My Back Hurts: Part 2

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Published on : May 4, 2016



It’s been about two months since I first posted about my back hurting. I figured it was time to update everyone on my situation. So strap on the knee brace, get the Bengay and let’s once again dive into the searing hot world of back pain.



I never got to try any of those weird gadgets to see if they helped. I didn’t get acupuncture either. What happened, was that I was complaining to Alex about how bad my back hurts and he suggested I get an MRI. That did not sound fun but maybe he was right. There was pain for a quite awhile so I caved and set up an appointment. It should be known that I am kinda, maybe, super claustrophobic so the thought of going head first into a metal coffin for a scan of my back wasn’t high on my list.




I got ready for my scan and my first thought was that the MRI machine looked like some sort of Stargate. After a few panic attacks, I got in the machine and tried to lay still without freaking out. 20 minutes later I was done. They showed me my scan and the problem. I have a herniated disc in my spine. The L5, the base of the spine, a very popular injury. For reference here is some random scan pulled from google:




As you can see, science and other junk. Well at least now I know the cause. That’s good. It still hurts but I have someone to blame. Me and that L5 loser. I ask the doc about options and a hear a word no one wants to hear: surgery. No way, no how. Not with my back, and my insurance and my credit score. We talk more and it seems like targeted exercises and physical therapy will work just fine. Maybe they just drop the surgery word in there to light a fire under your ass. Well it worked.


Fast forward a bit. Daily stretching and some simple reps of some easy-to-do at home moves and things are feeling much better. I also updated my footwear to something more supportive. Plus trying to lose some weight, which has to help. If I caused this problem with daily bad habits then the only logical goal is adding new good daily habits. Man, your 30’s suck. I miss those invincible years of my teens and 20’s. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to research how much steam cell therapy costs because I’m sure I’m going to need it. Since this body of mine is clearly crumbling.






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