Going Down in a Blaze (of Glory?): The Johnny Manziel Story

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Published on : April 23, 2016






Heisman Trophy winner.


First round draft pick.


A complete waste of opportunity.


I decided against saying talent when describing Johnny Manziel. Over the course of the past two years, I have had several emotions regarding Manziel.


First, I thought “give the kid a break.” When he was at Texas A&M, he was investigated by the NCAA for signing and selling memorabilia. He was also arrested for fighting and producing a fake ID. Being young, dumb, and arrested around the same age as he was at the time, I figured it was all a little overblown. I rationalized that Manziel just needed to mature and I was empathetic to his troubles. Most young men mature at their own pace. Clearly, he would grow up one day, right?


 Johnny goes to Coachella.


Wrong! As Charlie Murphy once said in reference to Rick James, Manziel is a “habitual line stepper.”


Shortly after he was drafted by the Cleveland Browns, he allegedly was snorting cocaine in Las Vegas. Then came the domestic violence accusations after he and his girlfriend were stopped by police in Ohio. At this juncture, I started to pity Manziel. He had to be addicted to drugs and alcohol. Only a man that was addicted to drugs could continue to make a mess of a NFL career. I figured once he had the opportunity to start he would take the job seriously and there would be no time for his off-field activities.


Wrong! Once again, habitual line stepper.


Manziel got the opportunity to start a few games his rookie season and was terrible. He also had the chance to win the starting job his second season but decided to party during the team’s bye week. To make matters worse, Manziel lied about partying. Stating that the video evidence that surfaced was from an earlier date. The music that was played in the video, Future “March Madness”, was recently released at the time; not months before as Manziel told the team. At this point, I knew the writing was on the wall. Manziel was going to be released and the humiliation of being cut would help him resurrect his career.



Habitual line stepper.


He did eventually get cut by the team and is currently unsigned. Manziel has continued his partying since being cut by the Browns. Two agents have left him due to his unwillingness to seek help for possible drug addiction. Therefore, even if a team was interested, he does not have representation. He also lost his endorsement deal with Nike earlier this week. What a train wreck.


My feelings toward Johnny Football is that I no longer care about anything regarding him. I’ve come to the conclusion that he knows he will fail in the NFL. He does not have any initiative to resurrect his career. He is excelling at the one thing he knows he can do well, partying. The time has passed where we think of Manziel as a kid that will mature and we should just let nature run its course. The drinking and possibly drug use is perhaps his way of coping with the disappointment of a failed NFL career. His parents have pleaded for someone to help. Ironically, both his parents were bartenders when they met each other. You would think that they would know firsthand what alcohol abuse could do to a person. Yet, it seems as if they’re waiting for some divine intervention to save Johnny before age 24.


 Manziel seems as lost in life as he was on the field in the NFL.


The media has a hand in this as well. Every thing that he does becomes sports fodder. Manziel stopped being relevant in sports long ago. With every news story that is published, it only adds to his rep. Clubs will always welcome him with open arms because somehow they will be mentioned and it will be the easy promotion for their establishment. ESPN has done more damage than good for several athletes that should not be relevant (Tim Tebow), but I guess that’s just what they do.


It is the time that everyone let Manziel go. The sooner we stop talking about him the sooner we can forget about him and move on to football players who matter.



Keep Hope Alive: What the NFL’s Worst Teams Have to Feel Good About in 2016

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Published on : February 25, 2016



For many people, right now is as good as it get’s when it comes to football. In places like Cleveland, Detroit and Jacksonville, the offseason is time that is full of hope and possibilities. Last season’s pessimism is out and next season’s optimism is in. With the new league year and the start of free agency just weeks away, we thought we would talk about what some of the NFL’s worst teams in 2015 have to look forward to this year, besides the opportunity to blow it with their high draft picks.


Tennessee Titans: Marcus Mariota’s continued progression

I’m not going to lie. The outlook is pretty grim in Tennessee. They retained their interim head coach Mike Mularkey for the same position, and he didn’t exactly improve the team when he took over last year. They do still have last year’s number two overall pick playing quarterback, though. Marcus Mariota should continue to improve in spite of the lack of a coaching staff, and for that reason they should keep hope alive.


Cleveland BrownsThe New Regime


I know we’ve all heard this before, but it seems like the Cleveland Browns might finally be getting their heads out of their asses. The new director of football operations, Sashi Brown, went out and got the Hue Jackson, the former offensive coordinator in Cincinnati. Jackson was the guy pulling the strings behind the scenes of the league’s seventh-best scoring offense in 2015. It also looks like he will soon be putting an end to the Johnny Manziel fiasco, and for that we should all be thankful.


San Diego Chargers: Return of the injured


The Chargers got hit very hard by the injury bug last season. It was kind of ridiculous. Luckily, time heals all wounds and with an offseason to mend up, the San Diego Chargers can’t possibly do as bad as they did last year. The team placed a total of 17 players on injured-reserve last season, which directly led to their 4-12 finish. Many of those players will be back this year and that should lead to more wins.


Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant


He’s a little bit of a head case, but Dez Bryant is by far the best thing the Cowboys have going for them. He is a physical freak who can make plays all over the field. He was limited by injuries in 2015, but then again so was everyone else on the team. Look for him and a healthy Tony Romo to get back to their old play-making ways in 2016.


San Francisco 49ers: Chip Kelly’s antics

There’s a chance that Chip Kelly is able to come in and fix Colin Kaepernick, but I wouldn’t get too optimistic about that. The 49ers are lacking in quality talent all over the field and it will probably take a couple of years to right the ship. On the bright side, we get at least one more year of watching Chip Kelly roast the NFL media!

All of these teams had five wins or less last season. Most probably won’t improve enough to make a playoff run but with a little luck they could pass as watchable football teams. Be sure to keep and eye on them, if for no other reason than those I listed above.


New Faces In New Places: 2016 NFL Quarterback Edition

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Published on : January 4, 2016



The NFL playoffs are primed to begin. Every playoff bound team is set with a signal caller for next season, and it’s said that to have a chance in the NFL, a team needs a good quarterback. If that is the case then that would explain why 20 of 32 teams in the league currently have a record of .500 or below. That’s astonishing considering how much money is paid not only to NFL quarterbacks but the front office personnel that are entrusted to secure the services of a competent field general. Next season, teams will shell out millions in free agency. There are only a few first round prospects at the quarterback position and they aren’t necessarily considered elite players. Their draft stock has more to do with necessity than it does to pure talent that translates to the NFL.


Here are a few free agent quarterbacks I feel may be on the move and the team(s) they’re likely to play for.


Colin Kaepernick

(Currently under contract with the San Francisco 49ers until 2020)


Best options for new team: Philadelphia Eagles, Cleveland Browns, Arizona Cardinals


Why? There are a few things to note about Kaepernick’s contract. It was considered to be a record breaking deal, however, the contract is only guaranteed for injury and has several criteria that could lead to de-escalators. It can be voided by April 1st and the 49ers can release him without penalty. With that said, there are rumors that he could remain in San Francisco next season. Head coach Jim Tomsula is not a lock to remain at the helm next season and a fresh start could help the struggling franchise.


If Kaepernick does leave, the Philadelphia Eagles (now without former head coach Chip Kelly) could be an ideal destination. Pairing him with running back DeMarco Murray and wide receiver Jordan Mathews could be a good start to rebuild after Kelly’s failed tenure. The Browns will be in the market for a quarterback and drafting the third first round QB in five years is not ideal. The Browns would be better suited to draft a mid-round quarterback and get a veteran such as Kaepernick with a team friendly contract. The Cardinals come to mind as the team desperately needing a backup quarterback for potential 2015 MVP Carson Palmer. Who has come back from an ACL injury and the team is too good to entrust to a mediocre backup. If Palmer was to go down, at least the team has insurance in Kaepernick to continue to compete in the NFC West.


Drew Brees

(under contract with the New Orleans through the 2016 season. Projected cap hit of $30 million for 2016)


Best Options for New Team: Houston Texans, wherever Sean Payton is.


There are conflicting stories as to what the Saints plan to do with both head coach Sean Payton and Brees. After a remarkable run to a Super Bowl and multiple passing yard titles, the end seems near for Brees in The Big Easy. Payton may also be on the move as the team has missed the playoffs in consecutive seasons and the NFC South is rather young at quarterback. Jameis Winston (21), Cam Newton (26), and Matt Ryan (30) have plenty of time to create havoc for the 37 year old Brees. The Saints defense has also been historically bad the last few seasons and regardless if Payton is an offensive guru or not, the league has caught up to his schemes. A ‘mutual’ split may be on the horizon and there is one perfect fit for Brees should he leave the Payton nest.


The Houston Texans have a talented team that has been derailed by a lack of a competent quarterback. Head coach Bill O’Brien hitched his future to Brian Hoyer and Ryan Mallett. Both quarterbacks have been so bad this season that the team had to call T.J. Yates back into the fold. They have passed up on several quarterbacks in recent drafts that could have at least been serviceable, most notably Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. If Brees were to leave New Orleans for Houston then the Texans would be an instant AFC contender. Running back Arian Foster should be returning from injury, they have a budding superstar in wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, and let’s not forget their formidable defense led by super-alien defensive end J.J. Watt.


Brees and Payton could decide to be a package deal with another team, like the Miami Dolphins or Philadelphia Eagles, but I think the two would be best off without each other.


Robert Griffin III

(under contract with Washington Redskins through 2016 with Team Option)


Best Options for New Team: New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, St Louis Rams.


Most people would think that RGIII’s career would be best suited on a team where he can become the instant starting quarterback. I think that is the worst thing that could happen. The Redskins have done him a favor by not playing him. RGIII has been relegated to 3rd string by a team that drafted him 2nd overall. The quarterback selected to back him up is now the starter and may receive a near-massive contract extension. Yet, I think RGIII is the winner in this situation.


How is that?

First of all, RGIII needed a public relations makeover. By not suiting up for many games this season, we have not heard much of anything from him. That helps. Moreover, he has had the time to get healthy. He can’t learn much by watching Kirk Cousins play, but what he should have learned this season is a sense of humility and how to become a student of the game. All the physical tools are there, from arm talent to mobility. Hopefully, he has a handle on his ‘handlers’ and he can go back to just playing football, drama free.


If Payton and Brees were to stay in New Orleans, RGIII would be a great fit. He is young enough where he can still sit another year or two as an understudy. Payton will find a way to utilize RGIII’s talent and when Brees is gone, the team would have the cap room to build around Griffin. The best scenario for RGIII is to be on a team with an established star quarterback that is exiting his prime and near retirement. The Cowboys are a good choice, as he can back up Tony Romo, whose health entering the twilight of his career should be a concern of owner Jerry Jones. Having a player of RGIII’s stature would fit into Jones’ “entertainment before winning” business model.


The Seahawks are a stretch, as they are a team that does not do well with distractions. However, if Russell Wilson were to get severely hurt, would the team want to rely on Tarvaris Jackson for multiple games? RGIII’s skill set is similar to Wilson’s and would at least give the team short-term insurance if Wilson goes down. The Rams are only intriguing considering that the team took all the Redskins draft picks to give up RGIII. I don’t see Jeff Fisher being pleased to have RGIII in the lockerroom as he does not do well with high maintenance players. However, the Rams will be in the market for a quarterback and with Fisher in the middle of his contract, he would have to put his faith in a veteran to secure his job. Irony?


Johnny Manziel

(under contract with the Cleveland Browns through the 2017 season)


Best Options for New Team: Dallas Cowboys, CFL, Kansas City Chiefs.


All signs point to Manziel being released by the Browns after only two years on the team. Now that Mike Pettine has been relieved of his duties, there’s a chance he could stick around. The two seemed to be at war. Their personalities clashed and there was no trust. A new coaching regime could help Manziel, but looking at how the organization is run, it may not do any good. A change of scenery may benefit all parties involved.


The Dallas Cowboys would be the ideal destination for Manziel. Jerry Jones would love to have the Texas native backup Romo. Manziel would be able to maintain his star appeal in Dallas with an owner that is known to give players multiple chances. The Cowboys have gambled on reclamation projects before (La’el Collins and Rolando McClain), so Manziel would not be an issue. As for his value on the football field, the Cowboys have one of the best offensive lines and pairing with that and wide receiver Dez Bryant could lead to an interesting team.


The Canadian Football League is also an option. There have been many college stars that the NFL deemed not talented enough that have found success up north (Troy Smith of The Ohio State University comes to mind). A few years of seasoning in another league may do Manziel some good.


A far stretch is to backup Alex Smith in Kansas City, Head coach Andy Reid is still an innovative mind and could put Manziel in the best position to win when his time comes to be a starter.



Honorable Mention

Peyton Manning (Houston Texans), Sam Bradford (Jacksonville Jaguars), Geno Smith (San Diego Chargers)



Let us know who you think is on the move and where they are going.



Champ and Chump: Week 12

Written by :
Published on : December 3, 2015


As we flip the calendar to December, we enter championship season in college football as the conference championships take place this weekend, and we’ll get to see who makes it to the second ever College Football Playoff. The NFL enters it’s final five weeks and the Philadelphia 76ers have even decided to win a game. Can I just say, this NBA season is setting up to be the all-time worst. Aside from watching the Warriors and their quest to win 70+ or hell, even go undefeated at this point, the league is pure filth right now. But ’tis the season of giving and being nice so instead, let’s take the time to recognize this week’s great performances while also seeing who had NBA-esque moments. This week the champs and chumps all come from football and futbol, as their seasons begin to wind down. We’ve got old and young, teams that have surprised us and teams that just flat out don’t get it. To the Champ and Chump!


Champ: Matt Hasselbeck

26-42 for 315 yards, 2 touchdowns and 0 turnovers

The Ageless Wonder, Matt Hasselbeck.


Statistically speaking, Hasselbeck wasn’t the top quarterback this week, but it’s what he’s done over the course of the last four weeks that gives him the nod here. Hasselbeck is now 4-0 as a starter this year while filling in for injured Andrew Luck, and has put the Colts in a tie for first place in the AFC South. At 6-5, the Colts remaining five games aren’t the toughest, and Luck is only expected to remain sidelined until around mid-December. However, Indy can wait patiently with this 40-year old arm slinging it like he’s 25 again. Hasselbeck became only the third 40-year old quarterback in the Super Bowl era to win four straight, joining Brett Favre and Warren Moon.


Honorable Mention:

Jamie Vardy-  From Leicester City of the Barclay’s Premier League, he scored a goal in a 1-1 draw vs Manchester United. It marked the 11th consecutive game Vardy has found the back of the net, breaking Ruud Van Nistelroy’s record.

Ezekiel Elliott- A week after throwing his coaches under the bus, Elliott ran all over the Michigan defense for 214 yards on 30 carries and 2 touchdowns in a 42-13 victory for the Buckeyes over their rival Wolverines.

Iowa football- Debate all you want about their strength of schedule, it’s about time Iowa gets their due. Following a win in Nebraska on Saturday, Iowa is one of two undefeated teams as they head into the Big Ten Conference Championship this weekend where they’ll play Michigan State.



Chump: The Cleveland Browns

This organization has continually brought shame to its players, fans and the city itself.


“The Mistake by the Lake” is how a lot of Michiganders like to refer to Cleveland, and with the Cleveland Browns organization the mistakes seem to happen in bunches. Being a Lions fan, it’s hard to say too much about other NFL teams and their struggles, but it is the Browns. On Monday night, Cleveland lost in a way that only a few unfortunate teams have, when they had their potential game-winning field goal blocked and returned for a touchdown. Yet that isn’t even why the Browns find themselves as this week’s Chump. Instead, it’s because of how they have handled Johnny Manziel. Sitting on the bench as a 3rd stringer, Manziel watched Austin Davis take over late when starter Josh McCown went down with a broken collarbone. While Davis did relatively well and gave Cleveland a shot to win, Manziel needs to be the guy. To make matter’s worse, Austin Davis has been named the starter for next week over Johnny Football.


While it’s clear Manziel has to mature and has some issues to work out, we are talking about issues that don’t even involve arrests. While Cleveland tries to send a message to Johnny, what message are they sending to their fans? After years of mediocrity, they draft the most exciting player in football, and in almost two full seasons now, he’s started just a few games. This year in fact, those few games he has started in he has actually done quite well. With 5 passing touchdowns and just 2 interceptions Manziel has a QB Rating of 88.4 which would put him 20th in the league (Cam Newton has a QBR of 89.5), if he qualified with enough attempts. Even though 20th is just the final third of the league, you have to consider he has had no chance to establish a rhythm, one week he practices with the first unit, one week it’s the second unit, and this week with the practice squad. He’s had no chance to prove what he can do on the field consistently and the Browns have put themselves in a position where they eventually are going to have to make a decision to keep him or see him get the chance somewhere else. Meanwhile for coach Pettine, who keeps sending Johnny to timeout, he’s a few weeks from being a coordinator somewhere else.


Dishonorable Mention:

Tommy Armstrong- The quarterback for the Nebraska Cornhuskers finished with 4 picks in a loss vs the Iowa Hawkeyes and was held without a touchdown in a game the Cornhuskers needed to win to solidify a bowl game

Florida Gators- While the Gators will still play for the SEC Championship on Saturday, the last couple weeks are incredibly discouraging for their fans. Needing overtime to beat FAU a couple weeks ago, the Gators played Florida State with an opportunity to remain in the playoff hunt. Unable to score a single point on offense, the Seminoles dominated the Gators 27-2.

Todd Gurley- The St Louis Rams’ running back had a fantastic start to his NFL career rushing for 125+ yards in four of his first five games but is yet to hit the century mark since, and is averaging just 2.5 yards per carry in his last two games.



Johnny Manziel: The Perfect Scapegoat for a Bad Coach

Written by :
Published on : November 29, 2015


Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel is like a miniature version of New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski. A free spirit who isn’t known to turn down a good time. Their adventures are well documented and both have been criticized for their social activity. However, whereas Gronkowski is looked at as a meathead that just loves to have fun, Manziel is characterized as a delinquent that can’t stay out of trouble. I believe the biggest issue for Manziel is that he plays for the Cleveland Browns.


This is the real bad guy.


Browns head coach Mike Pettine benched Manziel this week for partying during the team’s bye week. Let me repeat the latter part of that sentence. Manziel has been demoted to 3rd string for partying during the team’s BYE WEEK. There’s a few things that seem amiss with Pettine’s decision. Unless, before the bye week, Pettine and Manziel mutually agreed that Manziel would not “party” or that Manziel had to stay at the team’s facilities, then the demotion was made in haste. During the bye week most players take the time to unwind, recuperate, and spend time doing things they otherwise enjoy during the offseason. Expecting a 21 year old with no family to sit around Cleveland, Ohio where paparazzi would be following his every move does not seem smart. Traveling home to Texas and spending time with friends while not running afoul of the law does not merit a demotion.


Johnny has been battered on the field and off.


Manziel is a victim of his own success and probably even juvenile arrogance. He can’t go out in public without a casual fan or ESPN keeping tabs on his movement. Does anyone know what Teddy Bridgewater or Marcus Mariota did on their bye week? Both players are more talented than Manziel but are not ‘click worthy.’ Should we assume since there is no video of them partying that they were both at home studying the playbook for an entire week? If the media was not so obsessed with Manziel’s movement, we probably would have never known he went to a club. Furthermore, if not for over zealous fans looking for quick fame (and money), footage of Manziel rapping over a Future song would never see the light of day.


Manziel is clearly in a lose-lose situation. Although I do agree he should be smarter about his whereabouts, I feel that the Browns handling of his situation is indicative of why they’re a moribund franchise. No matter what Manziel does off the field it will be used against him to dictate his status on the team.


The underlying issue with this saga is with Mike Pettine and his staff’s effort to cover their asses. Manziel is the perfect scapegoat to mask poor draft decisions and horrible coaching. Since 2007 Manziel is the third first round quarterback drafted by the Browns (Brady Quinn, Branden Weeden) and almost two full years in the league he looks to be on his way out of Cleveland. How can you build a team with that kind of turnover at the most important position? Pettine is attempting to make a case for his next job as he is clearly over his head with the Browns.


Pettine playing musical chairs with his quarterbacks is his way of letting other league GMs know that he did not have the talent on his roster to be successful. Cornerback Justin Gilbert was drafted thirteen picks before Manziel and has been a bust thus far. Former Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon was supposed to be the cornerstone of the offense before he was exiled from the league. Pettine has had a hand these personnel moves. It is often said that the quarterback is the CEO of an offense. What does that make the head coach? An intern? Thus far Pettine has been a below average coach and to me he is throwing Manziel under the bus to save his rear end. To those that study the game, Manziel has improved with his on the field decision making. Isn’t that what truly matters in the end?


Manziel needs to scramble right out of Cleveland.


There will be people that will harp on the incident with his girlfriend in the car. The gravediggers will go back to when he was filmed rolling up a dollar bill as if he would use it for an illegal substance. While all these things may be a sign of Manziel’s lack of maturity, it is not is a distraction to the Cleveland Browns. Successful franchises overshadow the misdeeds of individuals. The New England Patriots had a murderer on their roster and were able to successfully disassociate themselves from him. The Indianapolis Colts had a player allegedly shoot someone outside of his business, and now it seem more like an urban legend than it was a distraction at the time.


Johnny Manziel definitely needs a change of scenery. The Browns have botched this situation. They did not make an attempt to trade Manziel. They could have deactivated him (a la Terrell Owens with the Philadelphia Eagles) to distance themselves from him and keep him away from the team. Now they have to wait until the offseason (which looks to have started already for them) to move on from Johnny Football. Manziel is still a kid at heart and hopefully will garner attention from the Toys-R-Us of the NFL.


Johnny, make sure you answer all calls from the Dallas/Ft Worth area code. Jerry Jones may be on the other line.




The Ugly Breakup Between RG III and the Redskins

Written by :
Published on : September 1, 2015



With Kirk Cousins being named the team’s starting quarterback on Monday, Robert Griffin III’s tenure with the Washington Redskins seems to be coming to an ugly end. I thought about doing a full piece on the subject but decided instead it should reflect what RGIII’s career has been; short and painful. I truly hope that Griffin is able to latch onto another team without the pressure of being the franchise savior. It’s a bit late as I write this, but I can’t recall a player as highly touted as Griffin falling from grace in the way that he has.


Sure, there have been players that have come back from injuries to have successful careers. Two that come to mind are Drew Brees and Chad Pennington. Both suffered potential career-ending injuries during the course of their careers. Both overcame the odds. Pennington was a solid starter for both the Dolphins and the Jets, and Brees is a sure-fire Hall of Famer with several passing records and a Super Bowl ring in tote. But it’s not just injuries that are the problem with RG III, and it seems as though sometimes he doesn’t realize just how quickly an NFL career can be taken away.


RG III has spent the better part of his career on the trainer’s table.


Griffin needed this experience. As the famous “comedian” Bill Belichick once uttered, some players need a taste of ‘humble pie’ from time to time. The way I see it, Griffin’s issues are 80% mental, 15% personality (people skills), and 5% physical limitations. That’s pretty promising for a 24 year old quarterback that was formerly Rookie of the Year. The upside is still there as his arm strength and accuracy remain intact. His mobility has taken a hit to be sure, but he can at least scramble for a first down.


There are a couple of teams that I feel should give him a roster spot this season and sit him on the bench until the 2016 season, at best. The New Orleans Saints are one team I’d love to see him have a shot with. Brees has intimated that he may play into his 40’s. That would give Griffin ample time to learn from one of the great offensive minds, in head coach Sean Payton. Another team I think would be a great fit is the megachurch of the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve toyed with the thought of owner Jerry Jones going after home state product, Johnny Manziel, but at this point of their respective careers I think RG III yields better upside than Manziel. Considering the chronic back problems that quarterback Tony Romo has had, the team could use some insurance at the position.


Or simply flat on his ass.


Unlike the Saints and Cowboys, the Houston Texans are in dire need of a quarterback right now. Brian Hoyer is nothing more than a stop-gap until the team finds the quarterback of the future. I do not see the team winning more than 6 games this season, especially with the declining health of running back Arian Foster. They could acquire Griffin, play him at the end of the season (ideally at full health) once things go South with Hoyer, and see what he has.


It didn’t work out for Griffin at his first stop. The commercial endorsements will cease. The ad campaigns will fade away. As his star begins to fall, there will be fewer reporters at his locker looking for ‘click bait’ headlines. All that will be left is the remains of what was once a promising NFL career. RG III must now make nice with his peers and earn the respect of a locker room. Better yet, he must be “All in” for the 2016 season, no matter where he ends up.



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