Mayweather vs McGregor has nothing to do with boxing

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Published on : June 20, 2017


The all mighty dollar.



That’s what this fight is about. As a matter of fact, that’s what all sports are about nowadays. If it wasn’t for those dollars (truckloads of them) then this Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr debacle would never have even been conceived, let alone born into reality. But thanks to Dana White and Benjamin Franklin, the world will finally get a little bit of payoff from all of the trash talking we have heard in the last few months.


 Floyd is money.


While the final number aren’t in, word is that each fighter will make at least $80 million. Mayweather will make significantly more than McGregor because he is far more established, he is the better fighter and he is the bigger name. Also, he refused to even entertain the idea of the fight unless he was going to make $100 million. Both fighters will walk away from this one significantly better off than they were before, but I’m not sure the same can be said about the fans who will be watching the fight on August 26th. That’s because in all likelihood, Floyd Mayweather will easily win this.


Despite being older, shorter, lighter and with a shorter reach, Floyd Mayweather is one of the most, if not the most, technically gifted boxers of all time. Mayweather is an astounding 49-0 in pro fights. Some would say that is because Mayweather only takes fights he can win, especially later in his career when he could dictate such things. You can point to the fact that he waited until Manny Pacquiao was decidedly past his prime to take a fight with him, and there may be something to that idea, but you can’t deny that a record like that speaks for itself. Mayweather’s style might frustrate some people due to the lack of knockouts, but wins are wins and if knockouts were the only way to win a fight then there would be no such thing as a victory by decision.


My inclination is that McGregor is indeed doomed as far as the result of this fight is concerned. Conor has become a king in the octagon but he will be operating under a completely different set of rules than what he is accustomed to. Mayweather’s technical prowess will be too much for him to handle and he will be walking away from this one with an loss on his boxing record. But that’s where the true genius of this fight shines through. While his boxing record will get a loss, this will do absolutely nothing to his reputation in the UFC. Conor McGregor will be making $80 million to lose in a format that he might never compete in again, and he will return to UFC a very rich man.


 The odds are stacked against Conor.


There is plenty of excitement surrounding this matchup but smart fans will temper that excitement. The hype machine has been churning for the better part of a year so it seems inevitable that this one will be yet another big name boxing letdown. Odds are, that there will be little substance to this match except in the amount of money made by the two fighters and their respective business empires. But that doesn’t mean people won’t watch. They will watch by the millions.


Everyone will come out a winner, except for those people who desire a good fight. Mayweather will finally have that coveted 50-0 record. McGregor will lose a match but his UFC persona will live on no worse than it was before. Everyone will get rich. And fight fans will be left with the feeling that they were once again ripped off. But none of that matters because next time the big “all flash, no substance’ matchup comes up, they will be lining to give away their money once again.



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