Do I have to care about the 2028 Olympics?

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Published on : August 2, 2017



It was announced this week that Los Angeles had won its bid to host the 2028 Olympics. The City of Angels originally had eyes for the 2024 summer games but eventually ceded that year’s hosting duties to Paris, which hasn’t hosted an Olympic Games since 1924. This will be the third time that LA will host the games and city had been in tense negotiations with the hopes of hosting this major sporting event that means so much to so many people around the world. Or does it?


I mean, who actually cares about the Olympics? Everyone knows that the people who run it are corrupt and don’t give a shit about the cities who host the games. That’s why they usually make these cities cover any cost overruns and an assortment of other costs. At least my town was smart enough to set certain stipulations regarding just how much of those cost overruns they would agree to cover so that they don’t get stuck with some ridiculous bill. Pretty smart on the part of mayor Garcetti and others involved in making sure that LA got the coveted Olympics. But then again, it shouldn’t be much a surprise that LA knew what they were doing. After all, the 1984 games were the only ones in history to turn a profit, and the people running the city government think they can do it again.




Okay cool, I guess I can be happy that my city isn’t going to bankrupt itself just so the rest of the world — a world that probably already sees enough of us in movies and television — can see us host an international sporting event. But I still feel like I don’t really care. I guess I’ll check out an event or two, if we aren’t living in some post-apocalyptic hellscape by then, but I have trouble getting excited for the Olympics in general. Aside from soccer, our country is already Mecca for team sports, which I find far more entertaining than individual sports. When we already have the Stanley Cup how am I supposed to get amped up about Gold Medals?


I’m sure someone out there could hate on me for some kind of lack of patriotism, but I don’t see it. I love my country, despite its (ever-increasing amount of) faults, and I want America to be considered among the best in the world, no matter the category. But at this point I’m more worried about America falling behind in every other category of life than losing a medal for an event that is mildly entertaining at best. A lot can change in 11 years, and who knows, maybe I’ll be more excited as the games approach but as of now I’m not really feeling it.


LA Mayor, Eric Garcetti wanted this thing bad and he thinks it’s going to be great for the city. Luckily for us, we are one of the only places in the world that has the entire infrastructure for this venture either already built, or already in development and scheduled for completion prior to the games. We won’t have to spend millions and millions of dollars building facilities for athletes and the games. That’s all I’m really taking away from this. When the Super Bowl comes to town I’ll be stoked but for now, I’m sorry to say that I don’t really care about the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California.



Art: The Spectator Sport

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Published on : July 20, 2017


Professional athletics is the ultimate spectator sport. Whether you are at the game or set up in front of the big screen, the role of the sports fan is clear: cheer on your squad and express your fandom in any safe way that doesn’t harm anyone else. But are the rules of viewership different from thing to thing? What about art? The original spectator sport. Before the NFL, we had cave paintings. And believe you me, those images were judged by every slopping-brow who lumbered past. But even in its infancy, art had some guidelines about how it should be digested. Later, other creative minds would challenge this vary notion leaving us in a place where the boundaries were no longer clear. But I’m getting ahead of myself. The words below are dedicated to the discussion of how we should approach a work of art in 2017.


Let me first start by saying that I never have trouble finding my words but this whole issue has me very vexed and confused. The fact that I reacted so strongly means this topic demands to be explored.


Not to brag but my folks dragged me to tons of museums, exhibits and other strange art things ever since I could walk. So I learned gallery-etiquette at an early age. For those unfamiliar, it goes like this: don’t touch anything. Ever. Unless there is a giant sign or person that says you can. Be aware of the viewers around you. Any one person is entitled to look as long they’d like and from as many vantages points but try not to limit anyone else’s experience with your enjoyment. Just beware of the space you are occupying. This is a basic idea and should resonant deeply with the sports community.


art watcher


This is the old man part of the argument. Where I complain about “kids these days” and how they “don’t respect their elders” and all that other trite garbage. Unfortunately, the world of viewing art has in fact changed with the younger generation. It now seems just as important (if not more) to document your museum day via social media. To let everyone know what you are up to. Show that you are hip and that you check out inspiring works because you are so cool and creative. But this trend is bothersome because it seems like all the thought is in the broadcasting of the piece and not digestion of it. There is no time limit or minimum but if you spend all your time getting the perfect pic and then you move on, then you didn’t witness the art. You saved or sent a skewed reproduction of the piece. Not the same. Would you put a filter on Andy Warhol?


Because some artists understand our love of our phones, we have seen the rise of interactive pop art that just begs that you pose with it. Enter the era of the Instagram art museum. Each installation is another photo op. A quick tour of the building and you’ll have enough grounded content for the week. Score. This article was inspired after a recent trip to Los Angeles based pop up, The 14th Factory. Gram worthy works include a room full of rakes hanging from the ceiling, a garden of giant airplane wings and the all white bedroom from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Another photo-bait spot in LA is the Museum of Ice Cream. Swimming pool of sprinkles, oversized everything, all painted the brightest pinks and yellows and whatnot. AKA Internet gold.


But whatever you do, don’t be this person who ruined $200,000 worth of beautiful work from Simon Birch at the 14th Factory. In a quest for the perfect selfie, the dummy in question knocks over part of the installation which causes a horrifying domino effect.



That video legit made me cringe when I first saw it. It took me back to 6-years-old and running in a gallery only to have my mom snatch me up and explain why that was a bad idea. To this day, I keep my hands behind my back when I get close to a piece. My lady calls it “museum hands” and she teases me endlessly each time she witness them. But I’ve never knocked anything over. So maybe museum hands should be protocol with everyone.


I get why you take pictures of art. I do it too. Where it is allowed, of course. And if you don’t know or there are no signs posted then ask an employee about their photography policy. Below is an image I took of one of Simon Birch’s gorgeous crowns. This crown was in the middle row, not the row that got knocked over. But close. Overall, this was maybe my favorite thing in the whole 14th Factory. A stunning work.


Crown 14th factory


So what’s the compromise? People are not going to put their phones away. But is it so bad that young people are excited about art that they want to share it? All the museums in LA that require tickets are sold out for weeks or months at a time. That’s incredible. Everyone needs more art in their life. I guess I’m just asking for everyone to be a little more aware that a gallery space is a public space. Be conscious of your fellow art fans and maybe keep your phone away as much as possible.


There is no one right way to enjoy art. So try different stuff. Bring a sketch book and sit with one work and see what you come up with. Or try that stupid headset with narrated tour. Bring different friends of family members for a new perspective in your conversation. Create new angles, it may surprise you what you find. Just remember this one thing: don’t knock anything over.





Los Angeles Belongs to the Rams

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Published on : January 30, 2016



When I awoke from my slumber at the crack of noon yesterday, it seemed as though the Rams and Chargers were destined to share Los Angeles for the foreseeable future. The news was that the two teams had worked out a deal for the Chargers to move to Inglewood next year and share the brand new, state of the art mega-stadium complex that is being built on the site of the once majestic Hollywood Park Racetrack. This seemed like the right move in order for the Chargers to remain relevant in Southern California.


As Friday wore on, news changed a bit. Turns out the Chargers agreed to terms and have the option to move into the new stadium, but will remain in San Diego in 2016 and continue to try and get a new stadium built there. If they can’t come to an agreement on a getting a new home in San Diego this year, they will likely move to Inglewood next year, if for no other reason than to keep the Raiders out of Southern California. This makes sense because if the Raiders and Rams are both in LA, the Chargers position in SoCal becomes much less appealing. With the already well established Raiders fanbase in town, they will have gone from being the only kid on the block to third-fiddle. That will make it a lot harder to fill up any NFL sized stadium.


                                                Artist rendering of the new Stadium in Inglewood


The City of San Diego doesn’t seem to be in much of a hurry to help finance a new stadium which leads me to believe that the team will probably end up in Los Angeles regardless. But by the time the team gets here it may be too late. LA has been desperate for a football team for a while now and once the Rams arrive the bandwagon will fill up quickly. If the Chargers were to come up north this year, the same time as the Rams, that would give Los Angelenos another initial option for football fandom, and a good amount of people would jump on the Chargers wagon.


With an entire year alone in the City of Angeles, the Rams have a chance to snatch up the Lions’ share of football fans, and no matter who arrives for the 2017 season. The Raiders at least have a history here and tons of devoted fans around the world, but the poor Chargers will be the Clippers no matter what. Simply put, by the time they get here the Rams will own this town. The Rams always made the most sense to come to LA because this was their city for fifty years and I anticipate the city getting behind them in full force. With one year as the only show in town they will have a stranglehold on pro football, and that spells bad news for anyone else who may come after. Sorry Chargers, but you missed your chance to gain a share of the market and now Los Angeles belongs to the Rams.




Rams, Raiders and Chargers… oh, my!

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Published on : November 15, 2015


Football is coming back to LA, baby. After 20 years without an NFL team, there are currently two new stadium proposals set for approval early next year. One plan would relocate the St. Louis Rams to a brand-new stadium in Inglewood. The other venture, led by Disney CEO Bob Iger, would build a two-team stadium in Carson for both the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers.


This is fucking great news. I may have grown up in Chicago, but my love of football wasn’t born until after I moved to Los Angeles, the biggest US city without an NFL franchise. Now three teams want to be my hometown hero? Hell yeah. This is what America loves the most: choices. Let’s take a look at our candidates and see which team(s) would be the best fit.




Founded: Oakland, 1960.

# of Super Bowls: 3 (’76, ’80, ’83)

current record: 4-4


Pros: They were already the Los Angeles Raiders from 1982 to 1994. Black and gray look great on the red carpet. Ice Cube is a fan. I’m not seeing a lot of cons here… oh wait, there they are.


Cons: This franchise hasn’t won a Super Bowl since “Return of the Jedi” was in theaters. And their mascot is kind of lame. What is he anyway? A pirate? Human mascots are the worst. Does a Raider (or a Texan or a Buccaneer) really stand a chance against a Bear or a Lion or even a Seahawk?




Founded: Cleveland, 1936.

# of Super Bowls: 1 (’99)

current record: 4-4


Pros: Another West Coast expatriate, this franchise was the Los Angeles Rams from 1946 until 1994. They won the NFL Championship game in 1951. And they’ve got a great mascot: the ram. A majestic beast of mythic proportions that will crush anything in its way.


Cons: I’ve never been a fan of anything from Cleveland. (Except my good friend, Marielle Brinda, and her lovely family.)




Founded: Los Angeles, 1960.

# of Super Bowls: 0

current record: 2-7


Pros: Originally owned by Barron Hilton, son of hotel magnate (and “Mad Men” supporting character) Conrad Hilton, the Bolts only played their freshman season in LA before settling down south in San Diego for the last 53 years.


Cons: An even worse mascot than the Raiders. Lightning bolts? Come on, guys! Did your kids put those stickers on your helmets or what?


From where I’m standing, the best choice is obvious. Human mascots suck and lightning bolts are for the Power Rangers. Listen up, millionaires: lay out a buffet of champagne and sushi and let’s bring these Rams back to our shores where they belong.


The Chargers can come too, I guess.



Namaste, Bitches – Trailer

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Published on : October 13, 2015


Yoga is all the rage. Folks claim it builds core strength, increases flexibility and brings harmony to the body and soul. Well I don’t know anything about that. I can’t even bend and touch my toes. God damn sit-and-reach is the reason I never passed the Presidential Fitness Test. But I think that’s all gonna change. I just watched the amazing trailer for the new series Namaste, Bitches and I think I’m finally ready to give this yoga thing a try.


Namaste, Bitches is an original comedy series about the “underbelly of the yoga world.”






Coming October 18th



Summer Shirey–Alex Dawson–Adele Rene–Keiren Brown–Edi Gathegi–Parvesh Cheena–Caitlin Talbot

Oren Skoog–Luke Matheny–Henry McMilin–Tania Verafield–George Alvarez–Christina Piazza

Directed by Mary Gillen
Created by Summer Shirey
Written by Summer Shirey and Mary Gillen
Produced by Tamar Sasson, Edi Gathegi and Kelly Parker



Most Annoying Fan Bases in Sports

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Published on : August 5, 2015



I’ve been all over. So this is the truth. Here is a list of the most annoying fan bases in sports:


Bay Area Fans

Don’t you just hate them?


Whether you’re a “die hard” Warriors or Giants fan or a fair whether flipper between the Raiders & 49ers, just shut up about all of it. Being a die hard fan of anything by inductive reasoning makes you extremely annoying. The Bay Area is a particularly spoiled sports region that most people don’t think of as a hardcore sports region. The term “sore winners” comes to mind. Don’t forget to recycle those empty fair trade, organic beer cans after you shotgun them while tailgating.



A fan holds up a ‘Free Tom Brady’ sign at a Red Sox game.


Another spoiled sports region. All 4 major sports franchises from here have won championships in recent years. The fan base most likely to physically fight you over a minor disagreement. Shout out to Philly fans on violence too.
A city of “die hard fans” meaning they have so little going on in their life that they pour their whole personality into devotions to a team of millionaires. Millionaires competitors who care less about winning than their loyal fans who talk like they all had strokes.



Put your shirts back on!


Shockingly worse accents than people from Boston. The perfect storm of spoiled (Blackhawks, 90s Bulls, Black Sox from not long ago, 80s Bears) and tortured (Cubs, Derrick Rose, current Bears) to combine for an infuriating brand of in-your-face pride & loser’s lamenting. Go eat comfort food from anywhere within 5 feet of you & shut your yapper!


New York

Less than a year ago they wanted A-Rods head on a spike in the Bronx. Now it’s all Happy Birthdays and rainbows.


Ok, you do have the right to be genuine Yankee fans unlike 85% of Yankee hat wearers. Hearing New Yorkers belly aching about sports is like hearing your rich friend complain about their BMW.  You live in an overwhelming metropolis – find something better to complain about than Carmelo, Gino Smith/Eli Manning & ARod. I’m walking here!


Los Angeles

Lakers fans.


Similar to NYC fans, but worse because of general vanity & lack of self awareness; not to mention the entitled mentality all fans of big market teams are stricken with. Lakers fans are the hardest to stomach, directly followed by Trojan Fans or Dodger fans* who will beat the living shit out of you then fair-weather Kings fans. What a cross section of fair-weather & spoiled.

*non-violent Dodger fans are legit though



I hope these drunks aren’t driving after the game.


Ohio State fans, the ones who are so enthusiastic/spirited/aggressive/loud – it makes you love U of M even if you have no rooting interest whatsoever. Cleveland fans who burned their Lebron James jerseys & welcomed him back with open arms. Bengals fans when they’re a fringe playoff team. They are the best of the worst, only because they’re consummate losers/silver medalists, but Ohio State fans are the worst braggarts about their success. These fans are those kids who get trophies despite losing.



Fair weather as fuck in a city with pretty fair weather. And I’ll never get behind a team that does this:



Wait, Remember The Clippers New Logo?

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Published on : July 24, 2015

It has been a little under a month since Clippers owner Steve Ballmer unveiled the team’s new logo to a less than stellar public reaction. After the team’s 2nd round collapse, Ballmer was hoping to energize a fan base while also moving forward with the rest of NBA’s new trend of simplistic uniform designs. Unfortunately, that design has led some to question why it happened in the first place.


A USA Today poll shows that 9,245 people (73.59%) gave a vote of ‘No’ when asked whether or not they liked the redesign.


Even Ballmer can’t hide his look of regret.



In a stroke of luck, however, the logo, which looks like it garnered a C+ for effort in an intro to Photoshop class, was greatly overshadowed by the recent DeAndre Jordan controversy.


But because of Jordan’s front-page decision to ignore a not-to-be-named Dallas Maverick’s owner, the public never truly got a chance to potentially change the nature of the Clipper’s logo. After all, there were different designs all over the Internet that could have worked much better.


For instance, in 2011 San Francisco based graphic designer Michael Weinstein drew up a logo that played into the Clipper’s nautical theme while still maintaining a clean look overall.


To add on to that, Reddit user R_E_D_D_I_T made a redesign of his own which included not only a logo, but also a proposal for a full court redesign which can be found here. Like Weinstein’s design this one was also released far before the new logo was most likely even thought up.

           Look at that!  LOOK AT IT!  How do you not go nautical?!



So, my question to readers is this: why not let the people decide? What better way to re-energize a fan-base that has been disappointed by their team’s postseason losses and free agency fiascos than to re-introduce the idea of a logo change that can be voted on? Perhaps the citizens of Clipperland will want a logo that actually shows what a clipper is. According to, a clipper is, “a sailing ship built and rigged for speed.” So, let’s open up those sails, and checkbooks, and give the Clippers a new logo that they can actually be thankful for.

Is Kobe to Blame for the Lakers’ Struggles in Free Agency?

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Published on : July 23, 2015

The walk leading up to the Staples Center in Los Angeles allows you the opportunity to walk alongside some Laker legends in Magic Johnson, Jerry West, announcer Chick Hearn and soon Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, as his statue is in the works. One day, no doubt there will be another statue added to this illustrious list, the statue of Kobe Bryant.


 A Lakers Legend

Since first donning the purple and gold in 1996 via a trade with the Charlotte Hornets, Kobe has dominated the sport and put himself up there with the greatest players to ever play the game, and in fact maybe even surpassed some of them. Yes, a debate could be made that Kobe Bryant is the greatest player of all time. A five time NBA Champion, twice a Finals MVP, 17 All Star Game appearances, the list goes on and on. A career full of accomplishments, a trophy case that perhaps needs its own wing in his Orange County home, but these past couple years, Laker fans have seen him in a suit more than they’ve seen him suit up.

Two consecutive season-ending injuries have limited Kobe to just 41 games over the past two years, both injuries causing Laker fans to wonder how much, if anything, Kobe has left. And of course, who takes over the reins when Kobe departs?

Trying to find a player equal to Kobe’s greatness of course will be quite a difficult feat, however you’d think the line of suitors willing to try  would run all the way down to Rodeo Drive. I mean who wouldn’t want to be a Laker? The gorgeous Los Angeles weather and landscape, the nightlife, the women, not to mention the team’s history; 16 championships, 31 conference titles, 9 retired jerseys hanging in the rafters every night. Simply put while Las Vegas is the city of sin, Los Angeles just may be the city of wins.

Kobe the teammate

Los Angeles, and the Lakers themselves have everything to offer, but wait there’s more. One more pitch to all the free agents these past few years: You get to play alongside Kobe Bryant. Here’s a pen…click…sign on the dotted line right here.

The paperwork gets slid across the table with as much confidence as Ice Cube playing Dominos in the movie Boys in the Hood…Click…No signature.

Mitch Kupchak and the Buss family let another star free agent leave LAX without a contract, but why?

At first glance, Kobe Bryant’s $24 million a year contract presents a huge hiccup in free agency, and perhaps may have been the case in recent years too. However, this current off-season, the Lakers freed up approximately $30 million and still struck out. As Laker fans watched Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge, and Greg Monroe amongst other targets, all sign elsewhere this summer, one cannot help but wonder if players just don’t want to play with Kobe Bryant.

Now the idea that a star player may have a bit of an ego, or that they might find it somewhat difficult to share the limelight is of course nothing new. Take Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali, or LeBron James, none have been too bashful to let us know where they felt they stood amongst the competition. Kobe is no different, after all, we’ve all seen him counting on one hand up to five to remind all the haters how many rings he has.

In an article in ESPN the Magazine from 2014, Henry Abbott writes that Kobe Bryant has sabotaged free agency negotiations with multiple big-name players since 2011 according to sources. Examples including Kobe wearing gym clothes to a meeting and lecturing Dwight Howard while the team tried to re-sign him, missing a team meeting with Carmelo Anthony in 2014 because he took a vacation to Europe instead, refusing to call Steve Nash to talk about playing together because he felt Nash should be the one to call him, and even Paul George saying he felt like “Bryant would police his efforts.”

In the same article, a source close to the Laker’s said, “He wants to win. But only as long as he’s the reason we’re winning, as long as the performance is not affecting his numbers. No one works harder than Kobe, and no one sabotages his own efforts more.” Jordan Hill, who played the last three seasons with Kobe in Los Angeles, was a target to be re-signed once the pitches to Aldridge, Love and Monroe fell through, he however signed elsewhere and when asked to describe playing with Kobe Bryant, he described it as “loud” recalling that all you could hear was Kobe’s mouth during both practice and games, and that many players don’t want to deal with that.


For Kobe Bryant, this upcoming season will more than likely be his last, and his legacy will be a tough one to beat. He is undoubtedly one of the all the time greats, and has all of the accolades to prove it. There will one day be a statue of Kobe Bryant constructed after Kobe says his goodbyes, his jersey will be lifted to the rafters, hell maybe both his #8 and #24 jerseys. All of which will be well deserved, however, it will be interesting to see after the Kobe era has ended, if the big name free agents return to the Lakers just like they always had in the past. In the meantime, the main reason Kobe Bryant isn’t counting six championships on his fingers just may be because of himself.



Offseason Madness – Mad Max: Fury Road Edition

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Published on : July 21, 2015

Offseason Madness

It’s summer once again, which means that football fields, basketball courts and hockey rinks echo in their collective emptiness. With the exception of baseball, which hasn’t really stopped since the MLB’s inception in 1903,  fans of the other top three major American sports are forced to argue insane theories, scenarios, and questions as they wait with bated breath for their seasons to start.

Debating ridiculous sports hypotheticals mixed with pop culture references is one of our favorite things to do at ScoreBoredSports, so it was only natural that we include our favorite movie of the summer, Mad Max: Fury Road, in the discussion.  Throw in the fact that our Los Angeles based headquarters is headed for a similar reality set in the Mad Max universe, and we have our first scintillating question:

If you had to recruit five athletes from any of the major LA sports teams (soccer can come too) to station on your War Rig, the mythical battle tank that carries our heroes in Mad Max, who would they be and why?  Here are our picks



If we’re looking for a Furiosa, there is no easier pick to make than the Los Angeles Sparks’ versatile star forward Nneka Ogwumike. The former 1st overall pick graduated from Stanford, which means she knows the roads of Southern and Northern California. Add her in penchant for attacking the basket, and you’ll find that she’s the perfect driver on and off the court.  We’d absolutely follow her on the War Rig in search of the ever elusive ‘Green Place’…er WNBA championship.

Main Gunner:


You’ll need a gunner in these wasteland apocalyptic times with good enough aim to keep you safe from the opposing desert biker gangs. Who better to man the turret than fastball extraordinaire Clayton Kershaw? Kershaw has managed to win 104 games (and counting) in just 8 years to go along with a career 2.51 ERA. Good aim, indeed.


Crazy Guitar Guy:


If Metta World Peace were still in LA, this would be an easy choice.  We’ve been forced to go to our Plan B Crazy Guitar Guy; Los Angeles Kings center Jarret Stoll. Stoll’s April arrest for trying to smuggle cocaine and molly into a pool party at the MGM Grand is probably the most rock star thing any LA athlete has done since the departure of the artist formerly known as Ron Artest. We figured he’d be the perfect guy to rock out on a guitar in our attempt to intimidate the surrounding wastelands.

Motorcycle Side Scout:



The responsibilities of a midfielder in soccer are immense.  They are the connection between the offense and the defense. Steven Gerrard has made a legendary career off of being the centerpiece of Liverpool’s lineup so it was only fair to include him as the scout for our rig.  After all, when the legendary Liverpool midfielder agreed to an 18-month contract he probably had no idea that 13 of those months would be spent in a barren wasteland devoid of water.




The Polecats must have good aim and dexterity to pull off such whimsical acts of road terrorism. We had to go a little farther into SoCal to recruit San Diego Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen. The 3rd round pick out of California took the NFL by storm by going over a thousand yards in his rookie year. Allen did suffer from the famed sophomore slump with only 783 yards, so he’ll definitely be hungry to return to prominence whether it’s on the football field, or performing Cirque Du Soleil style acts on the top of a moving car in a caravan of a death militia. Honestly both are pretty enticing opportunities. 


Immortan Joe:



The titular villain of Mad Max: Fury Road has only one equal when it comes to ruthlessness, and that is the Kobe Bryant himself. The Black Mamba is entering what looks to be his final year in the league, but he hasn’t lost an inch of his cutthroat attitude that has him ranked 3rd all time in points scored. In fact, earlier this year Bryant remarked to ESPN that “friends can come and go, but banners hang forever.” Sorry LeBron, but we are all witnesses to the glory of the Mamba. May he ride into Valhalla eternal.


So there you have it, your All-Star team for the coming California apocalypse. If you didn’t, you should really go see Mad Max: Fury Road.



How I Became a Kings Fan and Fell in Love With The NHL

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Published on : July 17, 2015

My earliest memories of sports were that they were boring. As a first generation Honduran/Salvadorian American my initial exposure to sports was soccer on TV. I never understood the matches and found them to be excruciatingly long. They would enslave my biological father to the tube so my weekend afternoons had me wishing I were out somewhere having fun like the rest of the kids.

Unfortunately my father was not an adequate one, so my indifference to the sport was because I associated soccer with my negative feelings toward him. Can you say damaged? I’ve worked all that out in therapy. El futbol , soccer, or football for my Europeans out there is fine by me, but my true love in the sports world does not involve a field of grass.

The road to find my love in pro sports took 18 years. Throughout the years I dabbled in the sports world because I wanted to feel the rush, energy, love, and passion of being a fan. That hometown pride. I dabbled in the NBA by cheering for the Lakers in their 1999-2000 season when they beat Reggie Miller and the Pacers to break a 12-year championship drought. It was so exhilarating to feel a sense of dominance and accomplishment for my hometown of Los Angeles.

I remember how charismatic that roster was with Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’Neal, Robert Horry, Rick Fox (he was and still is so beautiful), and Derek Fisher on the team. They were truly sensational to watch; however, I did not feel an immense love for the Lakers. Not even after the three-peat Championship era that followed. I felt like I liked it but it was not love.  I followed basketball throughout junior high and high school and although it was not my true love I recognize that the game continued every single season uninterrupted.  Conversely, the disruption of another major sport lead me to my soul’s true counterpart in pro sports.

Following the 2004-05 lockout, the Staples Center gave away tickets to for an exhibition game between the Los Angeles Kings and the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim before the 2005-’06 season officially started. Live games were something I was not used to, so this was not only a new sport to delve into, but a whole new experience altogether. The sight of the ice as we entered the Staples Center was electrifying, plus the cool breeze from it gave a higher sense of realness to the game. It was also a culture shock considering there isn’t much of a use for a jacket in September. But there I was September 17, 2005 seated up in the nosebleeds, letting the speed, adrenaline, and aggression of the hockey world bewilder me. I had no idea what the rules were, names of players, and even up to now that first game is blur in my mind—I only remember the important parts: the fights and that the Kings won which was perfect because by default they were my team. I was a newborn L.A. Kings fan.

I began watching Kings games on TV but also watched other NHL teams to continue absorbing hockey. My next live game was January 19, 2006, which had the Kings playing the Atlanta Thrashers (now Winnipeg Jets) in the Staples Center. By then I knew my roster, positions, penalties, and Kings history so I walked in a more confident fan. Additionally, I knew that Luc Robitaille was the highest scoring left winger in the game.  He was just a few goals shy of breaking the record for most goals scored by a Kings player. I found myself up in the nosebleeds admiring Marcel Dionne’s retired jersey. I remember wondering if this night would have me witnessing the history of Robitaille breaking his franchise record of 550 goals. And the moment came. I was there to witness the 551st goal ever scored by our alternate captain, Luc Robitaille. Out of excitement I hugged my hockey comrade who showed up to the game with me, high fived random people in the crowd, and felt a rush of momentum and energy from the venue. Before that I thought hockey was very cool, but after witnessing this moment I was hooked.  At the end of the ’05-’06 season I did something I never did with the NBA—I kept up with post-season signings, trades, and other league news. I realized that not only do I love this team, but I love the sport. I wanted to know as much as I could about the NHL.


To this day I am a proud Kings fan. Six years passed before I saw the Kings hoist the greatest trophy in all of sports, Lord Stanley’s Cup. In total I have been with this organization for 10 years and have seen 3 coaches, 3 captains, and 2 Stanley Cups. I love that the first hockey team in California was set in Los Angeles and that Kings were the first to win the Stanley Cup twice in this state. We have no real winters so the fact that hockey has thrived in California with the Kings greatly speaks of the impact and lure of the sport. The Great One’s era with the team is another of the many highlights in Kings history. With all this pride for my home team it’s funny that I found sports boring once upon a time, because now it’s me who is enslaved to the tube watching a game.

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