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Published on : January 9, 2017


Nobody likes losing, but it’s a part of life. Everyone wishes they could win every time but that isn’t always in the cards. We have all lost at one point or another. It’s about how you deal with defeat that defines you. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can deal with defeat in the ScoreBoredSports Guide to Losing.


Lose with dignity

lose with dignity


This is what they teach you since you are a little kid. It’s the ultimate display in sportsmanship. After being handed a defeat, you meet your opponent on the field of battle to shake hands and tell them that they played a “good game.” There’s nothing classier than lining up across from the team you just shared the field with and wishing them well. It’s a huge part of my youth sports memories. That and the after game snacks of juice boxes and whatever else some random team mom brought. I used to get so frustrated by having to look the other team in the face and smile, despite the fact that they just wiped the floor with us. I didn’t understand it back then, but now it makes total sense. In the end it’s just a game, and we are all human. So let’s respect each other and leave it all on the field.


Also if you act like any of these other shitty people I’m about to talk about, then you suck.


Throw ’em under the bus

For those who didn’t take those early lessons in sportsmanship to heart, we have the ultimate in blame shifting. This usually involves blaming someone else on your team for your misfortune. Often times it will be your coach, or maybe your quarterback. Either way, someone is getting thrown under the bus. It’s definitely not a good look and makes you come off to the rest of the world like a spoiled brat. If you want the rest of your team to hate you then this is the way to go.


Take everyone down with you

This one is similar to throwing ’em under the bus, except it takes it to another level. In this style of losing, not only do you throw your team under the bus, but you attack the game officials, and maybe even the league. In the post game press conference you should probably point out the league wide conspiracy against your squad. This is an attempt to bring everyone down to your level of despair. It’s a coping mechanism more than anything and is a way to make everyone feel as shitty as you do. It probably won’t work but hey, what does that matter? As long as everyone knows that refs are out to get you and that the league commissioner has it out for you personally.


Complete loss of hope

This is perhaps the most brutal of all ways to handle losing. Not for the loser necessarily but for anyone who has to watch it happen. Nothing is sadder than someone who has completely accepted their defeat and lost all hope. Think 2008 Lions, or 2016 Browns. It’s ugly and really hard to watch. Just hope that your team is never so bad that this happens.


These are just a few different ways to handle a loss. Surely, there are others. So head on down to the comments section and tell us how you go about about coping with a tough loss.



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