SBS Guide to: Camping

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Published on : July 30, 2016




Recently, we published a checklist of fun summer activities and on that list was camping. This really got me thinking about how much I love getting out of town and spending a night under the stars. Michigan was great for outdoor adventures and I spent many days as kid just Huck Fin-ing it up in the woods. Every person deserves the chance to enjoy that. So I present to you, the noble reader, the SBS guide to camping.


Before you hit the dusty trail you need to make sure you have everything so you don’t get stuck up shit’s creek without a cell signal. These are the basics.





You don’t need much but there are some critical pieces not to leave out. A sleeping bag, knife, flashlight/headlamp, medkit, rope, duct tape, axe/hatchet, fire-starter, something to cook in/on, appropriate clothes and shoes/boots, plus a bag to carry it all in. Here are few helpful questions to ask yourself:


– Where are you sleeping?

– What’s the weather/climate of where you are staying?

– How are you starting your fires/cooking your food?

– Where are you going to the bathroom?

– How many bears will you have to fight?

– How long is your trip?

– What’s the distance from your ride to your campsite?


If your tent is a stones throw from your car or truck then you can bring all sorts of crazy things. Leave the popcorn machine at home. Instead, bring your pop-up canopy with heavy duty stakes to anchor it. It will suck if your shade blows away. Camp chairs rock or you can always sit on the cooler or a tree stump. I suggest, if the weather and bugs allow, sleep outdoors. It’s awesome. Grass will get dewy so a tarp is a smart thing to pack and can be used in tons of ways.





Whatever fresh items you bring need to be in a cooler with ice. You can never have too much ice. If you are cooking over a fire, then you need a frying pan or maybe even a grill grate (take it from your charcoal grill) to place over the campfire. Stick to the classics. Hotdogs/brats, s’mores, bacon and eggs. Maybe make some dope chili and reheat it. Bring tons of snacks, water, and booze. I like canned american beer, high-end boxed wine and whiskey. Oh and don’t forget coffee. Pre-grind some quality beans and bring your french press. Also consider a couple trash bags, a roll of paper towels and some dish soap to wash your food surfaces. You want to clean that mess up quick as to not attract unwanted critters, monsters or newly escaped criminals.


Camping Life Hacks

Freeze a gallon of water and put it in your cooler, it will keep food cold and you can drink it when it melts. Secure a leather belt around a tree and then use that as an anchor point to hang things without harming the trunk. Bring protection if you want to have sex with someone and not get an STD. Put a head lamp on a gallon of water to create a make-shift lantern. Pre crack your eggs into an empty water bottle, now you don’t have to worry about packing such a fragile item. Doritos or hand sanitizer can work as fire kindling. Deodorant can double as a topical itch relief from bug bites. Oh, and never keep any food in your tent. Ever. Unless you want to wake up next to something furry and hungry that made it’s way into your bed.


My biggest takeaway is that camping should be fun and simple. It’s a way to connect/reconnect to nature. Experts at fancy outdoor supply stores will recommend all manner of expensive gadgets but that completely misses the point. Camping is a chance for us to get offline and be present in the moment. Swim naked in the river, stare up at the night’s sky, enjoy the silence. Just be. Now, get packing and get out of town.


Rough it.



Your Sporting Summer Checklist

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Published on : July 25, 2016




As July melts into August, we can sense that summer is burning out. Kids and adults alike are dreading the return of the regular routine. Don’t despair, it’s not too late to save your vacation. All you need to do is get out of the house and get moving. Below is a bucket list of sports activities that should be enjoyed while you still can. Get out the sunscreen and your favorite tank-top because here is Your Sporting Summer Checklist.


1. Go see a baseball game

I know the MLB season is most of the calendar year but there is nothing like a summertime trip to the ballpark. One beer and a hotdog, please and thank you. I prefer the later start games that bleed into night. Often there are fireworks and the cooler evening air just makes everything perfect. Bring your glove, because you might just catch a souvenir. Another beer and hotdog, please.


2. Something on the water



Could be boating, tubing, kayaking, swimming, or even living that canoe life but do something on a natural body of water. I’m talking oceans, lakes, rivers, ponds, hot springs, whatever you got. Splashing in the pool is fun but a man-made watering hole is not the same as enjoying the outdoors of this majestic planet.


3. Hike/walk

Plan a fun route and make a day of it. Or at least a few hours. Bring water, your fully charged cell phones and maybe even a little snack. Going on a real-deal hike? Then up the gear. Med kit, map, ways to signal for help when phones won’t do the trick, more water, sun screen, etc. Dress appropriately. Hat and or sunglasses, multiple layers depending on conditions, and good footwear. No brand new hiking boots. These will hurt. You need to break them in first. No shitty old sneakers either. They offer no ankle support and often have little grip left on the bottoms. New to the game? Start small and easy. No one wants to get stuck on the endless hike to nowhere.


4. Bikes

Oil that chain up and go for a ride. It may look dumb but wear the helmet. Your brain will thank you later. Being on a bike transports you back in time to when you were a kid. Even your old ten-speed will zap you into nostalgia. There is just something about the freedom you feel on a bike that cannot be mirrored by anything else.


5. Camping



Within two hours driving from anywhere, there is a camp ground in the United States. Load up the car with essentials and hit the open road. If you plan accordingly, you can do most of the items on this list in one excursion. It will be an epic trip but you deserve an epic trip. Camping is excellent because you can’t help but feel connected to the earth. Don’t forget the bug spray, and a hatchet always seems to come in handy.


6. Try something new

Whatever is new to you. Go surfing, learn tennis, rock climb, paintball, something. Challenge yourself to explore different activities. If you need, rope your friends or family into it. You may not fall in love with the experience but there is no doubt you will be better off having tried it.


7. Be safe

There is a wealth of info on anything you want to pursue. Do a little research, be prepared. Have the stuff you need to safely have your summer fun. Nothing ruins a good time like a trip to the E.R. Be smart, plan ahead and don’t half-ass the the important stuff.


I promise that if you do each item on this list then you will have a great summer. Then when someone asks what you did over vacation, your only problem will be which adventures to share first.





Playing sports after 30

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Published on : November 23, 2015



If you are like me, then you are old now. I love sports but I can’t play them like I could when I was 18. So now I have to pick my battles. Here is a little advice on how to keep rocking in the free world AKA playing sports after 30.


1. Stay away from traps

If you can’t ball then don’t go down to the court. Don’t put shorts on and drive all the way down there to pretend like you can keep up. I’m not saying you can never hoop again, I’m just saying not with these people. Maybe pop-shot basketball at the fair or arcade is more your speed. Or balled pieces of paper and your office trash can. Whatever, just don’t set yourself up for failure. If your friend plays racquetball and asks you to come play racquetball, you say no. You suck at racquetball. And your friend is good at racquetball. Fuck that.


Gotta love a sport with goggles


2. Find your groove

Pick a low impact game where they serve drinks: darts, pool, golden tee, real golf, bowling. Something that you can age into. You don’t need to be too mobile to play any of these and it still makes you look like an athlete (kinda).  Also, you can always leverage your skill in these games into gambling good times. “If I pick up this spare you buy the next round” sounds like it’s paying off already.

If for some weird reason you are not bad at everything then please stop reading. I don’t think that’s fair to anyone. I mean you already have everything. You need my jokes too?

Okay, I think they are gone. Anyway. You don’t need to be good at everything anymore. Just pick one thing. That’s your thing now. No one expects you to be good at more than one. And if you are good at more than one then I think I already told you to leave.

Find the activity you really dig and get into it. But please stop pretending that you rock climb or want to play adult dodge ball. You like cycling or whatever. Just admit it.


3. Stretch

Do it. It will help. I get that it is maybe embarrassing to do in public. Hide, get it done. This should be a no-brainer.




4. Shut up about it

No one cares. Shut up. If you find someone who exactly likes your same shit, then perfect. But assume everyone hates it. Don’t be ashamed just shut up about it. If it comes up, try and play it cool, for once. You’re 30 or older. Everyone makes fun of crossfit believers because they are constantly talking about how awesome it is. Like some kind of fitness cult. That’s what you sound like with whatever yoga or surfing garbage you love.

Another reason to play it cool is because if your hidden batting cage prowess is revealed naturally then you will be a legend in that moment. But not if everyone knows you hit the cages three times a week. So shut up about it. Rule of thumb: never say anything until someone good looking brings it up first.



So that’s it. Remember to stay active and I don’t mean the gym. Toss the football around, hallway hockey, something with a kayak. Have fun. Be safe. And don’t take too many pictures.



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