The Ugly Breakup Between RG III and the Redskins

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Published on : September 1, 2015



With Kirk Cousins being named the team’s starting quarterback on Monday, Robert Griffin III’s tenure with the Washington Redskins seems to be coming to an ugly end. I thought about doing a full piece on the subject but decided instead it should reflect what RGIII’s career has been; short and painful. I truly hope that Griffin is able to latch onto another team without the pressure of being the franchise savior. It’s a bit late as I write this, but I can’t recall a player as highly touted as Griffin falling from grace in the way that he has.


Sure, there have been players that have come back from injuries to have successful careers. Two that come to mind are Drew Brees and Chad Pennington. Both suffered potential career-ending injuries during the course of their careers. Both overcame the odds. Pennington was a solid starter for both the Dolphins and the Jets, and Brees is a sure-fire Hall of Famer with several passing records and a Super Bowl ring in tote. But it’s not just injuries that are the problem with RG III, and it seems as though sometimes he doesn’t realize just how quickly an NFL career can be taken away.


RG III has spent the better part of his career on the trainer’s table.


Griffin needed this experience. As the famous “comedian” Bill Belichick once uttered, some players need a taste of ‘humble pie’ from time to time. The way I see it, Griffin’s issues are 80% mental, 15% personality (people skills), and 5% physical limitations. That’s pretty promising for a 24 year old quarterback that was formerly Rookie of the Year. The upside is still there as his arm strength and accuracy remain intact. His mobility has taken a hit to be sure, but he can at least scramble for a first down.


There are a couple of teams that I feel should give him a roster spot this season and sit him on the bench until the 2016 season, at best. The New Orleans Saints are one team I’d love to see him have a shot with. Brees has intimated that he may play into his 40’s. That would give Griffin ample time to learn from one of the great offensive minds, in head coach Sean Payton. Another team I think would be a great fit is the megachurch of the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys. I’ve toyed with the thought of owner Jerry Jones going after home state product, Johnny Manziel, but at this point of their respective careers I think RG III yields better upside than Manziel. Considering the chronic back problems that quarterback Tony Romo has had, the team could use some insurance at the position.


Or simply flat on his ass.


Unlike the Saints and Cowboys, the Houston Texans are in dire need of a quarterback right now. Brian Hoyer is nothing more than a stop-gap until the team finds the quarterback of the future. I do not see the team winning more than 6 games this season, especially with the declining health of running back Arian Foster. They could acquire Griffin, play him at the end of the season (ideally at full health) once things go South with Hoyer, and see what he has.


It didn’t work out for Griffin at his first stop. The commercial endorsements will cease. The ad campaigns will fade away. As his star begins to fall, there will be fewer reporters at his locker looking for ‘click bait’ headlines. All that will be left is the remains of what was once a promising NFL career. RG III┬ámust now make nice with his peers and earn the respect of a locker room. Better yet, he must be “All in” for the 2016 season, no matter where he ends up.



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2 thoughts on “The Ugly Breakup Between RG III and the Redskins”

  1. Dear Author,

    Please give me some analysis. When you tell me that RGIII’s problems are “80% mental,” without explaining yourself, it does not make me feel like you are informing me, or engaging in analysis.

    Clearly, RGIII has a problem. And I’m not talking about his terrible haircut which he obstinately refuses to change or address in the media. His problem is that he is no longer physically capable of being a scrambling quarterback, due to his injuries. Likewise, it doesn’t look like he is capable of being a pocket passer, based on how shittily he has played. Is his inability to be a pocket quarterback part of the 80% which is mental? If so, please advise!

    The “can’t play as pocket QB” is a widely held opinion, based on relatively straightforward analysis. I hear it a lot. Tell me why this opinion is wrong and RGIII’s issues are just “80% mental.” Do you mean that he is a total unrestrained egomaniac (see e.g., haircut) and that his massive ego stands in the way of his ability to adapt? Do you mean that he is hooked on the meth? Is he being bullied?? Did someone say that his sister is a squirter?

    What are his mental problems? Why is the conventional wisdom wrong? Tell me something. Hit the pinata.

    Mention his haircut, please. Call Jay Gruden a fat idiot, or explain that he is not a fat idiot based on BMI analysis and film review. And if possible, make reference to the full length hardcover book “RGIII: The Promise.”

    Give me something solid.

    1. Nick,

      I think in the midst of your sarcasm and crude analysis you answered your own question. His ego does play a part of his mental makeup. I also feel his false bravado or what he may deem as “confidence” hinders his ability to protect himself in the pocket by making the smart football play. If his sister is a squirter then there is worse problems to have. At least his sister can find employment.

      Thanks for the time and your critique.

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