Battle of the Network Stars

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Published on : July 2, 2017


Welcome to the new Battle of the Network Stars. For those who don’t know, this is a revival of the vintage series from ABC Sports dating back 1976. The show ran until 1988 and normally had two episodes a year. It was hosted by the great Howard Cosell and featured a three way battle from the stars of ABC, NBC and CBS. This was the original Dancing with the Stars.


And because TV won’t let anything die, this sports reality vehicle is back! This time with special guest coach and NFL great, DeMarcus Ware. Plus former UFC champ, Ronda Rousey. With Mike Green and Joe Tessitore doing the commentary. This version of the show has dropped the network teams and instead grouped the contestants by the types of roles they have played. Crews like: TV cops, TV lawyers, TV politicians, TV doctors, primetime soap stars, TV mom and dads, TV kids, and etc. Each airing of the 10 episode run will pit two crews against each other in a gauntlet of events. There are even some folks who are returning for their second round of Battle of the Network Stars. Talk about a throwback.


                                                                               Team TV Sitcoms


The events are just like back in the day. We still get to enjoy track, swimming, kayaking, basketball, soccer, tennis, the famous dunk tank, archery, golf, obstacle course and the the tug of war. It’s like some crazy decathlon for non-athletes. Half the fun is seeing who fails what. But then an endearing thing happens, you see one of the stars overcome in a situation you thought they had no chance in. It’s totally uplifting. And it gives you a little hope that maybe, just maybe, we can all find some inner strength someday.


I’m most looking forward to seeing team sci-fi which is Lou Ferrigno, Vinnie Jones, Charisma Carpenter, Kevin Sorbo and Jill Wagner. Team TV lifeguards also looks intriguing. The roster includes David Chokachi, Brande Roderick, Parker Stevenson, Nicole Eggert and Gena Lee Nolin. Rescue me. ABC is all in on this the retro game show thing. Beyond Battle, they also brought back The Gong Show while still enjoying Family FeudJeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. That’s a lot of old shit for one network. I’ve got a new idea for you ABC, how about show where celebs do my laundry. It could be called White Wash.




Let’s all just be happy that there are finally some sports to watch. The dark days are over. Battle of the Network Stars is on Thursdays this summer on ABC.


TV time.



Get to know the LA Rams in the new show ‘Hollywood and Football’

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Published on : November 12, 2016



The E! Network is going all-in on the NFL. First, they launched their dating reality show Catching Kelce and now we are getting a behind the scenes look at the personal lives of the LA Rams players and their families in the new show Hollywood and Football. Think Real Housewives meets Hard Knocks.


The show centers on couples Kenny and Sabrina Britt, Cory and Bianca Harkey, Rodger and Asia Saffold, Lance and Danielle Kendricks, Chase and Kila Reynolds, Bradley Marquez and Melissa Hernandez. Looks like the most of the drama of the series is about the transition of moving to Los Angeles from St. Louis and the constant juggling of work and home.



The promo video uses the term “ramily” as in the Ram family. I hate that. But it’s pretty fucking clever. And speaking of clever, let’s talk about the show’s name. Hollywood and Football is okay but there has to be something better out there. Maybe The Ram Housewives of Los Angeles or Which of these Couples will Divorce First? Ooohhh, here’s another one The Real Hard Knockoffs of LA.


The first season is six episodes that will start airing November 30th on E!. I hope this isn’t just another show about catty rich ladies with nothing better to do than judge each other. Because if that’s the case, I’ll just go back and watch the last season of Hard Knocks with featured the Rams. There, you got a close view of home life that was honest and endearing.


hollywood and football - wives


I’ll watch anything NFL related at least once. Hell, I still watch Ballers and that show isn’t good. But my stupid love of football keeps bringing me back. It’s a strong force. Let’s all hope that Hollywood and Football will be great. The complex lives of athletes is interesting and it doesn’t need to be turned into a soap opera to be watchable.


Keep your eyes out for the show starting November 30th. Can’t wait to see what the E! Network and the NFL cook up next.





NFL Tight End, Travis Kelce, Has His Own Dating Reality Show

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Published on : October 9, 2016


Travis Kelce is looking for love. The NFL tight end from the Kansas City Chiefs has a new reality show called Catching Kelce. The show is like The Bachelor but the twist on this E! show is that Travis is picking from 50 different women from all 50 states with the hope of finding that special one.


The first episode introduces us to Travis Kelce, the man. First impression is that he is a total goofball and kind of looks like Jason Sudeikis but on steroids. He is always making jokes and dancing around, it’s almost adorable but then it falls into some serious bro territory. He can’t really dance though. His moves are more acceptable for the end zone than the night club.



I can’t believe Kelce agreed to go on a show where he is forced to date 50 women. What courage. I hope he doesn’t sleep with all 50 of women because statistics state the only thing Kelce will be catching is an STD. And speaking of the contestants, they all seem very aware of Travis’ recent contract extension that netted him over $46 million dollars. The show flashes some epic looking showdowns between the women. This is obviously the real drama.


Another point of interest is a contestant named Avery. She is smart, pretty and knows football. Her father happens to be Mark Schlereth. Who played for both Washington and Denver as a guard on the offensive line. Schlereth has 3 Super Bowl rings and is a current ESPN analyst on NFL Live. He also said that he would kill Kelce if he disrespected his daughter. So maybe that happens in a future episode.


The pilot ends with a series preview where big dramatic moments are highlighted from the upcoming season. Kisses, fights, dates and plenty of gossip, all in beautiful Los Angeles, California. Then they show us our boy, Travis Kelce, and he is really upset because he has to say goodbye to some of the women. Like it never dawned on him before that moment that he was going to have to do more than just make out with 50 hot chicks. He’s so naive, it’s cute.


catching kelce 2


I don’t normally dig shows like this but I love that this young NFL star is building his brand and honestly looking for some real companionship. Can’t blame him for either of those things. I’ll keep watching if only to see Mark Schlereth choke Kelce out. Get caught up so we can talk about this show together at work.


Will you take this rose?



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