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Published on : February 24, 2016


This movie is wild. I only wish the game was real. It’s kind of like Quidditch, but sexier and with hoverboards. It’s got Dean Cain AKA the original Channing Tatum. Also Wesley Snipes and Vanessa Williams. Throw in some cheap sci-fi thrills and maybe this straight-to-video release is better than you think.


This film is like the movie Rollerball (1975 version, not the 2002 remake which is a disaster) but Cain plays the Caan part. Simple right? Considering, this game is made up, it is pretty cool. Teams of five compete in a banked arena. Object of the game is to secure possession of the ball and throw it into the goal. Team with the most points at the end of regulation, wins.


James Caan in Rollerball


The ball starts pulsing with electricity after 5 seconds of being held. To encourage players to pass and not hold the rock for too long. Many players attempt to keep the ball longer than the 5 seconds, this is affectionately called “ride the lighting.” Nice Metallica reference. Also, the defenders are allowed to carry these metal staff looking things that they use to attack opposing players. Futuresport is violent and there doesn’t seem to be many rules for player safety. Just the way we like it.


Each team has Flyers, who are the forwards on the hoverboards. These are the star players who are supposed to score the majority of the points. Dean Cain’s character, Tre Ramzey, is the top Flyer in the world. Then you have the Blockers, these are the big boys with the metal sticks. They are also on roller blades and move a little slower. These enforcers try and slow down opposing Flyers any way they can.




Later in the film, we learn that the game of Futuresport started in streets AKA the Down Zone with gangs playing on skateboards to settle turf wars in a non-lethal way. Then the sport got a mega-corporate facelift. Some say Tre Ramzey is a sellout for taking the cash and fame. Wesley Snipes’ character, Obike Fixx, is a boss in the Down Zone and does a weird Jamaican accent. I’m not sure if that’s a flaw or selling point.


The only problem with this picture is that there is a bunch of plot and not enough Futuresport action. The first game isn’t ’till minute 18. That’s way too late. The second act sets up a crazy plot line about the North American government clashing with the Pacific Commonwealth over who should control Hawaii. To prevent a possible war, Ramzey suggests playing a game of Futuresport where winner gets the islands. So now the teams are all switched up and the fate of millions hangs in the balance. Juicy.


The big final game is pretty dope. They set up and pay off a lot of things and it’s satisfying. I’d say more but you should watch it. I was looking for a good clip but here is the whole damn movie:



Futuresport takes place in 2025 (and Chelsea Clinton is President). So that means we got 9 years to get our shit together and makes this sport real. Who wants to invest? I’ll start the bidding at $1.


Dean Cain.



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