Beach Volleyball: The Greatest Summer Game

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Published on : August 7, 2016



Summer is in full swing and it’s pretty damn hot out there. That makes the idea of going outside to get some physical activity seem like a sweaty, gross, headache (or heatstroke). That’s why I’m here to tell you about my favorite summer activity, Beach Volleyball. Now, I’m not talking about the Olympic sport (though I fully support team USA’s efforts in Rio), I’m talking about hitting the beach with some friends and having yourselves a good time. It’s is the perfect way to get that much needed exercise during those hot, hot summer months.  Here’s why:


The Beach!



There’s no location more synonymous with summer than the beach. It’s the place everyone always talks about. There’s no lack of sunshine to work on your tan and the water is right there, so you can cool it off when needed. That’s why playing volleyball there makes so much sense. You get to do your thing and ace on fools, then when the heat that you’re generating with your excellent bump, set, spike work becomes too much to handle, you go jump in the water for a few. It’s like a match made in heaven. Head to la playa with some friends and get a game started!


You can totally drink while playing!



I’m sure not everyone would recommend drinking while exercising, but I’m not everyone. Nothing goes better with beach volleyball than an ice cold piña colada, or strawberry daiquiri, or my personal favorite, the Miami Vice, which is just a piña colada and strawberry daiquiri mixed together. If fruity island drinks aren’t your thing, then you can always just bring a cooler full of beer (and water). It probably travels a little better than a blender anyway. Just be sure to pace yourself or you might be hurling that drink back up into the playing area. And that is definitely not cool.


No shirt? No Shoes? No problem!



One of the greatest parts of beach volleyball is that you can play it in just your bathing suit. No equipment (other than a ball and net of course), no special footwear or uniforms to differentiate teams. Just you, your teammates and some hot beach bods! I don’t think there is another sport you can play and be as comfortable as you can while playing in your bathing suit. It makes for effortless movement across the sand as you dominate your friends on the other team. Comfort goes a long way in bringing your ‘A’ game.


The best part of beach volleyball is that it’s a sport best played in the coed fashion! It’s fun for girls and boys of all ages! So get out to the sand, grab a ball and get to work on your game. Before you know it you’ll be re-living that awesome volleyball scene from Top Gun!



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