Are the Cleveland Browns Headed for 0-16?

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Published on : November 17, 2016



Oh no, Cleveland! Is another team going to end the season 0-16? I sure hope not. Not only is it bad for the NFL but it’s a terrible a fate for any franchise to suffer. The 2008 Detroit Lions went 0-16 and it was brutal. At home games, most of the fans wore brown paper bags on their heads to hide their identity from the tv cameras. Dark days indeed. Currently, the Cleveland Browns are 0-10 and are staring down the barrel of making history in all the wrong ways. Let’s breakdown the reasons for and against the Browns going winless.


The Browns will win a game

The saying is “any given Sunday” and as corny as it sounds, it’s true. Any pro team can get caught off guard and lose to a crew that’s worse than them. All it takes is a little mojo. A blocked kick, a gadget play, a big stop and suddenly, the little guy has all the energy. Losing every game is hard. You need to find new ways to lose. Those 2008 Lions were creative, they created failure out of thin air. It is an art, truly.



6 games is plenty of opportunity to pull an upset. There is talent on the roster. 1st round pick, Corey Coleman is finally healthy and looking to break a few big plays. Terrelle Pryor has been their best weapon all year and currently has 627 receiving yards, has taken some hand offs and even played a little QB. Running back Isaiah Crowell is averaging 4.6 yards a carry and can help move the chains. Just one player needs to get hot, in just one lucky game to avoid going 0-fer.


The Browns will go winless

Their QB situation is a joke. They have had 6 different signal callers so far and have rookie Cody Kessler running the show, for now. Remember when they thought RGIII was the answer? Woof.


None of these personnel issues really matter because it all comes down to the schedule. Even though Cleveland is playing at home 4 of the next 6 games, it doesn’t look great moving forward. Let’s breakdown each of their remaining matchups.


Week 11 – Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers have lost 4 in a row but are still in the division race. They need this game and will play like it.

Week 12 – New York Giants

Giants have a winning record and are playing their best football recently. Browns have no answer for OBJ.

Week 13 – Cincinnati Bengals

Bengals won the first meeting 31-17 last month and nothing has changed since then.

Week 14 – at Buffalo Bills

Playing in Buffalo, outdoors, mid-December, against that defense? Nope, nope, nope.

Week 15 – San Diego Chargers

The Chargers have scored the second most points. Cleveland can’t keep up.

Week 16 – at Pittsburgh Steelers

Only way the Browns stand a chance is if Roethlisberger and the starters sit out because they’ve already won the division.


I don’t see any wins in that stretch.




The Browns will join the Lions as the only teams to go 0-16. Beyond the tough road ahead, the Browns have an identity crisis. Their defense is supposed to be their strong suit but the unit has given up a league leading 301 points through 10 games. Plus they have only scored 175 points. The worst differential in the NFL. I hate to say, those stats don’t bode well for securing a win anytime soon. At least Cleveland won’t be alone in the loser’s circle.


Who knows, maybe the Dawg Pound will turn it around and rip off two or three W’s or maybe they completely fall apart and earn that #1 overall draft pick the sad way. Or maybe more and more teams will go winless as the middle class drops out of the NFL. I never root for Ohio but everyone deserves at least one victory.





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