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Rollerball or Nothing

Written by :
Published on : August 28, 2017

    In 2018, the world is run by a small handful of large corporations. War, regulation and government have all been eliminated. The upper executive class enjoys all the wealth and technology while everyone else enjoys ultra-violent entertainment made to distract them. No, I’m not describing the […]

Get to know: the Big 3 basketball league

Written by :
Published on : August 18, 2017

  No, it’s not the NBA but it’s hoops and it’s totally fun. It’s a 3-on-3 basketball league featuring some of the game’s favorites. The Big 3 is the brain child of Ice Cube and entertainment executive, Jeff Kwatinetz. They managed to create something that is new […]

Do I have to care about the 2028 Olympics?

Written by :
Published on : August 2, 2017

    It was announced this week that Los Angeles had won its bid to host the 2028 Olympics. The City of Angels originally had eyes for the 2024 summer games but eventually ceded that year’s hosting duties to Paris, which hasn’t hosted an Olympic Games since 1924. […]

Mayweather vs McGregor has nothing to do with boxing

Written by :
Published on : June 20, 2017

  The all mighty dollar.     That’s what this fight is about. As a matter of fact, that’s what all sports are about nowadays. If it wasn’t for those dollars (truckloads of them) then this Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr debacle would never have even […]

Holyfield to fight Nigerian politician

Written by :
Published on : April 21, 2017

  Boxing great, Evander Holyfield is slated to box a Nigerian politician. I know it sounds like one of those spam emails you get that claims you can make tons of cash if you just help this foreign guy bring his wealth into our country. But no, this […]

The Undertaker’s 11 Greatest Matches

Written by :
Published on : April 9, 2017

  Last Sunday, I watched live on the WWE Network as the Undertaker seemingly wrestled his last match at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. And that seemed weirdly appropriate to me, since I was also watching live on pay-per-view in 1990 as an elementary school kid when Taker […]

USA women’s hockey wins big

Written by :
Published on : April 4, 2017

  Chalk one up for social justice. USA women’s hockey just made history and it wasn’t with their stellar play on the ice. This was about the players striking for equal rights, pay and treatment. The women of this team bound together and helped move their sport […]

Johns Hopkins Scores The Best Lacrosse Goal Of The Year And It’s Only February

Written by :
Published on : February 9, 2017

        You have to see this.   https://twitter.com/jhumenslacrosse/status/829163038838251521   Joel Tinney, a junior from Johns Hopkins, made his return to Homewood Field last night against Navy after missing his entire sophomore season due to suspension and he wasted no time scoring what might be […]

An Australian Open for the ages

Written by :
Published on : January 31, 2017

    I don’t really follow tennis beyond seeing some stray highlights on SportsCenter or hearing about one of the superstars, but the universe was telling me to pay attention. First, our guide when we went horseback riding kept talking about the Australian Open and then it […]

My first time horseback riding

Written by :
Published on : January 25, 2017

    Over the weekend, I went horseback riding for the first time ever. As a child, I once sat on a pony while it was forced to walk in a circle at a random carnival but I don’t really consider that riding. This all started as […]

Who will be McGregor’s next opponent?

Written by :
Published on : November 19, 2016

    Conor McGregor rarely ceases to amaze us, and UFC 205 was no exception, as he dominated Eddie Alvarez in a performance that ended in a second round knockout. McGregor is now the first fighter in UFC history to hold two belts at the same time: […]

SBS Guide to: Archery

Written by :
Published on : October 25, 2016

  Before we had guns and bullets we had bows and arrows. A super lethal, ranged weapon system that ruled the pre-gunpowder battlefield. A unit of well trained archers could be the deciding factor in any given conflict. The only trouble is that being a good archer […]

No Kickstands: a BMX memoir

Written by :
Published on : September 25, 2016

    To quote Chief Jim Hopper on the Netflix original series Stranger Things: “bikes are like Cadillacs to these kids.” I couldn’t agree more Hop. From the time I learned to ride a bike without training wheels, till the start of high school, my BMX bike was […]

Tebow and Punk: Don’t quit your day job… whatever that is…

Written by :
Published on : September 17, 2016

  One is a Jesus-obsessed former college football star who couldn’t cut it in the pros. Now he’s switching to baseball, a sport he hasn’t played since high school and wasn’t very good at to begin with…   The other is a pro-wrestling superstar in his late […]

Get to know Paige VanZant

Written by :
Published on : August 31, 2016

    Coming off her big win over Bec Rawlings at the last UFC event, it’s time to take notice of Paige VanZant. She is a rising star in MMA, so we should all learn her name now because you are going to hear it a lot […]

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