Get to know: the Big 3 basketball league

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Published on : August 18, 2017


No, it’s not the NBA but it’s hoops and it’s totally fun. It’s a 3-on-3 basketball league featuring some of the game’s favorites. The Big 3 is the brain child of Ice Cube and entertainment executive, Jeff Kwatinetz. They managed to create something that is new and familiar all at the same time. So lace up your Jordans and let’s get inside the Big 3 basketball league.


The Big 3 plays by it’s own rules. Beyond being only 3-on-3, the game is half court ball and has many unique differences as compared to traditional basketball. The most flashy of the changes are the 4 point shots. There are three 4 point hot spots on the court all 30 feet away from the basket. Almost feels a little Rock-n-Jock. Also, the shot clock is 14 seconds but there is no game clock. Half time comes when one team gets to 25 points. Get to 50 and you win. Must win by 2 though. Other rules of note, all fouls are assessed to the team, no personal fouls, so no player can foul out. And no jump balls, home team starts with the rock.


In terms of game play, teams must take the ball beyond the arc after a rebound. But in the instance of a steal or an air ball, the team can go straight to the hoop. All of these rules are in place to create isolation basketball. A chance to get to see an elite talent, in space, creating offense. That’s the best part. That’s what the NBA lives on. The Big 3 found a way to boil the sport down to just those entertaining moments. While also making the game it accessible to some older stars who still have plenty to give.


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The Big 3 started with 8 teams (7 players on each roster) in the league and each crew features a big name coach. Names likes Allen Iverson, Gary Payton, Rick Barry, George Gervin, Clyde Drexler, Rick Mahorn and Julius Irving. That’s some legit basketball intelligence leading the way.


The teams are:

Ball Hogs – Brian Scalabrine, Josh Childress and Bobby Simmons.

3 Headed Monsters – Rashard Lewis, Jason Williams and Kwame Brown.

Ghost Ballers – Mike Bibby, Ricky Davis and Larry Hughes.

Power – Corey Maggette, Cuttino Mobley and Jerome Williams.

3’s Company – Allen Iverson (player/coach), DerMarr Johnson and Al Thornton.

Trilogy – Kenyon Martin, Al Harrington and Jannero Pargo.

Killer 3s – Charles Oakley (player/coach), Chauncy Billips and Stephen Jackson.

Tri-State – Jermaine O’Neal, Bonzi Wells and Mike James.


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The last name to know is actor and basketball fan, Michael Rapaport, who acts as the on-court reporter and is normally very funny. The Big 3 is basically a love letter to the NBA, street ball and all of basketball culture. If you are totally new to this sport then you are in luck because the Big 3 playoffs are about to kickoff and if you call yourself a hoops fan, then you should check it out.


Messed around and got a triple double.



NHL Overtime Change

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Published on : July 30, 2015

Teams don’t carry the same roster year after year, and the world hockey is always evolving. The consistency is that the structure of the game stays the same, but even that is up for review from time to time. The NHL Board of Governor’s approved a change in OT game play which reduces the players from 4-4 to 3-3 beginning in October for regular season games that force overtime. The same shootout rules apply if neither team scores a goal.


The 3-3 overtime posits that there will be no less than 3 men on the ice for the duration of overtime. In the case of having a penalty carry over from regulation the teams will begin overtime at 4-3. Conversely, if a penalty is drawn in overtime, the team on the power play gains another man on the ice for a 4-3 advantage, and if an additional penalty is taken the teams will see an odd-man rush of 5-3. Offensively speaking, teams are allowed to pull their goaltender for an extra attacker; however, they risk forfeiting the point they’ve earned by taking the game to overtime.


GM’s and players agree that the 3-3 change would increase goals scored in overtime, ending games in this period rather than the shootouts. Coaches are free to strategize how their teams will face overtime and can get creative by having one defenseman and two forwards or two defensemen and one forward with their respective goal tenders. As a Kings fan the shootouts have gone from thrilling to dreadful, so it’s exciting to see that this rule is set to showcase the game, the creativity of coaches, intellect of the players, and what they can produce with more space on the ice.


I love that the push to change the NHL overtime format was influenced by OT play in the AHL. The AHL saw 75 percent of overtime games be settled within the sudden death period when the teams went from 4-4 to 3-3 three minutes into their 7 minute overtime period. The NHL Board of Governors was wise to approve changing the format to 3-3, because out of 306 overtime games last season only 136 were of them were decided in overtime. The obvious benefit to having fewer men on the ice is the game more efficient and it preserves the game’s fast paced essence. It keeps hockey authentic and truer to itself a lot more than the shootout rounds ever do.



Shootouts are labeled “exciting,” but it’s hard to see them as such. The three round format is a bit anti-climactic especially if teams have injury-laden rosters that force coaches to shuffle through players that will hopefully score goals. Additionally, the shootout rounds strip away the feel of watching a live game. It’s almost like attending a practice where you’re watching your team warm-up rather than playing to earn two points. The ugly truth is that if shootouts are occurring it’s because your team failed to deliver in regulation and overtime, so by the time the shootouts begin you’re already feeling disappointment, inadequacy, and if you’ve got a short fuse like me you’re angrily shouting obscenities at your TV or at the game. I’m hopeful that the 3-3 overtime change will not only rejuvenate hockey after regulation, but that it will neutralize the dark feelings that arise in people when teams force overtime.


As we speak there are only 69 days left until hockey starts and the LA Kings will begin the season against the SJ Sharks on October 7, 2015. With the bad blood and rivalry these teams have built over the years I could not think of a better match to debut the 3-3-overtime format change. In the months leading up to this season opener game an old quote from Drew Doughty comes to mind, “We want to beat this team. Especially this team, the San Jose Sharks.” I remember an old colleague once proudly boasted that his SJ Sharks had made the playoffs 19 out of 24 seasons to which I said that is an admirable accomplishment, but it’s still no Stanley Cup.


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