What London can expect if they get the Jacksonville Jaguars

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Published on : September 4, 2015



There is buzz that many NFL teams could be on move. Rumors are about St Louis, Oakland and Jacksonville. Well, I do believe some franchises could relocate but it might not be what people think. The NFL has added more and more games played in London. You only need eight for a full home schedule and Commissioner Roger Goodell already has three games at Wembley stadium this year. That’s almost halfway there. So our friends in England may get a squad soon and they are going to need some help getting used to the way us Yanks do things.  Here are a few things our British friends need to know about their soon-to-be team, the Jacksonville Jaguars.


The quarterback, Blake Bortles. The UK should love him. I mean just on name alone. Doesn’t it feel like some awful Bond character? Say it with a British accent, “Blake Bortles.” Damn that sounds good. I can see how this thing is going to work. And to be fair, Bortles has looked pretty good considering he runs a bottom-of-the-barrel franchise.


Blake Bortles


Be prepared for a little heartache. This is an expansion team whose best days were under the control of QB Mark Burnell decades ago. A move is not going to fix things. So fans should be patient. I mean six wins in 2015 will be considered a success.


The wide receivers are going to get arrested. It’s just going to happen. I know there are less strip clubs in London than in Jacksonville but that doesn’t matter. A ‘Justin Blackmon’ type will get in trouble no matter where he lives. And that’s where this team is at.


Justin Blackmon, back when he was still in the league


The team mascot. It is literally built for our neighbors across the pond. We all say Jag-war. Two syllables. While our fancier friends say Jag-u-war. Three syllables. Wow. So much classier. They totally deserve the team, at least more than Florida, who can’t even spell syllable.


The customs. The fans in Jacksonville wear crocs, drink beer and rock tank tops. London, you can change all that. Make the playoffs and we could see wingtips, tea and blazers take over.  I think the NFL could use some lessons in manners. I mean, I could switch to tea. If it’s not super hot you can still chug it.


Some people will be mad that an American team left to play abroad, but the NFL is changing into a global phenomena and Florida already has teams in Miami and Tampa Bay. Do they really need a third? I think it’s in everyone’s best interest to redistrict and add Europe into the mix. American Football as tons of special rules and regulations, it’s perfect for Brits too stimulated by the constant pace of soccer.





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