SBS’ 500th Post: An Ode to the Number 500 in Sports

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Published on : October 22, 2016



For ScoreBoredSports 500th post, we honor the number 500 and see its mark on the world of sports. 500 is a mountain to climb for things like wins, goals, yards in a game but many of the greats have those milestone in their rear-view. Let’s dig through sports history books and see where the famous number presents itself.


Indy 500

The first thing that comes to mind. I’ll include Daytona and all other major 500 lap Sprint Cup races in this section. Racing wasn’t always on my sports radar but with age, I’ve come to appreciate the talent needed to drive a car over 200 mph for hundreds of laps. My old car can’t even go over 45 mph. NASCAR speed is almost shocking but it’s the control that’s truly impressive.


The term “.500”

In reference to a team’s winning percentage. Often in the context of over or under .500. AKA are you a winning or losing team. This metric is used in many pro games. It is the gold standard for coaches where W’s mean keeping a job. Over .500? Things are probably going pretty good.


500 yards passing in a game


Only 16 NFL QBs have pulled this off. From older names like Norm Van Brocklin to modern gun slingers like Matthew Stafford. As football goes more and more pass heavy, this club will stop being so exclusive. Then we’ll start talking about 600 yards passing in one game.


500 home run club

Babe Ruth was the first to hit 500 dingers and 26 others have matched the feat. Albert Pujols is the only active member of the 500 club. He sits at 591. Barry Bonds’ 762 home runs seems like an insane hill to climb for anyone.


The game “500”

You know the rules. Your one friend plays dealer and tosses a ball and calls out a point value. The rest of the players fight to catch the ball. You earn points with each catch. Hit 500 and you earn the right to be the dealer. Perfect game for when you didn’t really have the numbers for full teams of something else.


500 goals in NHL


Only 44 hockey players have this honor. Most of them Canadians. 500 is a huge mark but for reference, the all time leader in goals is Wayne Gretzky and he has 894. Gordie Howe is second on that list with 801. Suddenly, 500 doesn’t seem that wild.


500 wins

Coaches in almost every sport have broken this barrier. Often it is a college coach who stays at one program for two decades plus. There are too many to name but most of the greats you can think of are here. Just no NFL guys because of the much shorter schedule in terms of overall games.


500 goals in soccer

27 futbol gods have netted 500 or more GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Scoring machines Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the only active players with over 500 goals. Who knows how many more these two will score before it’s all over.



Happy 500 everyone. To all the athletes with the insane records, we tip our caps to you. And to all the SBS family and all the loyal Bored-Agains, here is to the next 500 posts.


Half thousand.



Euro Cup 2016 Final Preview

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Published on : July 9, 2016



This Sunday July 10th, 2016 is the UEFA Euro Cup final. Host nation, France, will square off against Portugal for the title of best in Europe. Below is everything you need to know about both teams as we get ready for an epic showdown. So get your jersey, your red wine, your scarf and your other bottle of red wine because this is a crash course on the Euro Cup finals. But before we get to the head-to-head matchup, let’s take a quick look at how each squad advanced to the finals.




France cruised through the group stages with two wins and a draw. Then they dismantled Iceland 5-2 with goals coming from Giroud (twice), Pogba, Payet and Griezmann. But was set to face Germany in the semi-finals, a team they haven’t beaten in a major tournament since 1958. But the game was being played in Marseille and the French are undefeated playing at home in big tournaments.


Les Bleus beat the German team 2-0 off the foot of French superstar, Antoine Griezmann. First, Griezmann scored on a penalty kick in extra time right before the break. This was one of the lone bright spots for France as Germany dominated possession the whole first half. But a handball in the box set up the PK and Antoine did the rest. Not resting on their laurels, France pushed in the second and Griezmann found the back of the net again, directing a rebound for a clever goal that iced the match.




Portugal struggled in the group stage and tied all three of their matches. Many, including futbol-god, Cristiano Ronaldo, didn’t seem to think they had much of a chance moving forward. But a gutsy 1-0 win over Croatia sent the Portuguese to the semis where they would face a solid Polish team, lead by goal scoring machine, Robert Lewandowski.


Lewandowski opened the game with a goal in the second minute. The second fastest goal in Euro history. It seemed that the Pols were on the march. But in classic form, Portugal tied it up with a goal from Renato Sanches. In the closing minutes, Ronaldo had a perfect chance to end it but kicked it right to the keeper. Both sides battled to the 90th minute and into extra time. Still tied, the game went to penalties where they won 5-3.


How they stack up

ronoldo and greizmann


Forwards: Griezmann and Ronaldo both wear number 7 and are both team’s key to winning. One of these guys can single-handedly change the outcome. Griezmann has more goals in Euro Cup so far but I begrudgingly award Advantage Portugal.


Defense: France’s backline looked solid all tournament. The likes of Patrice Evra, Bacary Sagna and Laurent Koscielny help keep shape and limit chances. The same cannot always be said by the Portuguese side. Advantage France.

Best Hair: 
Both Giroud and Greizmann rock the hipster shaved sides do with the pride of a bad club DJ but once again Cristiano swoops in with his perfect features to steal the category. Too bad this isn’t “best wines,” cause France owns that. Advantage Portugal. 


Midfielders: Portugal has tried a few starting lineups, with most of the shakeups being in the midfield. João Mário has started every game with different combos of Danilo, Andre Gomes, and João Moutinho. While France’s Blaise Matuidi, Dimitri Payet and Paul Pogba continue to build chemistry in their six starts. Advantage France.


Goalkeeping: France’s Hugo Lloris vs. Portugal’s Rui Patrício. Lloris has given up 1 fewer goal through six games of Euro Cup and played great against Germany. Patrício has had less defensive help so maybe the stats aren’t telling. He did come up big in the PK’s versus Poland. Let’s call this one a Tie.




France has the deeper team and more talent overall but CR7 makes his own luck. If the French defense can stay strong like they did against Germany then it should be a party at the Eiffel Tower on Sunday. France 3 – Portugal 1.


Allez Les Bleus!



Most Hated Player in Sports

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Published on : December 5, 2015



Tough Question. I loathe a lot of greats: LeBron, Marino, A-Rod, Jordan, Aikmen, Sydney Crosby, Aaron Rodgers, Bonds, Shaq, Emmit Smith. Pretty much anyone who wins too much and doesn’t have a public persona of being super humble makes me dislike you. I don’t hate all winners. I don’t hate Jerry Rice, Wayne Gretzky or Tim Duncan. But winning too much generally rubs me the wrong way. Let’s put my own personal baggage aside and try and figure out who is the most hated player in sports?


What makes fans turn on a player? Off field issues (rape, gambling, beating your kids/lover), they say arrogant stuff in the media, they leave to play for a rival, they don’t give back (or enough), they don’t seem to care what us regular Joes think, they get away with murder (sometimes literally), they always kick your favorite team’s ass. Or maybe it’s just their attitude. Whatever it is, there is small group that seem to get a lot of haters, more than average. Below are the kings of boo birds and angry fan mail. The top of the bottom. The most hated.


Kobe Bryant



No surprise here. If you don’t love the Lake Show then you probably hate the Black Mamba. He has that smirk on his face. He kept winning all the championships when I didn’t want him to. Then that thing in Colorado happened. Ugh. At least it looks like he gets to end his career with a whimper, that’s some consolation.


Tom Brady

Tom and Gisele


Super Bowls, MVP’s, the cheating and scandals, the super model wife, that hair, those dimples. Kill me and him. If he wasn’t a Michigan boy then I’d be brewing my own Haterade for Tom. But honestly, can we see someone else* hoist the Lombardi Trophy for once? It’s getting pretty boring.

* Aaron Rodgers need not apply


Cristiano Ronaldo


The easy joke here is that he is really good looking. I don’t see it. I think he looks like a tan hotdog with beach muscles. But maybe you are into that fit, rich, adonis look. Whatever. Also his hair is straight Ross from Friends. “Could it be any wetter?” That my friends, was a Chandler Burn!


And the winner is….




Floyd Mayweather

Floyd and his best friend Justin Bieber


Of course Mayweather wins this. He wins everything, ever. I don’t know many sports fans not named Floyd that would not LOVE to see “Money” get knocked the fuck out. Dude is 49-0. I’d give Pay-Per-View my first born, Rumpelstiltskin style, If I got to watch him get crushed. Especially after all that fancy evading he loves to do. POW! That would be the best. Only thing sweeter than that would be betting tons on the fight too so you cleaned up as Mayweather got laid out.


Leave a comment on your least fav. Maybe you’ll find some like-minded enthusiasts and you all can start a fan club where you send glitter-bombs to people who cross you. And remember, you can be mean as long as it’s funny. Don’t be a jerk just to be a jerk.






Champ and Chump: Week 6

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Published on : October 25, 2015




A little late with my Champ and Chump picks this week but even with the few extra days, there was nothing that could save the Wolverines from finding a less than desirable spot on the charts over here. Spoiler alert, not that you needed it, Michigan finds itself on the wrong side of the Champ and Chump board this week and boy was it ever something special. See what other special performances happened this past week below, and take a scroll through my Champs and Chumps of the week.


Champ: Daniel Murphy

Murphy has been a home run machine this post-season.


What a post-season for Daniel Murphy thus far. As the New York Mets enter the World Series, they do it with the hottest hitter on the planet right now. In a series sweep of the Chicago Cubs, Murphy hit .529 and has homered in 6 straight post-season games, a Major League record. The Mets are heading to the Fall Classic for the first time since 2000 where they lost to their cross town rival, the New York Yankees. This time they’ll take on the Kansas City Royals, who lost the World Series last year in a 7-game thriller against the San Francisco Giants.




Honorable Mention: 

Landry Jones- The third string quarterback came in for the injured Mike Vick and went 8-12 for 168 yards and 2 touchdowns in a win over the Arizona Cardinals.

Cristiano Ronaldo- Became Real Madrid’s all-time leading goal scorer (324 goals) passing Raul who played in 741 games with Madrid from 1994-2010. Ronaldo accomplished the feat in just 310 games with the team.

Christian McCaffrey- The son of former Denver Bronco’s wide receiver Ed McCaffrey had a school record 243 yards on the ground and 4 touchdowns, helping Stanford beat the UCLA Bruins last week. McCaffrey, who also returns kicks, finished with 369 all purpose yards.



Chump: Tie: Jim Harbaugh and Blake O’Neill

Harbaugh and O’Neill dropped the ball in a big way.


On what will likely be the play of the year, Michigan State defensive back Jalen Watts-Jackson took a fumbled punt attempt 38 yards to the house as time expired to give the Spartans a win over archrival Michigan. We’ve all seen the play, (as a Spartan fan I can’t watch it enough) with Michigan up 23-21, the Wolverines faced 4th and short with just 10 seconds left. On the other side of the ball, Michigan State figured they had one shot at a miracle and that was to go all out for a block. The snap came in (a bit low) and Michigan punter Blake O’Neill did the unthinkable and dropped the snap. In a panic, O’Neill picked up the ball, turned and tried to get off a kick while getting swarmed by white jerseys. The ball was fumbled up into the air and came right down into Watts-Jackson’s arms. Shocked, speechless, in disbelief, Michigan fans could hardly move. Once they could, and they realized what happened, naturally, the thought was how the hell could you fumble that snap?! Why didn’t you just fall on it?! Both good points, and while O’Neill no doubt is quite the goat for this incredible finish, I think equal blame should fall on the shoulders of their coach. Jim Harbaugh called two timeouts on that drive allowing the clock to dwindle down as much as possible on 2nd and 3rd down before ultimately deciding to punt. I have no problem with the decision to punt, however, how do you not prepare your team to setup in max protect, knowing the Spartans are bringing everyone to block this kick. Again, no Spartans were back to field the kick, yet Michigan sent four gunners down to cover the return? While O’Neill fumbled the ball, I think the Spartans may have got in there to get the block even if O’Neill caught it clean. Four guys had a free release, Harbaugh and company enjoyed their spot as my Champ of the week last week, a complete 180 here as they are big, big Chumps this week.




Dishonorable Mention:

Colts 4th down “fake punt”- Every once in a while a team calls a play or a player does something that leaves you speechless. The Indianapolis Colts provided us with one of these moments last weekend in a highly anticipated game vs the New England Patriots. Down 6 in the 3rd quarter, the Colts faced a 4th and 3, they shifted 9 guys down towards the sideline leaving a wide receiver and safety to act as the quarterback and snapper. Hut, hut, hike…and then 3 unblocked New England Patriots tackled the Colt “QB” for a loss.

David Price- This may be a bit harsh, but for an ace entering free agency one can’t ignore the struggles that Price can’t seem to shake in the post-season. With a career 0-7 post-season record as a starter, and an overall post-season ERA of 5.24, Price was given the ball again for Game 7 in the ALCS vs Kansas City and didn’t pitch well enough, getting a no decision.





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