Obama and Basketball

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Published on : May 12, 2016



Next year, we will have a new Commander in Chief. Who knows who that will be? Fingers crossed it’s someone not crazy. But as we get ready to say goodbye to President Barack Obama, let’s take a second to recognize him not for his politics but for his love of the game of basketball. Everyone knows Barry-O likes to ball. His passion for sports is truly endearing and makes him seem totally down to earth. This is Obama the Baller.


One of my favorite modern traditions in sports is that Obama fills out an NCAA Bracket live on ESPN each year for both the Men’s and Women’s tourney. He talks out his answers for each round. It’s incredible. He is funny and charming (duh) but more importantly, he knows the teams well. I’m always impressed at how much info he has on each squad. He is quick to admit that he wishes he could watch more and that he makes choices based on coaches and programs he likes, but still. This dude is epic busy but somehow stays more current on college basketball than most people I know. Maybe his people give him updated reports on the Big Ten and the ACC daily? Either way, he is informed and any fan can appreciate that.


obama ball 2


Barack regularly plays basketball. This is the best way to show what you are into. Go out there and start sweating. Obama has some game. He passes well and has good court vision. His jumper is effective and he always gets back on defense. More of a pass-first player. Some words of advice if you are playing against Obama. First, make him go right. He is a lefty. Also, don’t foul him. If you go in for a hard block then expect Secret Service to take you out. And you get Secret Service protection for life so don’t ever foul him.


Many different Presidents have left their athletic thumbprint on history. 1869, Grant invites members of the Cincinnati Red Stocking to the White House. Gerald Ford played football at Michigan and helped them go undefeated and win national titles in 1932 and 1933. In 1942, FDR famously responded to the commissioner of baseball, saying to keep the league going despite the war. 1947, the White House added a bowling alley but Truman wasn’t much of a bowler. In 1969, Nixon and the first Lady built a new bowling alley. They were big fans. And now we have Obama and basketball.


nixon bowling


Hey Nixon! Your foot is over the line. That’s a fault. Mark it zero dude. Sorry. Our next President has some big Jordans to fill. I don’t think they will be a hoops fan but I hope there is some sport they are passionate about. It’s a good way to get to know someone better. When I see a celeb a courtside it makes me think they are just like me but with money for better seats. We are all just fans. It’s a humbling concept. Even the the leader of the free world gets excited meeting Steph Curry. I sleep better at night knowing that.



We’re going to miss you Barack Obama. One of the best point guards this country has ever had. With your new free time, I hope you get to watch all the basketball your heart desires. And if, for some crazy reason, you are reading this then I challenge you to a game of H-O-R-S-E anywhere in the world. Also, I will need a ride. So maybe next time you are in Los Angeles. Okay, love you, bye.





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