Pop Quiz: How Big of Sports Fan Are You?

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Published on : July 6, 2016


You think you are the ultimate fan? Or maybe you are just curious to see where your level of fanaticism lies on the spectrum. Well, we have the test for you. Bust out the number two pencils and keep your eyes on your own paper because this is the first ever ScoreBoredSports pop quiz.


For each question, please select the option that best fits you. Pick only one. Write down or save your answers so you can score the quiz below.


1) On the day of the big game, where are you?

a) “There’s a game today?

b) At work, as always. Fuck stupid work.

c) In front of the big screen, surrounded by snacks.

d) In the parking lot, tailgating.

e) At the game. Duh.


2) Your idea of team devotion is:

a) Not rooting for anyone else.

b) A jersey.

c) A good luck charm.

d) A tattoo.

e) Make a baby on the 50 yard line.


sports-tattoos kings


3) If you must miss a game you:

a) Try and catch the next one.

b) Watch SportsCenter highlights crying until you fall asleep.

c) Constantly check your phone for updates no matter where you are.

d) Record the game and watch it later. No spoilers, please.

e) I don’t ever miss a game.


4) How many games in your lifetime have you been to?

a) 1-4

b) 5-10

c) 11-50

d) 50+

e) Banned from the stadium because of that one time.


KC super fans


5) How many players on your favorite team can you name?

a) The star player only.

b) The star plus two.

c) Most of the real contributors.

d) The whole damn squad.

e) Had them all over for Thanksgiving dinner.


6) What would you do for a championship?

a) Suck a dick.

b) Cut off your own hand.

c) Kill someone.

d) Give away your first born.

e) Sell your soul to the devil.


GB Super fan



Add up the point values for all your answers.

a’s – 1 point

b’s – 2 points

c’s – 3 points

d’s – 4 points

e’s – 6 points



6-8 points: The Sporting Step-Dad

You say you care, but you can really only make an effort for a few hours every two weeks. When someone asks, you seem up for it but often flake out.


9-12 points: Legit Fan

Your day is effected if your team losses. You are invested and probably own at least four pieces of memorabilia or team apparel.


Spike Lee Super fan


13-18: Crazy Fan

Everyone who knows you knows you are a fan. It’s part of who you are. Like your heritage. “I’m English, Irish and love the New York Yankees.” You’ve put so much into supporting the franchise that you can’t go back now. Your family only sends you team-related stuff, and things are bordering on obsessive.


19-24: Super Fan

You bleed for your team. No, literally. I guarantee that if you took this quiz honestly and you got this section then I can confidently say you have been in a sports-induced fight of some kind. Maybe it was at a game or maybe it was at Target and someone said your Flyers hat was stupid. But it happened. You bled for your team or you made someone bleed for your team.


colts super fans


25 and up: Insane Fan

You dress as a human/mascot hybrid on the regular. You no longer use your birth name and go by something like “Turbo” or “Wild Thing.” You are insane and should probably be locked up. But I love you.



First quiz is in the books. Stay on your toes because you never know when the next pop quiz will strike. Until later, sports fans.


Pencils down.



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