Get to know: the Big 3 basketball league

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Published on : August 18, 2017


No, it’s not the NBA but it’s hoops and it’s totally fun. It’s a 3-on-3 basketball league featuring some of the game’s favorites. The Big 3 is the brain child of Ice Cube and entertainment executive, Jeff Kwatinetz. They managed to create something that is new and familiar all at the same time. So lace up your Jordans and let’s get inside the Big 3 basketball league.


The Big 3 plays by it’s own rules. Beyond being only 3-on-3, the game is half court ball and has many unique differences as compared to traditional basketball. The most flashy of the changes are the 4 point shots. There are three 4 point hot spots on the court all 30 feet away from the basket. Almost feels a little Rock-n-Jock. Also, the shot clock is 14 seconds but there is no game clock. Half time comes when one team gets to 25 points. Get to 50 and you win. Must win by 2 though. Other rules of note, all fouls are assessed to the team, no personal fouls, so no player can foul out. And no jump balls, home team starts with the rock.


In terms of game play, teams must take the ball beyond the arc after a rebound. But in the instance of a steal or an air ball, the team can go straight to the hoop. All of these rules are in place to create isolation basketball. A chance to get to see an elite talent, in space, creating offense. That’s the best part. That’s what the NBA lives on. The Big 3 found a way to boil the sport down to just those entertaining moments. While also making the game it accessible to some older stars who still have plenty to give.


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The Big 3 started with 8 teams (7 players on each roster) in the league and each crew features a big name coach. Names likes Allen Iverson, Gary Payton, Rick Barry, George Gervin, Clyde Drexler, Rick Mahorn and Julius Irving. That’s some legit basketball intelligence leading the way.


The teams are:

Ball Hogs – Brian Scalabrine, Josh Childress and Bobby Simmons.

3 Headed Monsters – Rashard Lewis, Jason Williams and Kwame Brown.

Ghost Ballers – Mike Bibby, Ricky Davis and Larry Hughes.

Power – Corey Maggette, Cuttino Mobley and Jerome Williams.

3’s Company – Allen Iverson (player/coach), DerMarr Johnson and Al Thornton.

Trilogy – Kenyon Martin, Al Harrington and Jannero Pargo.

Killer 3s – Charles Oakley (player/coach), Chauncy Billips and Stephen Jackson.

Tri-State – Jermaine O’Neal, Bonzi Wells and Mike James.


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The last name to know is actor and basketball fan, Michael Rapaport, who acts as the on-court reporter and is normally very funny. The Big 3 is basically a love letter to the NBA, street ball and all of basketball culture. If you are totally new to this sport then you are in luck because the Big 3 playoffs are about to kickoff and if you call yourself a hoops fan, then you should check it out.


Messed around and got a triple double.



Get to know Charlie Blackmon

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Published on : June 5, 2017


We are living in a new era of the MLB. Stars can be found all over the league and they are really impacting the game. Mike Trout and Bryce Harper are already household fixtures but it’s time to get to know some of the less-famous studs who are making a name for themselves. Today’s spotlight falls on a mountain of man they call Charlie Blackmon.


Blackmon plays center field for the Colorado Rockies, who are one of the best squads in baseball. They currently sit atop the National League West Division with a record of 36-23. The Rockies are rolling and Charlie’s elevated play has a lot to do with it. His defense and more importantly, his bat, have been excellent of late. So far this season, Blackmon has 47 RBI’s and 13 HR’s with a .328 batting average. If he can keep this power hitting up, he will have the Rockies in the postseason for the first time since 2009.



Charlie Blackmon is listed as 6’3″ and 210 lbs but his beard and flowing mullet give him an aura of 6’7″ and 265 lbs. This grand stature leads the talking heads of ESPN to make the same Game of Thrones joke about Charlie day after day. Turn on SportsCenter, wait for the baseball highlights and you’ll see two things: Blackmon batting in a few runs and the pundits calling him a wildling (a group of nomadic barbarians in Game of Thrones). A decent comparison but come on ESPN, brew up some other references. The Brawny paper towel guy, the son of ZZ Top, Rasputin, something.


Watch out Diamondbacks, Dodgers and Giants, the Rockies are legit contenders at this point and should be in the mix for the NL West crown come end of the year. This is no fluke either. We all know it’s easy to hit in the thin air of the Mile High city but this crew is getting it done on the road, as proven by their 21-10 record away from Coors Field. This team is clicking and the overall future is very bright in Denver right now thanks in part to the man-beast they have patrolling the center field lawn.



We need more athletes with epic facial hair. Nice shades too. Hopefully Charlie Blackmon can lead a whole new generation of bushy beards and manly mustaches to join the ranks of our already great roster of hairy sports heroes. Keep it up Charlie!





Get to know Paige VanZant

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Published on : August 31, 2016



Coming off her big win over Bec Rawlings at the last UFC event, it’s time to take notice of Paige VanZant. She is a rising star in MMA, so we should all learn her name now because you are going to hear it a lot in the coming months. This is everything you need to know about the young fighter.


Paige VanZant is originally from Oregon and currently fights in the Strawweight division of the UFC. She is only 22-years-old and stands 5’4″ and competes at 115 lbs. VanZant has been fighting since 2012 where she has 7 wins in her 9 match career. With two wins each coming from knockout and submission. The other three were decision. Prior to UFC, she competed in Invicta FC.


You may also recognize Paige from her appearance on the hit reality competition show Dancing with the Stars. Her and her partner made it to the final round of the show but they ended up taking second place. One thing was clear, the lady has moves, grace and excellent body control. All valuable tools for a fighter in the octagon.



The Bec Rawlings fight was an huge showcase for VanZant. She took a few hard strikes early in the first but stayed on her feet. She weathered Rawlings’ storm and counterattacked. She kept the pressure up and never relented. This tenacity is becoming her calling card. That plus some “wild” strikes of her own. We have seen on many occasions where Paige VanZant has tried spinning and jumping maneuvers. Many critics say these types of moves should be avoided but it was one of those kicks that ended the fight.


Paige and her team call that KO strike “kick the can.” It looks very The Karate Kid to me. Can you say Crane Kick, Daniel-san? I think I’m most impressed by the fact that this wasn’t some super clean win. It showed some backbone to get knocked around for a bit then seize control. That’s what a champ does. Below are video highlights of the fight.



Dana White and UFC have a new fighting celebrity in the making. Paige VanZant isn’t Ronda Rousey or Conor McGregor status just yet but watch out. The sky is the limit for this talent. The women of the UFC are providing some of the most interesting bouts on any given card and we are excited to see what’s next for the lady they call “12 gauge.”





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