SBS’ 500th Post: An Ode to the Number 500 in Sports

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Published on : October 22, 2016



For ScoreBoredSports 500th post, we honor the number 500 and see its mark on the world of sports. 500 is a mountain to climb for things like wins, goals, yards in a game but many of the greats have those milestone in their rear-view. Let’s dig through sports history books and see where the famous number presents itself.


Indy 500

The first thing that comes to mind. I’ll include Daytona and all other major 500 lap Sprint Cup races in this section. Racing wasn’t always on my sports radar but with age, I’ve come to appreciate the talent needed to drive a car over 200 mph for hundreds of laps. My old car can’t even go over 45 mph. NASCAR speed is almost shocking but it’s the control that’s truly impressive.


The term “.500”

In reference to a team’s winning percentage. Often in the context of over or under .500. AKA are you a winning or losing team. This metric is used in many pro games. It is the gold standard for coaches where W’s mean keeping a job. Over .500? Things are probably going pretty good.


500 yards passing in a game


Only 16 NFL QBs have pulled this off. From older names like Norm Van Brocklin to modern gun slingers like Matthew Stafford. As football goes more and more pass heavy, this club will stop being so exclusive. Then we’ll start talking about 600 yards passing in one game.


500 home run club

Babe Ruth was the first to hit 500 dingers and 26 others have matched the feat. Albert Pujols is the only active member of the 500 club. He sits at 591. Barry Bonds’ 762 home runs seems like an insane hill to climb for anyone.


The game “500”

You know the rules. Your one friend plays dealer and tosses a ball and calls out a point value. The rest of the players fight to catch the ball. You earn points with each catch. Hit 500 and you earn the right to be the dealer. Perfect game for when you didn’t really have the numbers for full teams of something else.


500 goals in NHL


Only 44 hockey players have this honor. Most of them Canadians. 500 is a huge mark but for reference, the all time leader in goals is Wayne Gretzky and he has 894. Gordie Howe is second on that list with 801. Suddenly, 500 doesn’t seem that wild.


500 wins

Coaches in almost every sport have broken this barrier. Often it is a college coach who stays at one program for two decades plus. There are too many to name but most of the greats you can think of are here. Just no NFL guys because of the much shorter schedule in terms of overall games.


500 goals in soccer

27 futbol gods have netted 500 or more GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! Scoring machines Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are the only active players with over 500 goals.¬†Who knows how many more these two will score before it’s all over.



Happy 500 everyone. To all the athletes with the insane records, we tip our caps to you. And to all the SBS family and all the loyal Bored-Agains, here is to the next 500 posts.


Half thousand.



SBS Guide to: The 4th of July

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Published on : July 3, 2016



The 4th of July means a day off to sit back with family and friends and celebrate the awesome freedoms we have here in the states. Everyone has their own traditions of food and activities, but the day isn’t complete without some light competition. I think playing a game or participating in a sport on the holiday is a great way to honor the hard work and determination of our fore-fathers. Here is a small guide on how to squeeze the most out of your summertime bash.


Keep it simple

Games like Washers, Bags (AKA Cornhole), Horseshoes, and Lawn Darts take little set up and create hours of fun. There is no reason not to have at least one of these for your guests’ enjoyment. Just please find a safe place to play. That means away from heavy traffic areas. Nowhere people keep crossing back and forth. Washers is the easiest to make. All you need is two metal coffee cans, two short walled boxes for the cans to sit in and maybe two dozen metal washers from the hardware store. 2-3 inch washers work best. Teams go back and forth tossing the washers into the cans. 2 points for a washer in the can, 1 point if it lands in the box. Simple. Also way safer then Lawn Darts or Horseshoes.




Get Physical

Play some Catch (baseball or football). Get a two-hand touch game going. Or maybe Monkey-in-the-Middle. 500. Find some grass and play 3 on 3 soccer. Don’t have a goal? No problem, use a pile of rocks or your t-shirt. Is there a basketball hoop in the driveway? Then get Knockout (AKA Lightning), 21, Around the World, H-O-R-S-E going if you can’t find a full teams. Throw a frisbee around with a human or a dog. My favorite memory was when we would go to the field behind my friend’s place and we would play Home Run Derby. Seeing how many deep shots we could hit. The takeaway here is to break a sweat. Earn that third helping of potato salad. Then cool down with a frosty drink and watch some fireworks.


Go for it

Don’t be scared. Someone will be playing something at the 4th of July party and you should join them. Who cares if you’re any good? It’s all about saying yes to life and living it up for our ancestors. Don’t feel embarrassed either. This is THE holiday for wacky backyard games like Badminton, Duck Duck Goose and Freeze Tag. Indulge. Hell, go fly a kite.




A last note on fireworks. Be SUPER CAREFUL. Remember what happened to Justin Pierre-Paul? Here is a follow up from ESPN with a video. Warning: graphic images. Don’t ruin everyone’s good time by hurting yourself. Just eat too much and have fun. Isn’t that what America is all about?





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