Will the Patriots let someone else win for once?

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Published on : January 17, 2016



By now I can only assume that everyone else outside of New England is as tired as I am of seeing the Patriots win. It’s like, c’mon guys we get it, you’re the great dynasty of our generation and have arguably the best quarterback in the history of the game, but why don’t you give someone else a chance to win for once? We all know that won’t happen because Brady and Belichick are Sith Lords, and Sith Lords aren’t accustomed to ceding power to the forces of good.


In all seriousness, this team is ridiculous on just about every level. The reigning Super Bowl Champions beat the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday in a game that was not as close as the final 27-20 score indicated, and advanced to their fifth straight AFC Championship Game. That’s right, five straight. That ties the record for consecutive conference championship appearances. And if they can beat the Broncos or Steelers next week, which seems highly likely if you ask me, then they will go to their seventh Super Bowl in the last fourteen years.


 The Chiefs were outplayed and overmatched on Saturday


That’s just gross. Give it a rest guys. There are plenty of other teams out there who have never won a NFL Championship. Why not let someone else in on the fun? Winning is fun right? I wouldn’t know, I’m a Lions fan. It looks like a lot of fun when you do it. EVERY. SINGLE. YEAR.


Maybe even let the Browns win something for once. They might be the one other franchise that is as maligned as my beloved Lions. Like us, they’ve never won the big game, or even been to it for that matter. Both the franchises have been around since before the Super Bowl even existed and somehow have never gone to one. How is that even possible? The only other teams that haven’t been to Super Bowl are the Houston Texans and the Jacksonville Jaguars, and those franchises have only been around for 39 years combined. The Browns and Lions? They have brought shame to their fans for a combined 156 years. Sure they won some championships back in the pre-Super Bowl, caveman era of pro football but that doesn’t matter anymore. Come February 8th, 50 Super Bowls will have gone by without the Lions or Browns making an appearance.


 How many championship trophies does one man need?


So I beg you, New England Patriots, please just let someone else win for once. I know it’s hard when you have a sick defense, a living god at the QB position, a human touchdown machine at tight end and the best coaching in the NFL, but aren’t you tired of winning yet? It’s got to be getting a little old. So if you can find it in your cold, dead, New England hearts to share the wealth a little bit, the rest of the football loving world would really appreciate it. Until then I’ll just sit here in my den of shame and be happy that the Packers lost.




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