SBS Guide to: Sledding

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Published on : December 20, 2016


The country is under a blanket of cold. My facebook feed is full of snowy pics from my midwest buddies as they battle the elements. Living in southern California, snow is a choice. You travel to a mountain destination for skiing and snowboarding or you never experience it. I never really did any of those fancy mountain sports but we would go sledding all the time. So let’s bundle up and find the best hill we can in your ScoreBoredSports guide to sledding.



Just like a good lasagna, it’s all about layers. You want to start with a good base, pick your favorite undies then let’s talk long underwear/long johns. They really help to insulate your body heat. The only note about layers is that the outer most should have some degree of water resistance. A long day of sledding will get cut short if you are all soggy. Add a thick hat, winter gloves with decent mobility and scarf or something to help cover your face. Solid boots are absolutely needed. Old sneakers are not going to cut it here. Okay, looks like we are all wrapped up and ready to roll. Now, it’s time to choose your weapon.





There tons of options here. From sitting on a shovel to some sort of strange horsey kids toy. Stick to the classics. We have your disc shaped unit with the rope handles, the colored plastic toboggan that can hold 1-3 riders, the fruit roll up style carpet thing or the legit wooden toboggan with with or without metal blades. For safety sake, let’s retire rosebud and all over old school metal sleds. No run has a happy ending on one of those old death machines. Note most of these units have little to no steering but if you are on a good hill then you should be only worrying about going straight down. Speaking if slopes, let’s scout the best place to spend the day.



The perfect spot is steep enough to give you a fast ride but not so insane that walking up each time will tire you out. Also you are looking for fresh powder, the first few trips will create a path but you want to carve your own virgin route. The new snow will give you the best riding conditions. It clumps but isn’t too hard or iced over. Be careful to note any obstructions on the course. Watch for rocks, bumps or stray vegetation. Can’t find a good natural spot? Create one. Shovel all the snow on some steps and make a your own hill. Don’t get lazy here, make a solid snow ramp so it’s both fun and safe. Lastly, make sure your landing area is clear of not just objects but people. Sledding is fun let’s try and not send anyone to the hospital.




Sledding is simple but in a primal way. It’s a brief battle of man versus nature that satisfies the hunger of adventure. Nature’s roller coaster. Fun for all ages but understand some bumps and bruises tend to happen. It’s the small price you pay for an afternoon of free excitement set in the beauty of the frozen outdoors. So hit those slopes and enjoy yourself. And when you’ve had your fill, head inside for some hot cocoa. I can’t recommend the combo enough.





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