Roger Pretzel’s Review ‘N Brew: Week 6

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Published on : October 22, 2015


In this little corner Roger Pretzel will review his favorite play of the week along with a thoughtful review of what beverage he was imbibing at the time.




Week 6: Jamie Collins Blocks Adam Vinatieri Extra Point by Leaping Over The Line




Kam Chancellor wasn’t the first to do this, but I think by attempting it twice in a row during a playoff game against the Panthers last year, he certainly put the idea in the heads of a lot more linebackers and safeties. Let’s also send out a little love to Troy Polamalu who made a signature move out of sacking the QB or stopping the run by leaping in a similar fashion. With Chancellor, there were flags on both of his attempts, the first on the offense, the second on the defense, and finally Graham Gano was able to put the ball through the uprights on his third attempt… but that wasn’t nearly as memorable a highlight as Chancellor’s display.

Jamie Collins pulls the trick off here on a PAT attempt against the great Adam Vinatieri. With under a minute-and-a-half left in the game it’s a little difficult to say that this acrobatic effort had an enormous effect on the outcome of the game. The Colts still would’ve had to get the ball back and score a TD to tie it, whereas they’d still lose on a field goal, but at the same time, this individual bit of magic by Jamie Collins is just too fun not to be the play of the week.

Week 6: The Kamikaze Shot

 photo Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 3.59.16 PM_zpsh5rqjy2w.png


In the world of being a weekend warrior, perpetual bar-crawling scumbag, or naïve college student is there anything so fine as the Kamikaze shot? Three simple parts creating a drink that will satisfy a very broad range of tastes and palates, even if said beverage happens to be made with the crappiest of ingredients.

When vodka, triple sec, and lime touch each other in that dirty, dirty way, and then go flying down your gullet you know you’re at a bar that has a pool table, maybe an air hockey table if you’re really lucky, and a bartender with pierced nipples who would most certainly be fired if the owner knew how many free drinks she was giving out. The name is kinda offensive too. Can you imagine how many tortured ghosts there are of young Japanese men who sacrificed their lives (even if it was under horribly coercive and misguided circumstances) looking in from the void only to discover snotty, Western 20-somethings throwing back tiny drinks named in their honor that promptly get throw up all over the Big Buck Hunter machine?


 photo arcade-game-big-buck-hunter3_zpsiruqertr.jpg


There’s also the very real (or very possibly fabricated by me) question if the Kamikaze is a novelty shot like say the “Red Headed Slut,” “Kickin’ Chicken,” or the dreaded “Cum in a Hot Tub,” or is just your normal everyday breakfast drink.
I land on the side that says any shot you make with multiple ingredients in a shaker and give a cutesy name to is inherently a novelty shot. But whadda I know, I just work here.


 photo shotz_zpskfubw1ue.jpg


Until next week, you kids get the hell of my lawn.

-Roger Pretzel


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