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Published on : August 11, 2016



Everyone wants to look good and be healthy. Regular exercise is a excellent way to stay in shape and for many that means getting a membership to a gym. Your local gym offers several advantages to working out at home. For starters, many need to get away from the couch and computer to get anything done. The urge to distract yourself is too great. Also, most enjoy the large and expensive equipment that can only be found at the gym. With so many different folks all sharing the space, we must be conscious of others around us. To help out, ScoreBoredSports has put together this quick guide on gym etiquette.


The equipment

The most basic gym rules are put things back to the way you found them and wipe down the machines. No one wants to deal with your sweat. And at $60+ per month, no one should have to. This is basic human decency. If you are using weights, then re-rack them when you are done. Grownups clean up after themselves. If you don’t do it then you aren’t an adult and you should probably leave and go find one to help you.


gym-wipe down


Don’t jump on a machine if you aren’t ready to go.┬áSet your playlist before you take up the last elliptical. Be courteous. If others are waiting then finish up in a timely manner and move along. On the flip side, if you are waiting for a particular piece of equipment then give that person time and space. You are next, no need to crowd them. That’s rude.


The people

Just like the machines, the other people around you deserve respect. Please follow these simple rules when on the gym floor. First, get off your damn phone. I don’t mind if you are using it for music or to record your reps but there should be no one taking phone calls. Hang up. Your neighbors don’t want to hear it. If it’s that important then go outside.


Don’t go to the gym looking for a hookup or date. I’m sure there have been some loving relationships that started on the treadmill but that’s not the point of the gym. Lots of members feel vulnerable mid-workout and being aggressively approached is the last thing they want. If a natural connection happens, then beautiful, follow your heart but if you get any resistance from the other party then shut it down and move away. Please don’t ruin my pump just because you hate being single.


gym hit on


The locker room

Seems kind of stupid that we need to include this but there are a few who still don’t get it. The locker room is a place for men and women to comfortably shower and change before and after their sessions. This should be a sanctuary, free of judgements and awkwardness. If you find yourself overwhelmed, then keep your gaze at head level. Try not to stare. If your eyes land on something and it makes you uncomfortable then look past it. Don’t double take or whip your head. It’s just some nudity. Not the end of the world.


Whatever you do, don’t be like this idiot. Playboy playmate,┬áDani Mathers, posted a photo of an unsuspecting nude women in the locker room to her SnapChat where she continued the body shaming with some really tasteless jokes. Since this incident, L.A. Fitness has banned the model from all their locations plus she lost her gig at a local radio station. Mathers is clearly a total dick and I’m glad that both the gym and her job responded correctly. This kind of behavior has no place in modern society.


Finding the time and motivation to workout is hard enough. Let’s not make it worse for the others around us by being insensitive jerks. Following the above guidelines can insure a positive day at the gym for everyone. Now, let’s all get swole, ripped and jacked together!


Spot me.



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