A Film Tribute to the Baseball Bat

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Published on : December 14, 2015



The baseball bat is truly a piece of Americana. It’s a lasting image we love. Film and TV regularly pull out the lumber when they want to make a statement. Holding a bat gives the wielder a sense of power and strength no matter their size. There are plenty of baseball movies but that’s not what this is about. These are the cases where the Louisville Slugger played a vital role in the world of the story. Here are some the best uses of a baseball bat seen in film.




Start with the classics. Well this is the Socrates of bashing someone to death with sporting equipment. Everyone knows the scene. De Niro plays Al Capone and goes totally Ken Griffey Jr all over one of his men while they are at a fancy dinner. It’s perfect. Suits, insane rage, blood on the table cloth. That’s filmmaking.


Suicide Squad

harley bat


From the old to the super new. This flick isn’t even out yet but images of Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn swinging that bat around gets me excited. She is ready to deal some punishment. And I just love that it says “GOOD NIGHT” down the barrel. Nice touch. The film swings into theaters August 5th, 2016.


Inglourious Basterds 

bear jew


We don’t much care for Nazis here at ScoreBoredSports, so when Donny “Bear Jew” Donowitz wrecks that kraut’s face, I cheer. This movie is super violent. But it’s a war movie made by Quentin Tarantino, of course it’s going to be bloody. Some don’t condone this type of cinema, but you still have to admit, a pretty dope use of the bat.


The Raid 2

hammer girl


They just call him Baseball Bat Man. His friend, Hammer Girl. They like to hang out and smash stuff. The Raid movies are bananas in the best possible way. A must-see for any fans of action or Kung-Fu. The choreography is flawless and delivered at hyper speed.


Office Space


If you don’t know, then watch. If you already know, then smile. This has become the new classic. The The Untouchables of the comedy world.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles


In the clip, we see a fan favorite, Casey Jones, use a few different pieces of sporting equipment but he does his best work with the bat. Man, I forgot how good this movie was.


Closing Thoughts


Many folks doing a similar piece would mention Casino. I love the film, and I know the scene at the end with Joe Pesci. Yes they have a bat but that movie is three hours of brilliance and one little weapon isn’t going to steal the show. If you want Pesci and baseball bats then I offer you SNL and Jim Brewer doing Joe Pesci on a terribly awesome skit called the “Joe Pesci Show.” Please enjoy all eight minutes.



Look at that sweet foam prop. I was half tempted to include other members of the bat family in on this list. Like the cricket bat used in Shawn of the Dead  or the paddle from Dazed and Confused but I decided to keep it traditional. In honor of the season. I hope everyone has a peaceful New Year, but if someone does mess with you then you know what to reach for…a hug.



Happy Holidays!




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