SBS Guide to: H-O-R-S-E

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Published on : May 13, 2017


H-O-R-S-E is a basketball skills/shooting competition that can be enjoyed with any number of players (2 minimum). This driveway staple has been providing NBA inspired thrills for decades. It’s one of the truly perfect and simple games that will live forever because it’s easy to play and very satisfying at all ability levels. Gather the crew and crack some sports drink, this is your ScoreBoredSports guide to H-O-R-S-E.



Basic mechanics are like this. Player A calls their shot from the floor, if they make it, it is now on Player B to make the same exact shot. If Player B misses, they get a letter (An ‘H’ if it’s your first). Get all the letters to spell “HORSE” and you are out.


If Player A misses their called shot, then it’s Player B’s turn to call a shot. After a letter is given out, the next player in the order is up. So in a two person game, the loser gets a letter and the winner is back to picking a challenge.


When playing with a group, same rules apply, the person who misses the shot gets the letter. So if Player A makes a hook shot from the elbow, then each player goes until someone misses. If everyone makes it, Player A must invent something else.


horse dunk


Rule variations

For a shorter or longer game, change the target word. Instead of H-O-R-S-E, we would play P-I-G or G-R-A-N-D-M-A-M-A depending how much time we had.


If Player A calls a shot and everyone makes it then player A gets a letter. This rule encourages you to take difficult shots. Player A is such a wuss for playing it safe.


Try teams. You and your partner takes turns shooting but collect letters together. This only seems necessary if you have huge numbers that want in and if that’s the case then just play real 5-5 basketball.


Play on horseback. Never done this, seems too rich for my blood. Could be awesome. Isn’t this just polo?



Practice a trick shot. At least one move that’s irregular and you have decent odds of making. Every game of H-O-R-S-E I’ve ever played had some jerk making a backwards shot that no one could reproduce.


backwards shot 2


Play to your opponent’s weaknesses. Do you know Timmy can’t use his left hand? Then maybe a reverse southpaw layup may trip him up. Or maybe the other players don’t have much range, try a 3 from well beyond the line, Steph Curry style.


If you are way out-classed in terms of basketball skills then make sure you are at least smarter and better at spelling than the competition. That may buy you a few extra letters before you get bounced off the cooouuuurrrttttt.


H-O-R-S-E rocks because you don’t have to break a sweat to feel like you’ve competed. Plus it’s possible you can beat a much more athletic person than yourself. And in general, it’s a great lazy way to spend a summer day. My go-to shot is the granny-style free throw. Leave your fav trick shot in the comments below and maybe I’ll see you in the driveway. At least until the street lights come on.


No real horses were harmed in the making of this.



SBS Guide to: Terrible Playground Games

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Published on : June 8, 2016


I don’t want to sound too much like the mean old man on the block but remember when jungle gyms were covered in rough substances like gravel, wood chips and broken glass? Go to a park these days and you’ll find some strange rubber tire substance that feels like you are walking on the moon. But the moon is a dodgeball.


During school, you only get so much time outside (just like prison). It’s a valuable resource you want to spend on a quality playground game. Some are playing Tag, others build in the sandbox. You better decide quick because that line for the slide is growing. Either way, you don’t want to get stuck messing with any of the activities below. These are the worst things on the playground… other than the bullies.




What an awful creation. Some idiot was like “what if we tie a ball to a stick, but like a really big stick?” and boom! Playgrounds across America are littered with these trash poles. I would never let my daughter strip on one of these. I do see the merit of a cheap game with self-contained parts, but it feels like not a ton of thought went into it. It sucks that this was one of the few recess options for some of us.





Another stinker. Again, I like the simple space-saving design but that’s all it has. What’s the challenge? Using one foot and then switching to using two? Who is this hard for? Maybe peg-legged pirates. Are there lots of pirates on playgrounds? And part of the game is you toss a stone or something. Are we teaching kids to throw rocks? WTF. This game sucks. Now go hop and get me a scotch, neat. And then let’s go see if any swings are available.


Monkey Bars



First, the name is super misleading. Because if there was a real bar, where a monkey in a vest served me a drink, my head would explode. And I’d go broke spending every red cent I had in there. But this open-ended cage is really just a bunch of pull-up bars welded together. I’m six, my upper body strength is dogshit. Why is this here? Plus, every other kid has a brutal fall off these things. Go ahead, ask anyone you know if they are ever fallen off (or got pushed off) the monkey bars. I bet at least half the people have. Or maybe all those kids died and the world is now only populated by people who avoided the monkey bars?


Whatever this is

Playground rocking horse


Seriously. A rocking horse mounted crudely to truck shocks? Brilliant. This feels like something s serial killer would make out of old car parts and keep in their front yard. How fun, you can lean forward and back. This is like the amish version of those cheap kiddie rides you see outside the movie theater. I’ll take the merry-go-round over this 100 times out of a 100. Hell, maybe even the seesaw. Or teeter-totter for our Canadian friends.


Playgrounds have changed a lot over time but the classics still remain. Your slides, swings and sandboxes. These are HOF pieces of equipment. Thankfully for us and the future, some of those terrible games are starting to finally die off. What part of recess was your least favorite? Let me know in the comments.


You’re it.



Pogs are back!

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Published on : February 8, 2016



Pogs, the original compact disc, are cool again. The strange collectable game is making a Christlike return that isn’t totally unsurprising since this is the era of remakes and reboots. Everything comes back in fashion eventually, and I guess Pogs are once again ready for their close up. I know most of you are saying “WTF is he talking about” or “I kinda remember that bullshit” but don’t fret, SBS will catch you up on all the rules and trends so you can be ready for the Pog invasion 2.0.


The Rules

Pogs are round paper/cardboard tokens with art on one side, normally featuring something wicked awesome like a spider, 8-ball or yinyang. Games need at least 2 players but could accommodate a whole group, all with the same rules. Each player picks an equal number of Pogs to play with. Let’s just say two players and ten Pogs each. They next make a mixed tower out of their combined Pogs. Making sure that they are all face down.


Gameplay is simple. Players take turns throwing. Using a extra thick Pog called a Slammer. These can be huge and made from materials like rubber, plastic or mean metal. So players use the Slammer to hit the tower of Pogs. Any Pog that flips face up goes to the thrower. Turns continue until all the Pogs have been claimed. The player with the highest number of Pogs, wins.




Some, crazy kids play for keeps. Meaning the Pogs you add to the tower can be lost permanently if they flip up when your opponent is shooting. Scary stuff, I know. I never play for keeps with any of my favorites. I mean you could lose an important member of your collection.


New Sets

Alf, Game of Thrones, Hunger Games all have new sets coming out (not fact-checked). These are the must-haves this Spring gaming season. If you do miss out on one of those hard to get pieces then you can always turn to eBay where for just a few hundred dollars, you could be the proud owner of a choice collection.


alf pogs


Get into it NOW!

This is going to hit us like a wave and you want to be surfing this one, my friend. You do yourself the favor and invest now. It’s a great game. It has original art and is basically gambling for kids. The Pogs get stored in this cool plastic tube that looks like weed from the medical dispensary. I think Gut Fieri is really into it (also not fact-checked). So if you ever meet him you can bring up Pogs and not food stuff. Then you guys would totally be friends and he would probably buy you some of those cool backwards sunglasses.


If you do one thing right in 2016, it should be get into (or back into) Pogs. It’s like Yoga, but for your mind. Think about that.


Just like time, fun is also a flat circle.



VIDEO: Drinks Games Madness

Written by :
Published on : July 12, 2015


Drinks Games Madness is an original short comedy about two couples’ mild afternoon that turns completely wild when they start playing games over a few rounds of drinks. Hold on to your hats cause it’s gonna get intense.


Written, Produced and Directed by Bruno Tysh and Michael Avalos.


Starring: Tierney Deaton, Logan Fahey, Jesse Golden and Sarah Ries.

Cinematographer – Matt Garrett.

Sound – Erik Casano.

Production Designer – Rebecca Buenik.

Editor – Robin Collins.

Key Grip – Cody Banks

Script Supervisor – Rita Baghdadi

AC – Jeremiah Hammerling

Music – Alex Burke

Color – Kholi Hicks

Data – Trent Johnson

Sound Mix – Cabin 21

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