SBS Guide to: the dark days of summer

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Published on : June 22, 2017



The dark days of summer is a reference to the time of year when only MLB is going on. Hockey and Basketball just ended their seasons and NFL is still too many weeks away. Baseball is cool but it’s the only section of the year where we only have one pro sport to watch. Many fans follow a number of teams, in different leagues and sports. It’s an all-year commitment and this “taking the summer off” thing can rub some the wrong way. But don’t fret, ScoreBoredSports has got you. This is your guide to surviving the darks days of summer.


Find a new game

It only has to be new to you. Not necessarily something wild and crazy. Try something you’ve never even attempted. For example, I’ve expanded my own horizon in the last few years by trying the following activities for the first time: shooting guns, surfing, horseback riding, even getting on the ice and curling. I wasn’t great at any of these but they were all a blast. Plus you never know, you may find your new favorite hobby. For the record, I was okay at shooting, once I got over closing my eyes when the gun went off.


Bruno shooting


Double down on baseball

It’s all we got on the pro level so get into it. Pick a second favorite team if needed, get to know the roster. Try to get to the next level of appreciation for the game. Maybe learn to score using paper and pencil. Go out to the ballpark and see the action live in person. Maybe upgrade your seats and create a new experience. Look, I know baseball isn’t a favorite of most of us but sometimes you got to dance with the date that brought you. MLB is here and they are looking good. Get close and enjoy it. No one is asking you to fall in love, just enjoy a few songs together. You might just catch some feelings.


Stock up on brownie points 

Take a cue from pro athletes and spend the summer with your significant other and/or family members. We all know that when fall comes, that football takes over all day Sunday. And Thursday night. Oh and of course Monday Night Football. Also, they sometimes do games on Saturday. But that’s normally reserved for College Football which will also be back. Looks like you are going to miss many social engagements because of your viewing schedule, so you better stock up on good will while you still can. That’s right, I’m talking Bye Week Brunch status. Pour it on thick and do whatever your partner wants until the season opener. Trust. You will need it later.


echo park lake - becky insta
                                    My lady @rebecca_bee and I at the park for a picnic


Some decent advice. Take it or leave it. The real message is that the break can be a blessing. We all love sports but a little time off is nice. It allows you to catch up on things and remind the special ones in your life that they do in fact matter. Football starts September 7th.


The end is near.



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