Roger Pretzel’s Review ‘n Brew: NFL Week 2

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Published on : September 24, 2015



In this little corner Roger Pretzel will review his favorite play of the week along with a thoughtful review of what beverage he was imbibing at the time.



Week 2: Chris Conte Picks-off Bad Brees Throw, Then Hands-off For Big Gain

Link for video: HERE

Verner gets some extra yards after the interception.


My heart breaks for Drew, but this play action toss had bad ball written all over it and was unsurprisingly picked off by Chris Conte in double coverage. The strong safety is quickly wrapped up around the ankles but gets great looks from Alterraun Verner (good Star Wars name) who gets behind Conte for the handoff. Verner then breaks tackles and weaves up the field for a 20 plus yard gain after the INT. I love it when a defensive back or safety causes a turnover then takes that slow, winding trek to get more yards as the offensive players awkwardly try and tackle him. It’s like watching a regular down in super slow motion.


This is the Lovie Smith defense I’ve been waiting to see outta’ the Bucs.


Week 2: Extra Gold Lager


 photo coorsextragold_large_zpsrgfxljtn.png


Truth be told, my taste in beer runs more towards the craft side of things than the blue-collar stuff, so sue me already. However, it’s still a lot of fun if you’re traveling, especially to more remote or rural places in America, to take in all the local shitty canned lagers. They usually look really cool and esoteric because the labels weren’t cooked up three months ago by a twenty-person team of graphic designers hired to “disrupt” the beer can paradigm. My all time favorite is Stroh’s because it used to be made in Michigan and touted that it was “fire brewed,” which just sounds hilarious and dangerous. Some other cool options are Carling Black Label and the mother of them all: Hamm’s.


 photo Hamms-Hamms-Beer-Can-Safe_zpsvcatvnzs.jpg


Back when I lived in New York I would sometimes go to these hip lofts where hip artists would throw these hip benefit concerts. I remembered I always liked going to this one spot because they sold Extra Gold out of a trashcan full of ice for a buck a pop. It didn’t really matter what was playing, even if it was electroclash, because I knew the Extra Gold would be plentiful and cheap, and I could never seem to find it anywhere else. The beer itself is really sweet and smooth, almost like Genesee Cream Ale, but not quite as cloying. Hops? Forget it. Balance? Forget it? Malt? You bet’cha.


Yup, drinking one or eight of these is a great way to take the sting out of watching the Lions lose to the goddamned Vikings as poor Stafford is drilled into the ground over and over again…


Until next time, I’ll be crying in my beer.


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