Mayweather vs McGregor has nothing to do with boxing

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Published on : June 20, 2017


The all mighty dollar.



That’s what this fight is about. As a matter of fact, that’s what all sports are about nowadays. If it wasn’t for those dollars (truckloads of them) then this Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr debacle would never have even been conceived, let alone born into reality. But thanks to Dana White and Benjamin Franklin, the world will finally get a little bit of payoff from all of the trash talking we have heard in the last few months.


 Floyd is money.


While the final number aren’t in, word is that each fighter will make at least $80 million. Mayweather will make significantly more than McGregor because he is far more established, he is the better fighter and he is the bigger name. Also, he refused to even entertain the idea of the fight unless he was going to make $100 million. Both fighters will walk away from this one significantly better off than they were before, but I’m not sure the same can be said about the fans who will be watching the fight on August 26th. That’s because in all likelihood, Floyd Mayweather will easily win this.


Despite being older, shorter, lighter and with a shorter reach, Floyd Mayweather is one of the most, if not the most, technically gifted boxers of all time. Mayweather is an astounding 49-0 in pro fights. Some would say that is because Mayweather only takes fights he can win, especially later in his career when he could dictate such things. You can point to the fact that he waited until Manny Pacquiao was decidedly past his prime to take a fight with him, and there may be something to that idea, but you can’t deny that a record like that speaks for itself. Mayweather’s style might frustrate some people due to the lack of knockouts, but wins are wins and if knockouts were the only way to win a fight then there would be no such thing as a victory by decision.


My inclination is that McGregor is indeed doomed as far as the result of this fight is concerned. Conor has become a king in the octagon but he will be operating under a completely different set of rules than what he is accustomed to. Mayweather’s technical prowess will be too much for him to handle and he will be walking away from this one with an loss on his boxing record. But that’s where the true genius of this fight shines through. While his boxing record will get a loss, this will do absolutely nothing to his reputation in the UFC. Conor McGregor will be making $80 million to lose in a format that he might never compete in again, and he will return to UFC a very rich man.


 The odds are stacked against Conor.


There is plenty of excitement surrounding this matchup but smart fans will temper that excitement. The hype machine has been churning for the better part of a year so it seems inevitable that this one will be yet another big name boxing letdown. Odds are, that there will be little substance to this match except in the amount of money made by the two fighters and their respective business empires. But that doesn’t mean people won’t watch. They will watch by the millions.


Everyone will come out a winner, except for those people who desire a good fight. Mayweather will finally have that coveted 50-0 record. McGregor will lose a match but his UFC persona will live on no worse than it was before. Everyone will get rich. And fight fans will be left with the feeling that they were once again ripped off. But none of that matters because next time the big “all flash, no substance’ matchup comes up, they will be lining to give away their money once again.



Holyfield to fight Nigerian politician

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Published on : April 21, 2017


Boxing great, Evander Holyfield is slated to box a Nigerian politician. I know it sounds like one of those spam emails you get that claims you can make tons of cash if you just help this foreign guy bring his wealth into our country. But no, this is real and it’s happening on May 25th. They are calling it the “Rumble in Lagos.”


Holyfield will face off against Bola Ahmed Tinubu. The former Lagos governor. Lagos being a state in Nigeria. The country has 36 states and Lagos is the smallest but it also has the largest city, of the same name. Learn something new everyday. The event is for charity and plans to generate over $2 million that will go to medical supplies for area. That sounds well and good but I have a few questions about the actual fight. First off, Holyfield is 54-years-old. What kind of shape is he in? Can he still put on a show?


After doing some more digging about the matchup, I was shocked to learn that Tinubu is 65-years-old! How are you going to be 11 years older than a pro boxer and challenge him to fight? Tinubu has no documented athletic career. Or none that could be found after 2 minutes on google. More digging and then suddenly it all made sense. The guest referee for the fight is Wole Soyinka. A Nigerian playwright and poet who is famous for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1986. Tinubu got his boy to be ref, this is straight WWE tactics.




Even with referee help, this retired politician has no chance. Maybe if Evander had his feet tied together and only used one arm then maybe it would be a fair fight. This is all for charity but what kind of match will it even be? One half-strength punch from Holyfield and this guy will be in trouble. Then he’s going to need $2 million in medical supplies and we are right back to where we started.


Following Alex’s lead on celeb matchups, here are some politicians I’d like to see get in the ring. Former Detroit mayor and all-around tough guy, Kwame Kilpatrick. Dude always had the nicest suits, giant diamond earrings all wrapped around a frame that looks like he could rip men apart with his hands. Think the Marvel character, the King Pin. But don’t fret, he can’t bother you now. He’s in jail, for all that stuff he did.




Another solid choice is former Toronto mayor, Rob Ford. Now, he may not have the physique of some of these other guys but he has an advantage all his own. He smokes crack and that can be like a super boost. Then I looked up Ford’s height and weight to list them like you would a pro fighter and I read that he passed in March 2016 from cancer related issues. I did not know that until now. Other writers would delete this section and think of another person. Call me lazy or stubborn but that isn’t me. Moving on.


Steve Bannon. Now, this guy would be great to watch getting hit. I’d give my next three paychecks to see Evander Holyfield box Steve Bannon for any reason. Steve is both alive and not in jail. He also stands 5’10” and weighs in at a cool 263 lbs. Don’t quote me on those facts, they may be fake news. Hard to tell these days in you know who’s america. The only problem here is that Steve won’t do the fight once he finds out it helps poor people.


Which elected official would you like see get into the ring with Evander Holyfield? Or any other boxer? Leave your dream matchup in the comments and maybe we can generate enough hype that it will happen. You never know, no one thought Mayweather vs. McGregor would happen either.


Throw in the towel.



Biggest scumbag moments in sports history

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Published on : March 7, 2017



Sports has plenty of villains. You can’t really blame them because sports tells a story and any good story has an antagonist. A lot of times these hero and villains tags are a result of rivalries. Most people worship Jordan, but as a lifelong Pistons fan, I can’t stand the guy. I may not like him but I don’t doubt his abilities as an athlete and his dedication to playing the game and he played the game the right way. That can’t be said for all of the athletes that might wear the tag of villain. Some of them are real scumbags. They do things that sully their reputations and the game as a whole. Here are some of the biggest scumbag moments in sports history.


Mike Tyson takes a bite


This will forever be engrained in my mind as the one time my family bought a pay-per-view boxing match. Thanks to Mike Tyson, we never did it again. It was a rematch between Tyson and Evander Holyfield. Holyfield had won the first match in an upset and Tyson was looking to exact some revenge. What unfolded was a complete joke. Tyson got worked pretty good in the first two rounds and by round three, the pressure was beginning to get to him. 40 seconds into the round, Holyfield got Tyson in a clinch and Tyson went on to show the world just how mentally unhinged he was at that point in his life. He bit off a large chunk of Holyfield’s right ear, which began to bleed. After determining that he could continue the fight, Holyfield had his left ear bitten by Tyson. They finished the round but the fight was stopped after that and Tyson was disqualified. “Iron” Mike went on to get kicked out of boxing for a year and was fined $3 million. He probably should have just taken that knockout like a man, but at least he has since apologized to and befriended Evander Holyfield.


Luis Suarez does his best Tyson impression


Another biting incident. What is it with these guys? Actually Uruguayan footballer, Luis Suarez, is something of a serial offender when it comes to biting his opponents. He has had three separate incidents of biting including one in the World Cup that landed him a four-month ban. The biting always happens during moments of frustration or bad play and he claims that it is some sort of release valve. I claim that he is a dip shit. To see someone with that much talent, on that big of a stage venting his frustrations like that is embarrassing. Just like Tyson, he has proven that he is weak willed and working out some issues. How about you close your vampire mouth and help your team win the game, not get yourself ejected.


Tonya Harding is scared she will lose

 The face of guilt.


Crazy things happen when people are competing in competitive contact sports. Tempers flare and mistakes can be made. Just ask Suarez and Tyson. But how diabolical do you have to be to try to take your opponent out of the game before the contest has even begun? That’s exactly what Tonya Harding did in 1994 when she, along with her ex-husband, arranged to have Nancy Kerrigan assaulted and unable to compete against her. Harding wanted to be the top skater and instead she got banned from US Figure Skating for life. She avoided a jail sentence by pleading to a lesser charge but four other people served time for their roles in the assault on Kerrigan. The injuries to Kerrigan’s leg kept her out of the National Championships but she recovered in time to be selected to the Olympic team that year along with Harding. Kerrigan went on to win silver and Harding came in 8th place. She ruined her career through her cowardice and still lost to Kerrigan.


The Black Sox


This is perhaps the scummiest thing to ever happen in all of the history of organized sports. Baseball is sacred in America, the national pastime. So the idea of rigging the World Series seems unholy and wrong, but in 1919 that’s exactly what happened. The Chicago White Sox faced the Cincinnati Reds, who would win the series in eight games (this was one of four years in baseball history that the World Series was nine games). Noted gangster, Arnold Rothstein, was involved in the plot for the Sox to throw the series and eight players on the team were banned from baseball for either helping throw games or having knowledge of the fix. The plot was born out of discontent with ownership but it went on to sully the sport, the players and the team that was known thereafter as the Black Sox.


If you ever have kids you should tell them about all of these people when you teach them what sportsmanship is all about. Make sure they know that this is not how you want conduct yourself. With any luck they will listen to you. These incidents are bad but do you have any other scumbag moments that you love to hate? Leave them in the comments section below.



Potential undercards for the Chris Brown-Soulja Boy fight

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Published on : February 22, 2017



Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ve probably heard about the upcoming fight of the century. I’m not talking about McGregor-Mayweather, I’m talking about something much more prolific. That’s right, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy. A match that could change the sport of boxing forever. A fight of such epic proportions needs a solid undercard, and while there is a rumor that former NBA stars Kenyon Martin and Tim Thomas could square off, I think we can do better. Here is a list of potential undercard matches worthy of such a prestigious event.


Mick Jagger vs Paul McCartney

Mick and Paul


Music fans have been waiting for this fight for years. These two are the top dogs in two of the greatest rock n roll bands of all time. Sir Paul plays the pretty boy part much better than Jagger, who is definitely more of a wild card. I would love to believe that this feud has been brewing for years and they have been waiting to get at each other. After all, it was Paul and his old friend John who wrote the Rolling Stones first commercial hit and then it could be argued that the Stones began to copy the Beatles style in the late 60’s. Jagger also famously made fun of the Beatles following their break up, causing Lennon to make fun of Jagger’s dancing. This thing has been simmering for 50 years and it’s time to pay the piper. I think John could have taken Mick but this might be too much for Paul.


Winner: Mick Jagger


Mitch McConnell vs Bernie Sanders

Mitch and Bernie


No one ever really thinks of two old, white, politicians as a blockbuster fight, but stay with me for a second. These two guys represent polar opposite ends of the American political spectrum. When they square off, they will be fighting for the political future of the USA. That alone will get people tuning in. Plus, don’t act like you don’t kind of want to see two grandfathers go at it. Mitch McConnell has the ability to inflate the underside of his neck in order to scare away predators but that’s his only move due to a lack of an actual spine. Bernie is from Brooklyn and won’t be phased by the tricks of his opponent. McConnell’s corporate overlords can’t help him once he is locked in the ring with the nation’s true champion of the people. Bernie destroys Mitch who is then summoned back to the depths of hell by his masters.


Winner: Bernie Sanders


Rush Limbaugh vs Rachel Maddow

Rush and Rachel


While Limbaugh has a big strength advantage over the much smaller Maddow, she likely holds the advantage in agility and stamina. I would also say that she most likely wins in the areas of mental sharpness and reaction time because she hasn’t been chewing 5 vicodin with her cornflakes every morning for the last couple of decades. Or maybe she has, I guess we can’t be sure. Either way, this is a total Princess Leia/Jabba the Hutt situation. Jabba, I mean Rush, will have control at first but at some point he will get tired and let his guard down. That’s when Rachel gets the drop on him and ends it.


Winner: Rachel Maddow


The Pope vs Donald Trump

The Pope and Trumo


The ultimate battle of good vs imbecile. The 266th Pope of the Catholic Church, Francis I faces off against the 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump. The build up to this fight will be extremely confusing as Trump’s Twitter insults turn into public support for the Pope, who turns the other cheek by repeatedly blessing Trump and praying for his sick, sad soul. I really want to believe that His Holiness would beat some sense into Trump, but he would probably just remain non-violent and allow the holy spirit to protect him against Trump’s assault. Most of which will probably be verbal anyways, because Trump wouldn’t want to break a nail or something. In the end the only thing Trump destroys is the english language, his last shred of self respect and our beloved constitution. In the end, they just cancel each other out.


Winner: draw



Update: Chris Brown backs out



Sadly it looks like Chris Brown has backed out of the fight of the century. Soulja Boy took to Twitter to tell the world how he feels about Brown’s decision not to box him. While we sadly won’t get to see what was supposed to be the main event but there could be a silver lining. Now we can have one of the above-mentioned mega fights as the final bout!



We Need More Sports Movies Starring Women

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Published on : October 1, 2016


It’s no mystery that SBS loves sports movies. We have done lists of the best ones, covered some of our favs in detail and make callbacks to the best lines and moments in many articles. At this point, these films have become part of the larger culture, an integral part of the modern sports landscape. Which brings me to my point, we need more sports movies featuring women. We have an embarrassingly low amount of them and that needs to change.


Boys grow up with a plethora of male athletes in many different sports to act as their role models. Plus all the fictional ones in movies, video games and television. Young women have way less in this department which is tragic because growing minds need movies to show them they can do anything. Cinema is the telling of a hero’s story. It may sound silly but where else does a kid learn that they can overcome any obstacle and win it all with just hard work and determination? Of course from the parents but that message needs to be echoed in the world for it to truly stick.




Sports movies show us a narrative of the underdog and reveals the viewer’s own potential. It is incredibly powerful. Not just for athletes, for everyone. Understanding all that, you can see my call for action. After a little research I found these films. All starring women, set in sports.


A League of their Own (1992)

The Next Karate Kid (1994)

Eddie (1996)

Girlfight (2000)

Bring it On (2000)

Bend it like Beckham (2002)

Blue Crush (2002)

Million Dollar Baby (2004)

Against the Ropes (2004)

Ice Princess (2005)

Whip It (2009)


I’m sure I’m missing some but still, that’s not a lot. Part of the criteria is that these all had to be theatrically released. No made for TV garbage. Also no dance movies were considered. But cheerleading counts. This is because cheer is deeply rooted in the American sport experience and if I included dance flicks then most of the list would be dance movies and that’s not what this is about. And some of these had sequels but we are talking original sports stories.


Original Cinema Quad Poster - Movie Film Posters


Shout outs to Wimbledon (2004) and Little Giants (1994) for having strong female roles but the main characters are still men. She’s the Man (2006) is a female lead and has soccer in the background but the sports angle isn’t really strong enough. Amanda Bynes does disguise herself to play on the men’s team which is fun but it’s more of a romantic comedy than anything else. I half considered adding The Hunger Games (2012) but, you know, not a real sport. Still good though.


It’s a sad state of affairs when studios make multiple sports pictures about men pretending to be women so they can compete (Lady Bugs, Juwanna Man) but no one wants to make any real stories of female athleticism. And while I’m on my soapbox, let’s get some more diversity on screen. It can’t all be white people. I watch sports. I know.


So I challenge Hollywood and all the executives, male and female, make more sports movies starring women. We must have these stories for our kids so they get to see heroics can come from all walks of life. Everyone is an underdog and sports teaches us that it’s okay. We can overcome.


Play like a girl.



Muhammad Ali: The Greatest

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Published on : June 4, 2016



The Greatest. That’s a term that gets thrown around a lot in today’s world of professional sports. People use it to describe someone who has accomplished incredible feats in their respective areas of expertise, and often times just to describe someone who they are particularly fond of. It’s a bit cliché and tired but sometimes that word fits someone perfectly. That is the case with Muhammad Ali, who the world lost yesterday at age 74.


Muhammad Ali was a three-time world heavy weight champion, with a professional record of 56-5, including 37 knockouts. He is the prototype of today’s modern athlete. Just as quick as his hands and his feet, were his wits. He could dance circles around his opponents in the ring, and talk circles around anyone who was unfortunate enough to tangle with him, and deliver a knockout blow in either fashion. He was proud, he was razor-tongued, he was vicious with his enemies and fervent in his defense of what he believed was right. And he was talented. Oh man, was he talented.


“Float like a butterfly…”


To watch Muhammad Ali boxing was to watch art in the making. The style and grace with which he moved is unrivaled among fighters, past or present. The speed of his hands was enough to baffle, enrage and subdue his opponents. His talents were such that he routinely toyed with them in brash, some might say arrogant, displays of his boxing prowess. It often seemed like he barely touched the other fighter, but down they would go.


When fighters tried to get to him, he couldn’t be touched. He would bob and weave his head away from oncoming punches with such confidence. I could never imagine trying to fight someone who was that evasive. How do you beat something you can’t hit, something that slips away at the last possible second every single time? Floyd Mayweather Jr is a brilliant tactician in the ring, but for a heavyweight like Muhammad Ali to be able to move like that is truly awe-inspiring. At his peak, especially before his 3 1/2 year lay-off, he may have been the most graceful man on earth. Hell, the most graceful human ever. He was pretty.


“Sting like a bee.”


The left jab was his go-to move in the ring. He could throw it at you from any angle and it was just as effective. His unorthodox style of defense, leaving his hands low and daring other fighters to over extend themselves in an attempt to try to hit what they thought was an open target, left them vulnerable to his barrage of punches. Often with devastating results. He would leave them stumbling around the ring, desperately trying to remember their names and where they were. He could knock you out, but if you made him really mad he would just toy with you. Bringing you to the edge of oblivion before backing off so that he could continue the punishment without having the fight stopped. When he was on his game, he could do whatever he wanted. And he wasn’t afraid to let everyone in the world know it.


The sting of his tongue was every bit as lethal as either of his fists. Not only did he perfect the art of trash talking your opponent, he may well have invented it in its modern form. He used his incendiary monologues to get inside of the heads of whoever he was fighting. He said whatever was necessary in order to get a mental edge. As a fierce competitor, winning is all that matters and he would attack his opponents, sometimes crossing the line. But the fact of the matter was that he was showing everyone where the line was in the first place. The world had never seen someone like him, and though many people have tried, his linguistic talents have never been replicated.



Athletics aside, Muhammad Ali was a man of principle and conviction. He stood up for what he believed and refused to apologize for doing what he thought was right. He changed his birth name, Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr, to Muhammad Ali and sent a message to the world about self determination and taking a stand. When he refused to be conscripted into the Vietnam War as a conscientious objector, he was standing up against a war and a system that he believed was unjust. He was unwavering and because of that he lost 3 years of his prime in the ring. The Supreme Court eventually overturned his conviction of draft evasion and he returned to reclaim the title that had been stripped from him. He might have been a little less fleet of foot than before but he was just unrelenting in the pursuit of his goals.


After his retirement and his diagnosis with parkinsons, he continued to impact the world in a positive way through his humanitarian efforts. He helped many causes by working to improve the lives of those less fortunate and spreading a message of peace and understanding.


He was the Greatest. He is the Greatest and will aways be the Greatest. Muhammad Ali is the embodiment of the American Spirit. Unapologetic and unrelenting. He knew what he was and he knew what he wanted, and would not let anyone tell him he couldn’t have it. He upset the status quo in a country that was beginning the fight to throw off the shackles of racism and segregation. He made the establishment nervous because he was was loud and in your face and could back it up. The world will never see another like him. Rest in Peace, Champion.



By any means necessary: Cuba and the love of sports

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Published on : May 11, 2016



For many Americans, the island nation of Cuba is a great unknown. A former playground 90 miles from Key West that, since the Castro-led revolution in 1959, and the missile crisis and trade embargo in 1962, has been shrouded in mystery. It’s a shame that two countries that have a long history together, have been so cut off from each other for so long, despite the close proximity. The situation harkens back to the wall that used to divide Berlin between east and west, or the no man’s land that currently cuts the Korean peninsula in half along the 38th parallel.


For me, Cuba has always been something that only lived in my heart and soul. My grandmother made the decision to depart the communist dictatorship in 1968 in order to give my mother, who was 8 years old at the time, a chance at a better life and an opportunity to determine her own destiny. Though the circumstances of the departure were tragic, my family always maintained a fondness for their homeland. They loved where they were from, despite a government and system that they could not abide, and they instilled that same love in me for a place I have never been.



That is until a month ago, when I travelled to Cuba with my family. It was the realization of a lifelong dream, and setting foot on Cuban soil immediately made me feel as though I had completed one chapter and begun another. It is an enchanting place, with beautiful landscape and architecture, and a diverse people who enjoy and appreciate what they have, maintaining a zest for life in the face of hardship. They could teach a lot to their northern neighbors. I felt at home and got discover my past by filling in the blanks on things that had only been passed down to me by word of mouth.


I finally had the opportunity to see for myself, draw my own conclusions and observe the place that had been so far away while being so much a part of who I am, and while I was there I noticed a few things. For one, I saw that there is a reason that the country’s unofficial motto is “No es fácil,” which translates to “It’s not easy.” That’s because life in Cuba is not always easy for its citizens. While the loosening of the government’s grip on the economy and the Cuban citizens’ ability to own property and operate businesses has helped improve the living situation, there are still many things we take for granted that they do without on the island.


The somewhat decently stocked grocery store that is located in the touristy section of La Habana was lacking in many things we expect to see (e.g., liquid milk, aspirin), and the stores for the citizens themselves are much worse. We also had a chance to experience a day long water outage in our beautiful Airbnb apartment, that otherwise accommodated the family nicely. The hope is that things will continue to improve but Cubans have learned the hard way that life can change drastically in an instant. Yet, while faced with hardships that many in the States can not imagine, the Cuban people love life and enjoy everyday of it. They manage to make the most of what they have, as evidenced by the innovative ways that they improvise in order to fix those classic cars without the necessary parts (or fix everything for that matter).



Another thing I noticed is the Cuban love for sports. And you can bet that anywhere you go there will someone watching, talking about, or playing sports. We always knew that baseball was big in Cuba, and my original plan was to go to one of the finals games for the Cuban National Series, but after the Habana Industriales were swept out of the playoffs by the Ciego de Ávila Tigres the day before I arrived, the logistics of traveling to view a game became much more difficult. So instead I watched the games on tv and decided to observe the general culture of sports on the island. And it’s obvious the the Cuban love for sports is so deep rooted that no hardship can come between the people and their beloved pastimes.


In the center of Habana there aren’t many large parks with baseball diamonds or soccer fields, so more often than not, you see children playing their favorite games right in the streets, or if they’re lucky, in an abandoned lot or parking lot. The two most popular things on the island are baseball, obviously, and soccer. Anywhere you go you see kids playing, I mean everywhere. Walking down the narrow colonial streets of Habana Vieja, I often had to sidestep impromptu baseball games and be careful that I didn’t get hit as I went on my way. A second of carelessness could result in a soccer ball to the face, so you constantly had to be on guard in case you became an unintended participant in the fun.


Most of these kids are lacking in proper equipment but that doesn’t stop them. Very few times did I see an actual baseball glove, and almost as scarce were baseball bats. Often these games were played using barehands and whatever stick could pass for a bat. Cuban ingenuity knows no bounds and I even saw balls that I’m not quite sure what they were made out of. The same went for soccer, which if I had to guess is being played just as much as baseball among the youth of the island. There’s a reason soccer is so popular around the world, and it’s that you need much less equipment than almost any other sport in order to make a true soccer match. All you need is the ball and some makeshift pylons to draw the boundaries of the net. And that’s how I saw the game being played all over the island.



Now, I don’t want to give the impression that Cuba is only filled with athletes who are forced to play in the streets due to a lack of proper facilities and equipment. On the contrary, Cuba has a decent state-run sports industry for a nation of its size. I already mentioned the baseball league, which has been a breading ground for many future MLB all stars. And while never having participated in an Olympic Winter Games, the country had been competing in the Summer games since 1894. Cuba has accumulated 209 medals overall and 72 gold medals. That’s good for 18th overall in the world, despite being the 78th most populous nation. Most of those have been in boxing (34) and I just know that American trainers and promoters are licking their chops as they await access to a new crop of Cuban boxers. As they should be.


The country of Cuba is one that is full of pride, determination and talent. Much like the music and food, sports flow through the blood of the island. There’s nothing that can stop the people in that country from loving, playing and enjoying whatever sport they like. As Cuba begins to rejoin the international community in a total sense, we should get used to the idea of seeing more and more professional Cuban athletes thrive on the world stage. Who knows, maybe I witnessed the next “El Duque” or Yoenis Cespedes right there in the streets of Habana and didn’t even know it.



C’mon, Manny!

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Published on : February 18, 2016




Manny Pacquiao, what in the hell are you doing? You should probably shut up and keep your old timey hateful thoughts to yourself. Don’t you know that people actually liked you? Well, you went and messed that up with one stupid ass quote. Way to go, dumb shit. You already lost your Nike endorsement, and who knows what’s next. I’m sure Nike was happy to cut ties with you because, let’s face it, you’re kind of washed up now, but you still have to give them props for taking a stand and distancing themselves from a bigot like yourself.


Do you not know what year it is? You can’t be so oblivious to the rest of the world that you thought that a comment where you said that homosexuals were “worse than animals,” would go unnoticed by the public? You’re logic behind the comment was that animals do not engage in homosexual relationships, but maybe you should get your facts straight before you open your mouth. Let me show you the long list of animals that engage in homosexual behavior.


It’s bad enough that your boxing star has been fading out ever since you got knocked the hell out by Juan Mánuel Marquez, but did your brain get damaged too? I mean it’s pretty bad when you’re making Floyd Mayweather seem like a level headed person…



I’ll end this little rant by saying that I’ve lost a lot of respect for you and that I hope you lose your election bid in the Philipines. You’re boxing career fell apart quickly and maybe this showing of your true colors will make your political one do the same. People with outdated lines of thinking like your own should not be in charge of leading the future of an entire group of people. Your type of thinking is dangerous to progress and there is no place for it in modern society. So I guess it’s time to just fade away, dinosaur.



The Scariest Athletes of All Time

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Published on : October 31, 2015


In honor of Halloween we take a look at some of the Scariest Athletes of All Time. These are players that strike fear into the hearts of both opponents and fans alike. They are the hard-hitting, ass kicking, monsters of the game. You definitely DO NOT want to fuck with these people.



Lawrence Taylor

Lawrence Taylor was a reckless monster on the gridiron, who no one wanted to go up against. With 142 career sacks, he was damn near unstoppable for the better part of a decade. He could do it all, and he did it with an intensity and viciousness that led him to be considered one of the top outside linebackers of all time and gained him a spot in the Hall of Fame. There’s no doubt many a retired offensive NFL player that still see Taylor in his nightmares. Oh yea, he was pretty wild off of the field too.



Mike Tyson

All you have to do is watch the above video of brutal Mike Tyson knockouts to know why he is here among the “Sports Monsters Hall of Fame.” During his prime, Tyson was amazing to watch and terrifying to imagine going up against. He made it look so effortless to absolutely destroy opposing fighters. His short stocky frame could deliver brain damage at will and he even once said he wanted to “eat Lennox Lewis’ children.” If that’s not scary, I don’t know what is.



Bill Romanowski

Known for his lack of self control, explosive temper and neck like a semi-truck, the 4-time Super Bowl Champion linebacker was a force to be reckoned with on the field. With no shortage of violent hits on opposing offensive players, he would make me shit my pants if I was a running back. This raving lunatic didn’t reserve his roid-induced rage just for the opposing team, and even once ended his teammates career but crushing his eye socket with a punch.



Bob Probert

As a well known enforcer, Bob Probert, did his best work with the gloves off. A throwback to the days of ‘old time hockey’ when fighting wasn’t seen as taboo. He was one of the toughest players ever to step out on the ice. He was willing to put his body through whatever it took to get the job done. If that was the case then imagine what he would be willing to do to you if you were unfortunate enough to get in his way? During the pinnacle of his career in the 1987-88 season, he amassed an outlandish 398 penalty minutes, and still managed to tie for 3rd on the Red Wings with 62 points. Rest in Peace, you beautiful beast.


Brock Lesnar

Just look at this guy and tell me he isn’t the scariest fuckin’ thing you’ve ever seen. He is an imposing ball of human muscle and raw animal aggression. He now resides in the fantasy world of WWE but when he was in UFC he could beat you with the submission or the knockout and has left more than a few of his opponents with soiled underwear. If you see him in an alley, run!



100 Greatest Joe’s in the History of Sports

Written by :
Published on : October 5, 2015



In honor of ScoreBoredSports’ 100th post we bring you a list of the 100 Greatest Joe’s in all of sports, past and present. This list will cover any variation of the name Joe. So names like Jo, Joey, Joseph, Jose are all fair game. Also accepted is any compound name using Joe and a hyphen. These ain’t your average Joe’s, these men and women dominate in their fields and have influence on the game. This isn’t just about who won the most, this is about who had control of the narrative. Don’t view this as a ranking but a guest list to the coolest party in town. Without further ado, here is your top 100 Joe’s.


100. Joey Harrington – NFL Quarterback

99. Joe Buck – NFL Announcer

98. Jose Calderon – NBA Point Guard

97. Big Joe Fauria – NFL Tight End

96. Joakim Noah – NBA Center

The hair, the intensity, what’s not to love? And yes, Joakim counts as a Joe.


95. Joe Johnson – NBA Shooting Guard/Small Forward

94. Joseph Young – NBA Guard

93. Jose Valverde – MLB Pitcher

92. Ronda Jo Miller – WNBA Forward

91. Jose Iglesias – MLB Short Stop

90. Shalrie Joseph – Soccer Defensive Midfielder

89. Jose Mourinho – Soccer Coach

This little Napoleon looks and is terrifying.


88. Joseph Randle – NFL Running Back

87. Joe Lombardi – NFL Offensive Cordinator

86. Joe Hart – Soccer Goalie

85. José María Olazábal – Golfer

84. J. C. Tretter (Joseph Carl) – NFL Center

83. Joe Bruin – UCLA Mascot

Only Mascot to make the list. This bear has real personality.


82. Joe Wieland – MLB Pitcher

81. Joe DeLoach – Sprinter

80. Josephine Chukwunonye – Tennis

79. Joey Votto – MLB First Base

78. Jose Canseco – MLB Outfielder

This hunk of beef. Remember when the ball bounced off his head for a Home Run? I do.


77. Joe Allen – Soccer Midfielder

76. Joseph Carr – Former President of the NFL

75. Joe DeLamielleure – NFL Guard

74. Joe Morgan MLB Manager

73. Joe Guyon – NFL Halfback

72. Joe Perry – NFL Fullback

71. Joe Lynch – Boxer

70. Joe Stydahar – NFL Tackle

69. Joe Haden – NFL Cornerback

One of the best CB’s in the league. He plays in Cleveland and doesn’t suck. That’s not easy.


68. Joe Maur – MLB Catcher/First Base

67. Joseph Fulks – NBA Small Forward

66. Joseph Lapchick – NBA Center

65. Jo Jo White – NBA Point Guard

64. Joe Vitale – NHL Center

63. Johnathan Joseph – NFL Cornerback

62. Joe Thornton  – NHL Center

I really don’t like this guy but his beard is epic, almost wizard status.


61. Joe Cronin – MLB Shortstop/Manager

60. Joe Malone – NHL Center

59. Joe Hall – NHL Defensemen

58. Joe Primeau – NHL Center

57. Joe Philbin – NFL Coach

56. Joe Nieuwendyk – NHL Center

55. Joe Garagiola – MLB Catcher

54. Joe Weatherly – NASCAR Driver

53. Joe Lee Johnson – NASCAR Driver

This guy drives faster and better than you. All while wearing white pants.


52. Joe Kelley – MLB Left Fielder/Manager

51. Jose Reyes – MLB Shortstop

50. Joe Tinker – MLB Shortstop

49. Joe Medwick – MLB Left Fielder

48. Joe Mihalic – NASCAR Driver

47. Joe Sewell – MLB Shortstop/Third Base

46. Jose Altuve – MLB Second Base

Of the many Venezuelan studs taking over baseball. Better learn Spanish, cause he is here to stay.


45. Joe Williams – NFL Running Back

44. Jose Mendez – Baseball Pitcher

43. Joe Gordon – MLB Second Base

42. Joseph Brennann – ABL (basketball) Guard

41. Joe Thomas – NFL Offensive Tackle

40. Joe Gibbs – NFL Coach

He has a Super Bowl ring with the Redskins and he don’t Gibb a damn.


39. Joe Gomez – Soccer Defender

38. Joe Choynski – Boxer

37. Barbados Joe Walcott – Boxer

36. Jersey Joe Walcott – Boxer

35. Joe Schmidt – NFL Linebacker

34. Joe Jellybean Bryant – NBA Player/Coach

33. Joe Calzaghe – Boxer

32. Joe Jeanette – Boxer

31. Jose Bautista – MLB Right Fielder

30. Joe Flacco – NFL Quarterback

Tall dude, cannon for an arm. I think he collects stamps. Seems chill.


29. Joe Jackson -MLB Left Fielder

28. Joe Newton – Track Coach

27. Joe Susan – NCAA Men’s Football Coach

26. Mary Joe Fernández – Tennis

25. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – Tennis

24. Jose Villareal – Soccer Midfielder/Striker

23. Fernando (Jose) Torres  – Soccer Striker

Just your average, down to earth, super rich, futbol star.


22. Jose Aldo – UFC Fighter

21. Jose Fernandez – MLB Pitcher

20. Joe Gans – Boxer

19. Jose Abreu – MLB First Base

18. Joe Gibbs – Owner Joe Gibbs racing

17. Bullet Joe Simpson – NHL Defender

16. Joe Theisman – NFL Quarterback

15. Joe McGinnity – MLB Pitcher

14. Joe Rogan – UFC Announcer

That’s right, Joe Rogan. Fear Factor, Bitch!


13. Joe Paterno – NCAA Men’s Football Coach

12. Joe Lopes – Skateboarder

11. Joe Dumars – NBA Guard

10. Joe Fraiser – Boxer

9. Flo-Jo – Sprinter

8. Joe Sakic – NHL Center

7. Joey Crawford – NBA Referee

How long has this guy been enforcing his will on the NBA?


6. Joe Torre – MLB Manager

5. Joe Namath – NFL Quarterback

4. Mean Joe Greene – NFL Defensive Tackle

3. Joe DiMaggio – MLB Center Fielder

2. Joe Louis – Boxer

1. Joe Montana – NFL Quarterback

Swipe right.


Honorable Mention: Trader Joes, Jose Cuervo, Joe Dirt, Bazooka Joe, Mighty Joe Young, GI Joe, Joseph and his fancy dreamcoat and our very own Joe Piel.


Also, I know I missed a bunch of deserving athletes. So in your nicest, indoor voice, please tell me about it in the comments. Thanks again for reading and here’s to another 100 posts! Cheers!




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