What’s next for Ronda Rousey?

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Published on : November 21, 2015



As the dust settles on UFC 193 and the bruises continue to heal, Ronda Rousey returned to Los Angeles. She was swarmed by paparazzi at LAX and covered her face the entire time, hiding the wounds from the absolute ass kicking she received at the hands (and feet) of Holly Holm. It was a shocking fight for Rousey and her fans alike, and not many people would have believed beforehand that the champ, someone who was in the discussion for best fighter alive, would be so thoroughly dismantled by her opponent. But that’s exactly what happened. So we beg the question, what’s next for Ronda Rousey?


First things first, she needs to take a little time for herself. If not only to let the extensive damage to her face heal up. Her nose was most likely broken on any number of those straight hand left shots that she lazily left herself open for and failed to defend.


Yet another punch landed to Ronda’s jaw.


Then she needs to fire her coaching team. Anyone watching the break between the 1st and 2nd round was probably wondering, like me, why her coach was blowing smoke up her ass about how well she was doing. Instead of lying to her and continuing to feed her ego, he should have been giving her realistic and constructive advice about how to take control of the fight. Telling her that she was in such good shape could very well have led to her continuing to leave herself open to Holm’s ruthless barrage of punches and kicks. This is not to say that Holly Holm doesn’t deserve credit for showing up and straight up beating Ronda, but Rousey certainly wasn’t doing herself any favors out there.


Ronda Rousey needs to take a step back and look at herself in the mirror. She would do well to learn from this experience and gain a little humility. For a while now, the whole world has been constantly talking about her greatness and she let it all go to her head. She started to believe that she was unbeatable and in fighting, as in anything, that is a recipe for disaster. It causes you to get lazy and complacent, and if that is what happened, as I suspect, then it definitely showed in her matchup against Holly Holm. She went into the fight feeling that she could beat anybody at their own game. By getting knocked the hell out she learned that it probably wasn’t the best strategy to try to out-box a very good boxer.


The kick heard ’round the world.


She needs to go back to the drawing board and train hard. Train like crazy. Train like she just got embarrassed in front of the entire world. Because she did just get embarrassed in front of the entire world. Study the weaknesses in her opponents and fight with what she is good at. Holm is an expert boxer who is taller with a longer reach. Rousey had no business trying to fight her standing up. She chased Holm all over the octagon and got very tired, very quickly. If she had proper coaching and strategy that never would have happened.


Speaking of getting tired, Ronda was completely gassed by the start of that second round. Maybe it was a result of beating her previous 4 opponents in a combined time of 2 minutes and 16 seconds, but she was completely unprepared for a long fight. The conditioning just wasn’t there. Hopefully her next team will have her more well-conditioned. Add that to the list of reasons that her current team has to go.


If Ronda heeds my (unqualified) advice then I think that this could end up being a very good thing for her legacy. It will give her a chance to refocus and cut out the bullshit. No more pre-fight antics and contrived rivalries with her opponents, just professionalism and hard work. Go out there and do your job and show everyone once again why you are the greatest fighter on the planet. If she does that, then I think Rousey vs. Holm part II could be one of the few sequels that far outshines it predecessor and ends up being Ronda’s best fight to date.



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