World rejoices as Skip Bayless says he is leaving ESPN

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Published on : April 29, 2016


ESPN’s resident loudmouth moron, Skip Bayless, has announced that he will be leaving the network once his contract expires in August. This joyous news comes a day after that very sad news that Mike Tirico will also be leaving ESPN. The loss of Tirico hurts, especially to fans of Monday Night Football, but the Bayless departure definitely seems like addition by subtraction for the network.


Skip is the most recent in a long line of onscreen personalities that have departed the worldwide leader in sports. They’ve also lost Bill Simmons, Colin Cowherd and the intolerant schmuck, Curt Schilling. But Bayless is the only one I’m truly happy about. His opinions have been so ludicrous for so long that it’s getting pretty tired. Let’s take a quick look at some of his Twitter posts as evidence of his high level of clown-ery



If I was in charge at ESPN, I would be eternally grateful for the departure of someone with so little knowledge of sports. I mean seriously, what the hell is this dudes deal? And if his ridiculously off base sports tweets weren’t enough, he’s also been known to make some pretty tasteless jokes. Like this gem right here:


Apparently he also thinks that domestic violence is just hilarious. Good to know. Rumor has it that he’ll be moving to Fox Sports. May the Lord have mercy on their viewers. Maybe I’m being too hard on ol’ Skipper. Let’s see what some other people think about his departure from ESPN.  



So it doesn’t look like the masses are exactly up in arms about the whole thing. The only sad part is that now Stephen A. Smith isn’t going to have anyone to yell at. And that’s a shame because without an outlet for his aggression, his brain will probably explode. You know what? We should probably just ship Stephen A. off with Skip too. It’s only right.


Let’s all be thankful that Skip Bayless is gone and hope that he decides to take a nice, long vacation before he returns to the world of sports broadcasting.



Best Announcers in Sports

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Published on : February 15, 2016


Many of the great moments in sports history have an equally great piece of announcing paired with it. Like a nice piece of fish with a light, dry white wine. Yum. Often those choice words are forever tied with some of our favorite memories. This makes the announcer a vital part of the viewing experience. There have been some truly talented professionals who have lent their voices to help bring the game to that next level. But who are the best sports announcers ever?


I’m sure every market has their star but this is the list of the all-time beasts of the broadcaster’s booth. Many of the names below have decades of work under their belts and are the definitive sound associated with some of the game’s most popular teams.


Harry Caray


The longtime Chicago Cubs announcer is permanently etched into the sports brain of America. They have bronze a statue of him outside of Wrigley Field. They don’t do that for most. Will Ferrell famously played him in many sketches on SNL and killed the impression. I can’t even think about this without laughing.


Dick Vitale


I’ve mentioned this before, but Dicky V is the beginning and end of the conversation on college basketball announcing. He is essential. Like the hardwood or the ball. It’s not March Madness without him. It all comes down to his energy. You can really tell he loves the game and his job. That kind of passion is contagious. Plus he makes up hilarious one-liners.


Joe Rogan


The UFC has grown leaps and bounds over the last few years and all with the help of Rogan. He is one of the ambassadors of their sport and is probably more responsible for their success than he gets credit for. His time on Fear Factor helped him learn the host format and made him an accessible character to viewers. It doesn’t hurt that he is pro comic. Either way, keep it up Joe.


Don Cherry

don cherry


The best dressed man in Canada, hell maybe the whole world. The photo above is just a sampling of his great taste in clothes. Google it when you have time. But Cherry isn’t just a pretty suit, he is hockey. I heard Barry Melrose say he could become Prime Minister if he ever ran. No joke, he knows the game better than anyone and hockey is lucky to have him.


Pat Summerall


Most folks know him from the 22 years he was teamed with John Madden as they covered the NFL. Madden gets the fame with the video game but I was always preferred Pat. John was kind of loud and had clumsy analogies while Summerall was the steady hand on the ship.


Mike Tirico


I don’t care much for most of the current NFL commentators but Tirico is a breathe of fresh air with his even and insightful tone. He never seems to play favorites or push a personal agenda. But his enthusiasm is genuine. Many of his colleagues could learn from him.


Ernie Harwell


My hometown colors are shinning through but this is an easy heart pick. My early Detroit Tigers memories are all narrated by Mr. Harwell. That voice was baseball for me. When you don’t go to a ton of games the radio broadcast becomes important and Ernie had a real flair for describing the action. We also have a bronze statue of him at Comerica Park.


Vin Scully


Keeping with the classic baseball theme, we move to Los Angeles and the voice of Dodger baseball. Scully started with the Dodgers in 1950 and still works with them today. That’s an insane run. Hats off. Keep it up Vin. Maybe LA can finally get that World Series they’ve been chasing.

Bob Costas


Costas is all over the world of sports. He focuses on MLB and Olympics but has covered NHL, NBA, NFL, Boxing, Golf, and Thoroughbred Racing. Bob Costas is just a sports nerd and I mean that in the best way. You can tell he is just as pumped to report as he is to watch the event.


Chick Hearn

hearn 2


Los Angeles Laker Legend. Hearn called a consecutive 3,338 games going from 1965-2001. He passed in 2002. RIP. His wit and candor made him a staple in LA. He coined many phrases that are part of the fabric of basketball. Things like “air ball”, “slam dunk”, and “charity stripe” are all Chick. He basically invented the clever banter style that all the SportsCenter crew uses.

Howard Cosell


That iconic voice. Every sports fan has a bad version of this impression. It’s all in the diction and pacing. I can still remember the joke from the strange 80’s comedy Better Off Dead where the one kid only learned English from watching sports and sounds just like Cosell. Classic. That’s how you know you’ve made it.



Did we leave off your favorite announcer? Leave it in the comments. Also, be on the look out for the follow up piece on “Worst Announcers in Sports.” Will Dennis Miller make the cut? Keep reading to find out.


Have a great Monday.



100 Greatest Joe’s in the History of Sports

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Published on : October 5, 2015



In honor of ScoreBoredSports’ 100th post we bring you a list of the 100 Greatest Joe’s in all of sports, past and present. This list will cover any variation of the name Joe. So names like Jo, Joey, Joseph, Jose are all fair game. Also accepted is any compound name using Joe and a hyphen. These ain’t your average Joe’s, these men and women dominate in their fields and have influence on the game. This isn’t just about who won the most, this is about who had control of the narrative. Don’t view this as a ranking but a guest list to the coolest party in town. Without further ado, here is your top 100 Joe’s.


100. Joey Harrington – NFL Quarterback

99. Joe Buck – NFL Announcer

98. Jose Calderon – NBA Point Guard

97. Big Joe Fauria – NFL Tight End

96. Joakim Noah – NBA Center

The hair, the intensity, what’s not to love? And yes, Joakim counts as a Joe.


95. Joe Johnson – NBA Shooting Guard/Small Forward

94. Joseph Young – NBA Guard

93. Jose Valverde – MLB Pitcher

92. Ronda Jo Miller – WNBA Forward

91. Jose Iglesias – MLB Short Stop

90. Shalrie Joseph – Soccer Defensive Midfielder

89. Jose Mourinho – Soccer Coach

This little Napoleon looks and is terrifying.


88. Joseph Randle – NFL Running Back

87. Joe Lombardi – NFL Offensive Cordinator

86. Joe Hart – Soccer Goalie

85. José María Olazábal – Golfer

84. J. C. Tretter (Joseph Carl) – NFL Center

83. Joe Bruin – UCLA Mascot

Only Mascot to make the list. This bear has real personality.


82. Joe Wieland – MLB Pitcher

81. Joe DeLoach – Sprinter

80. Josephine Chukwunonye – Tennis

79. Joey Votto – MLB First Base

78. Jose Canseco – MLB Outfielder

This hunk of beef. Remember when the ball bounced off his head for a Home Run? I do.


77. Joe Allen – Soccer Midfielder

76. Joseph Carr – Former President of the NFL

75. Joe DeLamielleure – NFL Guard

74. Joe Morgan MLB Manager

73. Joe Guyon – NFL Halfback

72. Joe Perry – NFL Fullback

71. Joe Lynch – Boxer

70. Joe Stydahar – NFL Tackle

69. Joe Haden – NFL Cornerback

One of the best CB’s in the league. He plays in Cleveland and doesn’t suck. That’s not easy.


68. Joe Maur – MLB Catcher/First Base

67. Joseph Fulks – NBA Small Forward

66. Joseph Lapchick – NBA Center

65. Jo Jo White – NBA Point Guard

64. Joe Vitale – NHL Center

63. Johnathan Joseph – NFL Cornerback

62. Joe Thornton  – NHL Center

I really don’t like this guy but his beard is epic, almost wizard status.


61. Joe Cronin – MLB Shortstop/Manager

60. Joe Malone – NHL Center

59. Joe Hall – NHL Defensemen

58. Joe Primeau – NHL Center

57. Joe Philbin – NFL Coach

56. Joe Nieuwendyk – NHL Center

55. Joe Garagiola – MLB Catcher

54. Joe Weatherly – NASCAR Driver

53. Joe Lee Johnson – NASCAR Driver

This guy drives faster and better than you. All while wearing white pants.


52. Joe Kelley – MLB Left Fielder/Manager

51. Jose Reyes – MLB Shortstop

50. Joe Tinker – MLB Shortstop

49. Joe Medwick – MLB Left Fielder

48. Joe Mihalic – NASCAR Driver

47. Joe Sewell – MLB Shortstop/Third Base

46. Jose Altuve – MLB Second Base

Of the many Venezuelan studs taking over baseball. Better learn Spanish, cause he is here to stay.


45. Joe Williams – NFL Running Back

44. Jose Mendez – Baseball Pitcher

43. Joe Gordon – MLB Second Base

42. Joseph Brennann – ABL (basketball) Guard

41. Joe Thomas – NFL Offensive Tackle

40. Joe Gibbs – NFL Coach

He has a Super Bowl ring with the Redskins and he don’t Gibb a damn.


39. Joe Gomez – Soccer Defender

38. Joe Choynski – Boxer

37. Barbados Joe Walcott – Boxer

36. Jersey Joe Walcott – Boxer

35. Joe Schmidt – NFL Linebacker

34. Joe Jellybean Bryant – NBA Player/Coach

33. Joe Calzaghe – Boxer

32. Joe Jeanette – Boxer

31. Jose Bautista – MLB Right Fielder

30. Joe Flacco – NFL Quarterback

Tall dude, cannon for an arm. I think he collects stamps. Seems chill.


29. Joe Jackson -MLB Left Fielder

28. Joe Newton – Track Coach

27. Joe Susan – NCAA Men’s Football Coach

26. Mary Joe Fernández – Tennis

25. Jo-Wilfried Tsonga – Tennis

24. Jose Villareal – Soccer Midfielder/Striker

23. Fernando (Jose) Torres  – Soccer Striker

Just your average, down to earth, super rich, futbol star.


22. Jose Aldo – UFC Fighter

21. Jose Fernandez – MLB Pitcher

20. Joe Gans – Boxer

19. Jose Abreu – MLB First Base

18. Joe Gibbs – Owner Joe Gibbs racing

17. Bullet Joe Simpson – NHL Defender

16. Joe Theisman – NFL Quarterback

15. Joe McGinnity – MLB Pitcher

14. Joe Rogan – UFC Announcer

That’s right, Joe Rogan. Fear Factor, Bitch!


13. Joe Paterno – NCAA Men’s Football Coach

12. Joe Lopes – Skateboarder

11. Joe Dumars – NBA Guard

10. Joe Fraiser – Boxer

9. Flo-Jo – Sprinter

8. Joe Sakic – NHL Center

7. Joey Crawford – NBA Referee

How long has this guy been enforcing his will on the NBA?


6. Joe Torre – MLB Manager

5. Joe Namath – NFL Quarterback

4. Mean Joe Greene – NFL Defensive Tackle

3. Joe DiMaggio – MLB Center Fielder

2. Joe Louis – Boxer

1. Joe Montana – NFL Quarterback

Swipe right.


Honorable Mention: Trader Joes, Jose Cuervo, Joe Dirt, Bazooka Joe, Mighty Joe Young, GI Joe, Joseph and his fancy dreamcoat and our very own Joe Piel.


Also, I know I missed a bunch of deserving athletes. So in your nicest, indoor voice, please tell me about it in the comments. Thanks again for reading and here’s to another 100 posts! Cheers!




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