Ex-NFL player Jamal Anderson exposes himself to gas station clerk

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Published on : December 17, 2016



Jamal Anderson, former running back for the Atlanta Falcons is under the microscope after an ugly incident at a local gas station. Anderson was a hero in the city of Atlanta and a true fan favorite but all that goodwill may be gone after this his recent actions at a QuikTrip filling station in Gwinnett County, Georgia. Reports are that the former NFL player exposed his penis to the clerk. No arrests have been issued but the public relations damage has been done.


The clerk called 911 after Anderson pulled out his penis and started masturbating in front of the employee. The police arrived on scene and noted that Anderson appeared to be under the influence of something but the clerk did not want to press chargers and Anderson had not been driving so no arrest was made. The police even helped Anderson get an Uber home. In the end, Jamal Anderson was cited for trespassing and is not allowed back at the QuikTrip ever again. What a slap on the wrist.



Let’s hope this is the rock bottom moment Jamal needs to turn his life around. My fear is that the lack of punishment will lead to more of the same. Thank God no one was hurt and thankfully for him, he wasn’t registered as a sex offender. Which he is. He got off super lucky. Well, I hope he didn’t get off. No one wants to see that┬ádirty bird. Enough jokes, this was a horrifying news story and I hope Jamal Anderson gets the help he needs.


It’s sad that one slip up can ruin an athlete’s image forever but I discovered a handy way to make sure it never happens. Keep you dick in you pants at all times when you are in public. And if you want to be a real pro, then follow this second part. Only take your dick out with another consenting adult. Sounds wild but give it a try.





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