Get to know the LA Rams in the new show ‘Hollywood and Football’

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Published on : November 12, 2016



The E! Network is going all-in on the NFL. First, they launched their dating reality show Catching Kelce and now we are getting a behind the scenes look at the personal lives of the LA Rams players and their families in the new show Hollywood and Football. Think Real Housewives meets Hard Knocks.


The show centers on couples Kenny and Sabrina Britt, Cory and Bianca Harkey, Rodger and Asia Saffold, Lance and Danielle Kendricks, Chase and Kila Reynolds, Bradley Marquez and Melissa Hernandez. Looks like the most of the drama of the series is about the transition of moving to Los Angeles from St. Louis and the constant juggling of work and home.



The promo video uses the term “ramily” as in the Ram family. I hate that. But it’s pretty fucking clever. And speaking of clever, let’s talk about the show’s name. Hollywood and Football is okay but there has to be something better out there. Maybe The Ram Housewives of Los Angeles or Which of these Couples will Divorce First? Ooohhh, here’s another one The Real Hard Knockoffs of LA.


The first season is six episodes that will start airing November 30th on E!. I hope this isn’t just another show about catty rich ladies with nothing better to do than judge each other. Because if that’s the case, I’ll just go back and watch the last season of Hard Knocks with featured the Rams. There, you got a close view of home life that was honest and endearing.


hollywood and football - wives


I’ll watch anything NFL related at least once. Hell, I still watch Ballers and that show isn’t good. But my stupid love of football keeps bringing me back. It’s a strong force. Let’s all hope that Hollywood and Football will be great. The complex lives of athletes is interesting and it doesn’t need to be turned into a soap opera to be watchable.


Keep your eyes out for the show starting November 30th. Can’t wait to see what the E! Network and the NFL cook up next.





Rams, Raiders and Chargers… oh, my!

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Published on : November 15, 2015


Football is coming back to LA, baby. After 20 years without an NFL team, there are currently two new stadium proposals set for approval early next year. One plan would relocate the St. Louis Rams to a brand-new stadium in Inglewood. The other venture, led by Disney CEO Bob Iger, would build a two-team stadium in Carson for both the Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers.


This is fucking great news. I may have grown up in Chicago, but my love of football wasn’t born until after I moved to Los Angeles, the biggest US city without an NFL franchise. Now three teams want to be my hometown hero? Hell yeah. This is what America loves the most: choices. Let’s take a look at our candidates and see which team(s) would be the best fit.




Founded: Oakland, 1960.

# of Super Bowls: 3 (’76, ’80, ’83)

current record: 4-4


Pros: They were already the Los Angeles Raiders from 1982 to 1994. Black and gray look great on the red carpet. Ice Cube is a fan. I’m not seeing a lot of cons here… oh wait, there they are.


Cons: This franchise hasn’t won a Super Bowl since “Return of the Jedi” was in theaters. And their mascot is kind of lame. What is he anyway? A pirate? Human mascots are the worst. Does a Raider (or a Texan or a Buccaneer) really stand a chance against a Bear or a Lion or even a Seahawk?




Founded: Cleveland, 1936.

# of Super Bowls: 1 (’99)

current record: 4-4


Pros: Another West Coast expatriate, this franchise was the Los Angeles Rams from 1946 until 1994. They won the NFL Championship game in 1951. And they’ve got a great mascot: the ram. A majestic beast of mythic proportions that will crush anything in its way.


Cons: I’ve never been a fan of anything from Cleveland. (Except my good friend, Marielle Brinda, and her lovely family.)




Founded: Los Angeles, 1960.

# of Super Bowls: 0

current record: 2-7


Pros: Originally owned by Barron Hilton, son of hotel magnate (and “Mad Men” supporting character) Conrad Hilton, the Bolts only played their freshman season in LA before settling down south in San Diego for the last 53 years.


Cons: An even worse mascot than the Raiders. Lightning bolts? Come on, guys! Did your kids put those stickers on your helmets or what?


From where I’m standing, the best choice is obvious. Human mascots suck and lightning bolts are for the Power Rangers. Listen up, millionaires: lay out a buffet of champagne and sushi and let’s bring these Rams back to our shores where they belong.


The Chargers can come too, I guess.



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