SBS Film Vault: Teen Wolf

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Published on : January 28, 2016



Have you seen Teen Wolf? Not the TV show that Google won’t stop talking about, I mean the (other) Michael J. Fox vehicle from 1985 (I was also born that year, obviously a great year for Michaels). This movie is all-around awesome. Fox is great – this kid’s a star – and everything around him has gotten funnier in a cheesy, 80s time-capsule sort of way. But besides that, this is also one of the best high school basketball movies ever made.


The movie starts on the basketball court as Scott (Fox) misses two free throws. Not that it would make a difference; his team, The Beavers, are getting absolutely killed by their rivals, The Dragons. Scott is ready to quit the team, but then this whole discovering-he’s-a-werewolf-thing totally distracts him. When he accidentally transforms into The Wolf in the middle of the next game, the whole crowd is shocked… until The Wolf wins everyone over with some amazing basketball skills.



Seriously who cares if he’s an inhuman monster? Did you see that jump shot? The Wolf dominates the court so much that his teammates feel left out. You’d think these guys would just be happy with an easy ride to the Championship, but no, Teen Wolf doesn’t play like that. This is a movie about strength of character, being yourself and ultimately, being a team player.


After Scott realizes that being The Wolf won’t solve his problems, he shows up to the Championship game ready to play. But only as himself, not The Wolf. Scott rallies his team with a classic “give ’em hell” speech, and they hit the court. And because it was the 80s, they put a super boss jam on the soundtrack to get your blood pumping.



There’s lots of great stuff in there: obvious personal fouls, slow-motion celebrating, cheerleaders. But you know what the best part was: teamwork. Scott assists other players as much as he scores, having realized that the only way to win is as a team. In the end, Scott has to return to the free throw line to decide the game. I won’t spoil the outcome, but since that song on the last clip is called “Win in the End,” I think we know how this goes down.


Also! I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Teen Wolf’s biggest contribution to pop culture: Surfing the Wolfmobile. Only technically a sport, but definitely super not-safe. I legally cannot endorse you doing anything but watching this clip, but I do highly recommend that.






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