My Back Hurts

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Published on : March 13, 2016



I’m old now, as I said. And lately, my back hurts. Like sharp, shooting pain on my right side, just above my belt. There are tons of contributing factors here. First off, I spend a lot of time on my feet working in a restaurant. I also drive a lot and the action of constantly engaging the pedals doesn’t help. On top of that, when I’m not working I’m always sitting, legs compressed in a chair at my desk or hunched over my computer while on the couch. Throw in not stretching enough and always sleeping in an awkward position and you can see how messed up this is. Now, I’m not writing this for sympathy. But trying to journal my quest for relief. Maybe I’ll find something that works, maybe this will help someone else.


I can change some of my habits and that may help but mostly I’m looking to add something that can alleviate┬ámy back pain. Like I can’t stop working, driving, being on the computer but I can maybe change my shoes, pillow, lucky rabbit’s foot, etc. At this point I’m ready to try (almost) anything. Let’s look at some options.





This already sounds expensive and I don’t really want to have to take a bunch of pills all the time. I for sure hit up the Ibuprofen when things are tough but I’m looking for something that will make my back better, not just mask the pain. And yes, I could go to the doctor but I’m trying to do this without a bunch of medicine.



Acupuncture needles in African woman's back


I’ve done this once before and it was cool. I need to go again. You don’t feel needles in a painful way and I did experience relief. The real issue here is finding a good place to go. There are tons of clinics but like a tattoo shop, you don’t want to go just anywhere. Multiple sessions may be required for more serious conditions. Just don’t put any needles in my face. I don’t think I could handle that.



back buddy


There are compression garments, special braces, personal massagers and tons of other products that claim amazing things. Maybe it’s time to bust out two easy payments of $19.99. I just hope shipping is free. Seriously, most of these have to be junk right? I’m skeptical of anything that cheap that is supposed to move mountains. If I am wrong, please let me know in the comments. I got my visa card on standby.



updog yoga


I really don’t want to do this one. That’s why I should go. I’ve heard so many friends sing its praises but I’ve always been hesitant. Time to suck it up and bite the yoga mat. How much are private lessons? Those judgy eyes of people who know what they are doing can be brutal. Even from “in touch” yoga folks.


Alright, I’m going to try a few of these and see what works. I’ll be BACK with an update in a few weeks with my progress.





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