Mayweather vs McGregor has nothing to do with boxing

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Published on : June 20, 2017


The all mighty dollar.



That’s what this fight is about. As a matter of fact, that’s what all sports are about nowadays. If it wasn’t for those dollars (truckloads of them) then this Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr debacle would never have even been conceived, let alone born into reality. But thanks to Dana White and Benjamin Franklin, the world will finally get a little bit of payoff from all of the trash talking we have heard in the last few months.


 Floyd is money.


While the final number aren’t in, word is that each fighter will make at least $80 million. Mayweather will make significantly more than McGregor because he is far more established, he is the better fighter and he is the bigger name. Also, he refused to even entertain the idea of the fight unless he was going to make $100 million. Both fighters will walk away from this one significantly better off than they were before, but I’m not sure the same can be said about the fans who will be watching the fight on August 26th. That’s because in all likelihood, Floyd Mayweather will easily win this.


Despite being older, shorter, lighter and with a shorter reach, Floyd Mayweather is one of the most, if not the most, technically gifted boxers of all time. Mayweather is an astounding 49-0 in pro fights. Some would say that is because Mayweather only takes fights he can win, especially later in his career when he could dictate such things. You can point to the fact that he waited until Manny Pacquiao was decidedly past his prime to take a fight with him, and there may be something to that idea, but you can’t deny that a record like that speaks for itself. Mayweather’s style might frustrate some people due to the lack of knockouts, but wins are wins and if knockouts were the only way to win a fight then there would be no such thing as a victory by decision.


My inclination is that McGregor is indeed doomed as far as the result of this fight is concerned. Conor has become a king in the octagon but he will be operating under a completely different set of rules than what he is accustomed to. Mayweather’s technical prowess will be too much for him to handle and he will be walking away from this one with an loss on his boxing record. But that’s where the true genius of this fight shines through. While his boxing record will get a loss, this will do absolutely nothing to his reputation in the UFC. Conor McGregor will be making $80 million to lose in a format that he might never compete in again, and he will return to UFC a very rich man.


 The odds are stacked against Conor.


There is plenty of excitement surrounding this matchup but smart fans will temper that excitement. The hype machine has been churning for the better part of a year so it seems inevitable that this one will be yet another big name boxing letdown. Odds are, that there will be little substance to this match except in the amount of money made by the two fighters and their respective business empires. But that doesn’t mean people won’t watch. They will watch by the millions.


Everyone will come out a winner, except for those people who desire a good fight. Mayweather will finally have that coveted 50-0 record. McGregor will lose a match but his UFC persona will live on no worse than it was before. Everyone will get rich. And fight fans will be left with the feeling that they were once again ripped off. But none of that matters because next time the big “all flash, no substance’ matchup comes up, they will be lining to give away their money once again.



Who will be McGregor’s next opponent?

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Published on : November 19, 2016



Conor McGregor rarely ceases to amaze us, and UFC 205 was no exception, as he dominated Eddie Alvarez in a performance that ended in a second round knockout. McGregor is now the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts at the same time: the 145-pound featherweight belt that he earned last December by knocking out Jose Aldo. An effort that took one punch and twelve seconds, and the 155-pound lightweight belt that he took from Alvarez on Saturday. It’s impossible to deny that the UFC has given McGregor superstar treatment. They’ve allowed him to hold on to his featherweight belt for nearly a year now without defending it. They gave him a lightweight title shot despite never having fought in the division. However, he did prove to be more than worthy of both of those championship fights.


So good for Conor, he got to live out his fantasy of holding one belt over each shoulder and acting like an asshole. And good for the UFC, they’ve sold the shit out of their biggest star to date, and their fame and fortune, along with McGregor’s, continues to grow. Things took a little detour with the Nate Diaz fights. That was fun, but kind of a novelty. Now they got back on track with the Alvarez fight and Conor is once again fighting for championships as he should be. There’s only one thing Conor McGregor hasn’t done in his career: defend a belt. Now it’s time to do that.



As badly as Jose Aldo would love to get his rematch against McGregor, Conor isn’t going back down to featherweight. Getting to 145 pounds is an insane weight cut for a guy Conor’s size, and he already did everything he needed to do in that division. He knocked out Jose Aldo faster than you can say Khabib Nurmagomedov (spoiler alert), and he beat Max Holloway in 2013, who is widely considered the most dangerous contender in the division. The UFC allowed McGregor hold the featherweight belt hostage for long enough, now it’s time they tell him to give it up and move on. Tell him that if he ever wants to go back down to 145, they’ll give him a shot to get his belt back, but until then, it’s time to let Conor McGregor and the featherweight division go their separate ways.


There’s already rumors swirling about McGregor taking a shot at the welterweight title, which would give him three belts (because who wants just two championship belts). But Conor had enough trouble beating Nate Diaz at 170, he has no business fighting Tyron Woodley. And he’s never going to fight Floyd Mayweather in any platform other than social media, so lets just end that discussion right now. The only way Mayweather is willing to fight McGregor is in a straight up boxing match, and Conor has absolutely no business doing that.


Conor McGregor doesn’t need to get cute with his next fight. He doesn’t need to jump to another division, or another sport, or convince some washed up star to come out of retirement, or fight Nate Diaz for a third time. All he needs to do is look at the top two contenders in the division, Khabib Nurmagomedov and Tony Ferguson.




Both Tony Ferguson, who has won nine straight UFC fights, and Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is 24-0 in his MMA career, have great cases to land the title shot against McGregor. Neither would be an easy out, but Nurmagomedov’s well-balanced skill set, size and power, and incredible wrestling make him a very difficult matchup for McGregor. Khabib might actually be the one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world, he just hasn’t had a chance to prove it yet.


If Conor wants to satisfy all the hardcore MMA fans and prove just how good he is against the best competition, Khabib Nurmagomedov is the fight. Then Tony Ferguson can fight Nate Diaz with the assumption that the winner gets the next title shot. Although you know what they say about assumptions, and Conor McGregor loves to make asses out of people, just ask Jose Aldo and Eddie Alvarez.


There’s really no predicting what the UFC or Conor McGregor will do at any time, but let’s hope this time they do the right thing for the sport, and book a fight with Khabib Nurmagomedov.



The New Sports Rivalries

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Published on : November 6, 2016



Everyone knows about Yankees vs. Red Sox and Michigan vs. Ohio State. Those and many other old rivalries are classic. Important parts of the fabric of sports history. But what are the new beefs? The modern day feuds? We look in every major sport and highlight the contemporary era of rivalries.


Toronto vs. Cleveland

Hear me out, first the Cavs bounced the Raptors out of the playoffs last year and just a bit ago, the Cleveland Indians said goodnight to the Toronto Blue Jays. Maybe this rivalry is a little one-sided but be sure, Drake and all of Toronto are looking forward to their next chance to get revenge on Cleveland.


Patriots vs. Broncos


Want to win a Super Bowl? Chances are you have to beat one of these guys to do it. Things really started cooking when Peyton joined Denver. Manning vs. Brady part two. Featuring new team colors. Even with Peyton retiring, this matchup is still serious. I could easily see both franchises back in the AFC Championship game.


Detroit vs. Everybody

This attitude is almost out of control. And I’m part of the problem. The Detroit fanbase can be salty but it comes from a place of love. It just doesn’t always shine through. The vs. Everybody campaign has its merits, I like the galvanizing quality but it can get pushed into hostile territory that will leave us Michigan sports fans without any sympathy from anyone outside the state. NOTE, not really an issue in the Red Wing world. People hate us but that’s because we are awesome at hockey.


Russ vs. KD

It’s Batman trying to kill Robin. Kevin Durant and the Warriors are the favs in the west but don’t tell that to Russell Westbrook. This dude is looking to drop a triple-double in every game until he meets KD and company in the playoffs. Everyone wants to see that.


Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor

mayweather mcgregor


They have never fought. Probably never will. But they are rivals. No doubt about that. Since we may never get a pay-per-view, our only hope is that these two both meet in a Vegas nightclub and they fight on the dance floor. Video provided by iPhone.


Penguins vs. Capitals

This is more than just Alex Ovechkin vs. Sidney Crosby. These two crews have been battling it out for the last few seasons and it’s been some of the finest hockey you can watch. Not a huge fan of either team but the product they put forward is top shelf. But please, someone just put Crosby into the boards already.


Cavs vs Warriors

The best and most epic of the new school rivalries. They have met in back-to-back NBA Finals and a third meeting is inevitable. That win will end the argument until they met for a forth of fifth time. Right now, this is the greatest show on floor. Damn, that saying doesn’t really work in basketball.


All it takes for a new rivalry to be created is one great game. You can’t tell me the players don’t feed off that kind of stuff. Drop your favorite rivalries in the comments and let’s keep this conversation going.





Get to know Paige VanZant

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Published on : August 31, 2016



Coming off her big win over Bec Rawlings at the last UFC event, it’s time to take notice of Paige VanZant. She is a rising star in MMA, so we should all learn her name now because you are going to hear it a lot in the coming months. This is everything you need to know about the young fighter.


Paige VanZant is originally from Oregon and currently fights in the Strawweight division of the UFC. She is only 22-years-old and stands 5’4″ and competes at 115 lbs. VanZant has been fighting since 2012 where she has 7 wins in her 9 match career. With two wins each coming from knockout and submission. The other three were decision. Prior to UFC, she competed in Invicta FC.


You may also recognize Paige from her appearance on the hit reality competition show Dancing with the Stars. Her and her partner made it to the final round of the show but they ended up taking second place. One thing was clear, the lady has moves, grace and excellent body control. All valuable tools for a fighter in the octagon.



The Bec Rawlings fight was an huge showcase for VanZant. She took a few hard strikes early in the first but stayed on her feet. She weathered Rawlings’ storm and counterattacked. She kept the pressure up and never relented. This tenacity is becoming her calling card. That plus some “wild” strikes of her own. We have seen on many occasions where Paige VanZant has tried spinning and jumping maneuvers. Many critics say these types of moves should be avoided but it was one of those kicks that ended the fight.


Paige and her team call that KO strike “kick the can.” It looks very The Karate Kid to me. Can you say Crane Kick, Daniel-san? I think I’m most impressed by the fact that this wasn’t some super clean win. It showed some backbone to get knocked around for a bit then seize control. That’s what a champ does. Below are video highlights of the fight.



Dana White and UFC have a new fighting celebrity in the making. Paige VanZant isn’t Ronda Rousey or Conor McGregor status just yet but watch out. The sky is the limit for this talent. The women of the UFC are providing some of the most interesting bouts on any given card and we are excited to see what’s next for the lady they call “12 gauge.”





What’s next for McGregor? Diaz 3? Mayweather?! WWE?!?!

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Published on : August 23, 2016


As the dust settles from Conor McGregor’s majority decision victory over Nate Diaz in the best fight of the year, it’s time for the most fun part of being a UFC fan: playing matchmaker. What seems logical for McGregor, what UFC president Dana White wants for McGregor, and what McGregor wants for McGregor can be very different things. Before the fight, Dana White said Conor’s next fight would be defending his featherweight belt in a rematch against Jose Aldo. But after the fight, White also offered McGregor the option of fighting Eddie Alvarez for the lightweight championship, with the stipulation that McGregor would have to give up his featherweight belt.


But after achieving a level of global superstardom that no UFC fighter had previously reached, the hard-hitting, trash-talking Irishman now has the bargaining power to basically get whatever he wants, as long as he shows up to press conferences. He can even be late, he simply has to show up at some point during the press event… So what will be Conor’s next move?


Nate Diaz: Complete the Trilogy

 Think Diaz wants another shot?


In the post fight interview, McGregor offered Diaz a third fight to settle their score once and for all. Since this victory wasn’t nearly as decisive as Diaz’s second round submission in their first fight, it’s understandable that Conor feels there is still unfinished business between the two. After this epic battle, who wouldn’t want to see them fight again? McGregor’s one term was that the fight would have to take place at 155 pounds instead of 170. But when does Conor want this fight to take place? In the final pre-fight press conference, he said their would be a trilogy between the rival fighters, but that it would not be McGregor’s next fight. With the excitement still in the air, it’s very possible that all the options below will have to yield to Diaz once again before cashing in on their big McPayday.


Jose Aldo: Defend the Belt

 Does Jose Aldo want some more?


Much to the chagrin of Jose Aldo and Dana White, I don’t see this happening for two reasons. First, Conor hasn’t fought at 145 pounds in more than nine months, taking two fights at 170 since. He was always very big for a featherweight and had to undergo extreme weight cuts before fights. He probably feels much healthier fighting in higher weight classes. Second, after knocking Aldo out in 13 seconds in their first fight, McGregor has the bragging rights to walk away from the division for good. While the Aldo vs. McGregor rematch would definitely be a huge draw, I think the main reason Dana White wants McGregor to come back down to featherweight is to setup a superfight between Conor and current bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz. There’s a lot of intrigue in Conor dropping back down to 145 to defend his belt, but I just don’t expect him to grind out that insane weight cut ever again.


Eddie Alvarez: Get a New Belt

 This guy and McGregor together could be ratings gold.


Eddie Alvarez was relatively unknown before knocking out Rafael dos Anjos for the lightweight championship in July. The amazing performance, along with his humble, relatable personality, has instantly turned Alvarez into a fan favorite. Alvarez immediately pointed to the winner of the McGregor vs. Diaz rematch as his preferred next opponent. Alvarez even jabbed at McGregor and Diaz, saying that would be an “easy fight” after facing more difficult opponents like dos Anjos and Anthony Pettis in his most recent bouts.


Alvarez has made no secret of the fact that he’s chasing the money, and he knows that fighting McGregor is the best way to get paid. While Eddie Alvarez doesn’t quite have the star power of the other guys on this list, it’s the best way for McGregor to land a title fight without cutting back down to 145 pounds. Since 155 seems to be Conor’s preferred weight, I think will be his next fight. Alvarez is a much better public speaker than Nate Diaz, and while he’s not the seasoned trash-talker that McGregor is, he could certainly hold his own with Conor at press conferences and interviews. By the time fight night arrives, Alvarez will be a UFC star. Well, co-star… we all know who the star is.


Floyd Mayweather Jr.: Boxer vs. Fighter

 Does Conor really want to test Floyd?


The rumors of Floyd Mayweather Jr. fighting Conor McGregor in a boxing superfight have been floating around for almost a year. Both Mayweather and McGregor have expressed interest in an event that would likely break every pay-per-view record held by any boxing or MMA event in the history of the world. So why not make it happen? Think about how difficult it is to negotiate with Floyd Mayweather Jr. Now think about how difficult it is to negotiate with Dana White AND Conor McGregor. Since McGregor is under contract with UFC, any deal would have to be agreed upon by White and the promotion. Mayweather, White, and McGregor all putting their signatures on the same contract seems nearly impossible.


Even if it did happen, it would be a huge disappointment. Mayweather knows the boxing ring is his happy place where he won’t have to worry about kicks, elbows, or takedowns. He knows he can dust off the gloves, come out of retirement and dance around Conor for 12 rounds, tapping away and scoring punches for a unanimous decision victory in a fight that would probably come up short of Mayweather vs. Pacquiao and Suicide Squad in entertainment value. In all honesty, McGregor probably knows this too, but he also knows he’ll make more money than most of us even dream about. In the end, this will be something we continue to speculate for the next few years. It will result in plenty of verbal bullets fired back and forth between Mayweather and McGregor, but it will probably never happen.


The entire WWE roster: Royal Rumble!

 The 1988 Royal Rumble. Just imagine Conor in that mess!


Conor has become an enemy of every wrestler in the WWE by calling them things like—I’ll try to keep it PC here—weak men… and threatening to “slap the heads off their entire roster.” McGregor didn’t start trashing pro wrestlers just to piss them off. It’s a all part of his masterplan. After going through a brutal fight like Conor just did, any fighter has to think about how long they want to keep putting their body through this punishment. Conor McGregor already has the perfect persona for WWE. If anything he’ll have to tone it down a bit… And if I had to choose between a career in getting punched and kicked in the head for a living, or a career in pretending to get punched and kicked in the head for a living, I’d probably lean towards the latter.


Don’t get excited wrestling fanboys, McGregor is probably far from finished in the octagon, but he did hint that some of his options “might not be this sport.” I don’t think he’s trying out for the Knicks anytime soon. If he’s not talking about Mayweather, maybe he’s considering a brief hiatus from MMA to jump into Royal Rumble (which I just googled to confirm it is still a thing), January 22 at Staples Center in Los Angeles, and give every one of these “pussy” wrestlers a chance to settle the score once and for all! Every man for himself! Screw it, every man vs. Conor! As long as they guarantee McGregor the victory in the contract…



Conor McGregor is so big he can do whatever he wants at this point. Only time will tell which fight he will choose, but whatever he does, he will do it the only way he knows: Conor’s way!



What’s next for UFC 200 winners?

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Published on : July 15, 2016



The UFC held their biggest event to date over the weekend with UFC 200, marking the promotions 200th pay-per-view card. UFC President and figurehead, Dana White, made sure to stack this card like no other before, but ran into a series of misfortunes when it came to the main event. Originally, the plan was to headline 200 with a rematch between legendary trash-talking Irishman, Conor McGregor, and legendary face-slapping American, Nate Diaz. But when McGregor refused to attend promotional events, the UFC stood their ground and pulled the fight from the card, replacing it with a rematch between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones for the Light Heavyweight championship.


This was actually a more deserving main event, since Jones has proven to be the best fighter in the world and Cormier is also one of most accomplished athletes in the UFC. Not to mention these two have a longstanding hatred for each other that far predates the McGregor/Diaz rivalry. But this headliner also fell apart just days before the event when Jones failed a drug test administered by USADA.


The card was saved by Anderson Silva, who held down the title of greatest fighter alive for several years before Jon Jones took over. Silva offered his services to fight Daniel Cormier on just two days notice, allowing UFC 200 to boast five epic fights on the main card as they originally planned. While Silva is definitely past his prime, and it seemed very unlikely he’d beat Cormier on short notice, this was still an exciting matchup between two all-time greats. For MMA fans, it was kind of like learning your girlfriend who you want to marry is breaking up with you, but the cougar who lives across the street is down for casual sex. While the event didn’t really produce a classic fight, there were some very impressive performances and each fight had major implications for the future of the promotion. So what’s next for the big winners of UFC’s massive event?


Cain Velasquez


For most of his career, Cain Velasquez was a nearly unbeatable heavyweight. But in recent years, he’s struggled to stay in the octagon. Due to a series of injuries, Velasquez’ only fight since 2013 was a disappointing loss to Fabricio Werdum last summer at UFC 188. Leading up to his return to MMA, fans didn’t know if the once dominant Cain Velasquez would show up. He most certainly did. Cain annihilated Travis Browne, taking control of the fight early and scoring a knockout in the finals seconds of round one. Now we know the Cain Velasquez that once ruled the heavyweight division is back. As long as he can stay healthy, Cain should get the next title shot against the winner of the Stipe Miocic vs. Alistair Overeem fight, set to take place in Miocic’s hometown of Cleveland in September. Both Miocic and Overeem are excellent fighters in their own right, but no one in the UFC is stopping a full-strength Cain Velasquez from reclaiming his heavyweight belt.


Jose Aldo


Like Cain Velasquez, Jose Aldo was recently considered one of the best fighters in the UFC. Aldo had a stranglehold on the featherweight belt for almost four years before he was knocked out by Conor McGregor last December, in a fight that lasted all of 13 seconds. An ill-timed bathroom break meant $60 down the drain! Aldo clearly let McGregor’s months of hard trash-talking get in his head, as he charged Conor off the opening bell and was uncharacteristically careless. But Jose Aldo put the McGregor knockout behind him on Saturday night, and took full control of Frankie Edgar, who came in with a five-fight winning streak. Aldo stuffed all of Edgar’s takedown attempts, kept the fight in the middle of the octagon, and consistently landed clean strikes to earn a unanimous decision victory.


Aldo now holds the interim featherweight belt, which means his next fight should be the rematch against McGregor that he wants so badly. McGregor is taking a break from defending his featherweight championship to fight Nate Diaz two weight classes up, because McGregor wants to prove a point and McGregor gets what he wants (except UFC 200 I guess). As long as Conor is still interested in cutting back down to 145 pounds to defend his belt, that will be Aldo’s next fight. If for some reason McGregor decides to move on from the featherweight division and continues to fight in bigger weight classes, he would have to give up his belt, and Aldo’s champion status would change from interim to full-blown. In this case, Aldo would likely face Max Holloway, who has won his last nine fights in the division. Regardless, based on what we saw Saturday night, Jose Aldo and Cain Velasquez are looking like dominant fighters once again.


Daniel Cormier


Daniel Cormier is the Rodney Dangerfield of the UFC. He’s beaten everyone in his path except for Jon Jones, who is widely considered one of the best fighters in MMA history. Yet for some reason, fans never show him any respect. He was booed after beating Anderson Silva, which was partially because UFC fans love Silva, and partially because it was not a very exciting fight. But Cormier did his job. He smothered Silva for three rounds, using his expert wrestling skills to prevent the dangerous striking Brazilian from landing big blows. For all the fans complaining that DC is boring, his job is to win, which is what he does. And he has won some very exciting fights. If you want proof, watch Cormier’s epic battle against Alexander Gustafsson, where DC stood on his feet with the much taller striker and beat Gustafsson at his own game, earning a unanimous decision victory in one of the best fights of 2015. Cormier is becoming the Tim Duncan of UFC. He’s not the most exciting guy, he’s not the most popular, but he has quietly become one of the all-time greats and he has always gone about his business with class.


After defeating Anderson Silva, Cormier said his next opponent should be the winner of the Anthony Johnson vs. Glover Teixeira fight on the UFC 202 card in August. Whoever wins that fight would be the most worthy contender for Cormier, assuming Jon Jones is temporarily out of the picture, but beating Jones is the only thing left on DC’s bucket list before he hangs up the gloves. Unfortunately, Jones could be facing a two-year suspension. At 37, it’s hard to tell if Cormier is going to hang around long enough to get another shot at his biggest foe.


Brock Lesnar


Fake wrestler turned real fighter, Brock Lesnar, caused a major stir during UFC 199, when the announcement came out that he would be returning to the octagon for UFC 200. Lesnar’s brief, but exciting, previous run with UFC came to an end over four years ago after suffering consecutive knockout losses to Cain Velasquez and Alistair Overeem. Before those losses, Lesnar shocked the MMA world by knocking out the great Randy Couture for the UFC heavyweight championship. He then followed up that victory with two title defenses. Now returning at 38, fans weren’t sure what Brock Lesnar they would see. Facing Mark Hunt, who’s known for his heavy punches and walk-off knockouts, Lesnar came in with a patient approach. He eventually took control of the fight by taking Hunt down several times and scoring shots in the ground-and-pound as he went on to win by unanimous decision. While Hunt was a top ten heavyweight and certainly not an easy out, Lesnar still looked a little rusty. Despite his god-like stature, his strikes weren’t doing a ton of damage for UFC heavyweight standards.


With his WWE stardom, Brock Lesnar is quite possibly the biggest draw in the sport. This explains why the same Las Vegas crowd that booed Daniel Cormier for smothering his opponent with wrestling techniques cheered wildly when Lesnar did the exact same thing. Former champion Junior Dos Santos called out Lesnar on Twitter, looking to cash in on a huge payday, but that’s a fight Brock would be wise to avoid. If Lesnar puts his massive foot down and says he won’t fight again unless it’s a title shot, the UFC would likely give it to him, knowing Brock’s return to the fighting could be brief and they want to take full advantage of it.


The smartest move for Lesnar, and he is a smarter than your average muscle head, would be to schedule a fight with Derrick Lewis, who just beat Roy Nelson in a controversial decision two nights before UFC 200, or the winner of the upcoming Josh Barnett vs. Andrei Arlovski bout. Derrick Lewis does have scary knockout power, but Roy Nelson (known for his incredible chin and even more incredible beer belly) was able to expose Lewis’ lack of takedown defense and endurance, which could give Lesnar the edge. Arlovski and Barnett are both seasoned MMA vets, but like Brock, they are both in their late 30s and their best days are behind them. Much like Conor McGregor, Brock gets what Brock wants. In this case, Brock would be wise to take another winnable fight before messing around with the guys in the top five.


Amanda Nunes


The only shocker on the main card came in the main event, as Amanda Nunes defeated Miesha Tate by first-round submission for the women’s bantamweight championship. Although we shouldn’t be too surprised, since Tate shocked the world when she beat Holly Holm last March, who had just shocked the world even more by knocking out the seemingly unbeatable Ronda Rousey last November. The constant passing of the belt is starting to become a trend in the women’s bantamweight division. At 28, Nunes is in her athletic prime and she’s riding a four-fight winning streak, so maybe she’ll be the one to break that trend. The question is, who will she face?


Dana White has made it clear that Ronda Rousey will fight for the title as soon as she’s ready to return from her personal hiatus that involves remaking Roadhouse and terrifying Paige VanZant. But Rousey seems to be taking her time, and Nunes probably isn’t a big enough draw to bring her back any faster. That leaves Nunes with two options: Holly Holm, assuming Holm wins her upcoming fight against Valentina Shevchenko later this month, and Juliana Pena, who just beat Cat Zingano on the UFC 200 undercard. Holm is the bigger name, due to the Roadhouse-style beatdown she put on Ronda Rousey, which means that’s bigger payday. This is also what the UFC wants, because if Holm gets the belt back, Rousey will most likely come back for revenge! (I wanted to make another Roadhouse reference here, but it wasn’t exactly a revenge movie…) As long as Holly Holm takes care of Shevchenko, she will be in position to face Amanda Nunes for the title. If Holm gets her belt back, it’s Swayze time! I mean Rousey time!



UFC 196: Best MMA Event Ever!

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Published on : March 7, 2016


Wow, just wow. What a night of top shelf fighting entertainment. UFC 196 was one for the record books. The pay-per-view saw major upsets, a belt changing hands and more than just a little blood. I’ll admit I haven’t seen all the other UFC events but my interest has been growing and I’ve been lucky enough to catch the last few. And hands down, this was the best night of fighting I’ve ever seen.



Going into the contest, the major storylines centered on champs Holly Holm and Conor McGregor. Holm famously knocked out undefeated Ronda Rousey in her last match to claim the Bantamweight Championship. It was her first defense of the title against Miesha Tate. Most gave Holly the advantage because of her longer reach and because she beat Ronda, who has already beat Tate twice. But fighting doesn’t work like that. You can’t assume someone will win based on similar opponents. It’s more Rock-Paper-Scissors than you think.


Miesha Tate is a baller. I didn’t originally think she had much of a shot but she earned my respect. She scrapped the entire time, took some damage but waited for the right windows and she made the most of them. Her takedowns were the difference maker. The scoring was close going into the final round and she knew she couldn’t leave it up to the judges. A quick move and the fighters were locked up. Tate got behind Holm and locked in the rear naked choke and it was over. Give Holly credit, she battled and escaped an insane second round to take back control but Tate was better in the end. Hats off. After it was over, I thought “there is no way to top that” but then the main event started.



I like Conor McGregor. He is funny, charming and looks like he is truly enjoying himself. I was pulling for him but Nate Diaz had other plans. These two got into right away and the fists were flying. Diaz didn’t look to be in great shape and Conor opened his face instantly. Seemed like this battle was going to be over soon. But then a funny thing happened, Nate didn’t go down. He kept getting rocked but never faltered. In the second round, another funny thing happened, Conor got a little tired, lowered his guard and got hit. Hard. That was the turning point. Diaz took over after that. A few brutal strikes and the dynamic completely shifted.


Nate Diaz got McGregor on his back, delivered some wicked blows before clamping into a chokehold. And just like that, it was done. I was stunned. Maybe Conor was too aggressive and wasted too much energy early on but the real takeaway is Diaz’ toughness. Man can that dude (his brother too) take a punch. His chin is granite. There is just no quit in him. I think that resiliency confused and frustrated Conor. Maybe it got in his head a bit. Either way, Diaz stayed on his feet and weathered the Notorious storm and deserved to win based on guts alone. Oh yeah and there was so much blood. Like Mortal Kombat amount of blood.


UFC 196 screen


This was a huge win for President Dana White and the rest of the UFC. It’s great to have stars like McGregor and Rousey but it’s better to have upsets and some real competition at the top. Those undefeated streaks need to end. This sets up great rematches and creates new and interesting stories to follow.


No, thank you UFC 196. It was truly epic. Can’t wait to see what’s next.



Pass the band-aids.



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