstory but I don’t think anyone cares.


David Beckham



Mr Beckham has “Brooklyn” tramp-stamped on him. It’s one of his kids names. He has ink for all his offspring in various places but why there? Who is that for? I can only guess it’s for the stranger sexing him from behind. Later, they are getting dressed and it’s like “what’s with the Brooklyn ink? I know you aren’t from there” and Becs will be all “it’s for my son.” Also, why does the footballer have the AND1 mascot with angel wings on his back? I thought that was a basketball thing.


The fact that athletes sport tattoos probably has helped make body art so commonplace. Let these role models teach us the lesson that you need to plan out your tattoo and really think about it before you commit. Add your favorite tattoo travesty in the comments below.





World Cup Of Hockey 2016: Team USA Roster Released

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Published on : March 5, 2016


Team USA, along with the 7 other competing national teams, have released their initial rosters of at least 16 players for the World Cup of Hockey 2016, the best-on-best international hockey championship that will be held Sept. 17 – Oct. 1 at Air Canada Centre in Toronto.


The balance of each team’s roster – a total of 20 skaters and three goaltenders – must be announced no later than June 1.


The initial roster is as follows:



  • G Ben Bishop, Tampa Bay Lightning
  • G Jonathan Quick, Los Angeles Kings
  • G Cory Schneider, New Jersey Devils
  • D Dustin Byfuglien, Winnipeg Jets
  • D John Carlson, Washington Capitals
  • D Ryan McDonagh, New York Rangers
  • D Ryan Suter, Minnesota Wild
  • F Justin Abdelkader, Detroit Red Wings
  • F Patrick Kane, Chicago Blackhawks
  • F Ryan Kesler, Anaheim Ducks
  • F T.J. Oshie, Washington Capitals
  • F Max Pacioretty, Montreal Canadiens
  • F Zach Parise, Minnesota Wild
  • F Joe Pavelski, San Jose Sharks
  • F Derek Stepan, New York Rangers
  • F Blake Wheeler, Winnipeg Jets


There are a lot of names on this roster that you would expect. 12 players from the Sochi Olympic Games, including shootout hero T.J. Oshie, have been selected. There is one name that might not look so familiar: Justin Abdelkader of the Detroit Red Wings.


He is a high-energy player with lots of speed that plays a big role for the Red Wings. But in a best-on-best tournament? It’s a head-scratcher based on who else was available, especially when you’re only naming 16 players to start.


Team USA didn’t surprise anyone with their choice of goalies though, which will be the strength of their team. It will be interesting to see who gets the No.1 spot going forward. Quick was the guy in Sochi and was very good until the bronze medal game. He has the two Stanley Cups as well.


Their defense will be strong with three members of the Olympic Team returning and new face Dustin Byfuglien joining the defensive core.


Keep an eye out for the players still in the mix to be selected for the final roster. Players like Phil Kessel, Bobby Ryan, Kyle Okposo, Brandon Dubinsky and Ryan Callahan are all possiblities for offense.


On defense, Faulk is likely to be there, but then who else do they bring? Olympians Cam Fowler and Kevin Shattenkirk should be in the mix based on their experience. GM Dean Lombardi has a known affinity for Keith Yandle.


Team USA will be missing players though, due to the fact Johnny Gaudreau, Seth Jones and Brandon Saad are all competing for Team North America.


Along with the roster, the jerseys that Team USA will wear have been released as well.






The Adidas jerseys are foreshadowing what is to come, as Adidas will replace Reebok as the official outfitter of the NHL in 2017.


Personally, I like the jerseys. They look crisp and the diagonal “USA” lettering is something I LOVE. The Adidas stripes down the sides don’t even bother me that much because they blend with the rest of the jersey.


All-in-all, I’m pretty freakin’ excited to watch Team USA tear it up in Toronto this September. Here’s something that’s guaranteed to get you hyped up:






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