Most Hated Player in Sports

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Published on : December 5, 2015



Tough Question. I loathe a lot of greats: LeBron, Marino, A-Rod, Jordan, Aikmen, Sydney Crosby, Aaron Rodgers, Bonds, Shaq, Emmit Smith. Pretty much anyone who wins too much and doesn’t have a public persona of being super humble makes me dislike you. I don’t hate all winners. I don’t hate Jerry Rice, Wayne Gretzky or Tim Duncan. But winning too much generally rubs me the wrong way.┬áLet’s put my own personal baggage aside and try and figure out who is the most hated player in sports?


What makes fans turn on a player? Off field issues (rape, gambling, beating your kids/lover), they say arrogant stuff in the media, they leave to play for a rival, they don’t give back (or enough), they don’t seem to care what us regular Joes think, they get away with murder (sometimes literally), they always kick your favorite team’s ass. Or maybe it’s just their attitude. Whatever it is, there is small group that seem to get a lot of haters, more than average. Below are the kings of boo birds and angry fan mail. The top of the bottom. The most hated.


Kobe Bryant



No surprise here. If you don’t love the Lake Show then you probably hate the Black Mamba. He has that smirk on his face. He kept winning all the championships when I didn’t want him to. Then that thing in Colorado happened. Ugh. At least it looks like he gets to end his career with a whimper, that’s some consolation.


Tom Brady

Tom and Gisele


Super Bowls, MVP’s, the cheating and scandals, the super model wife, that hair, those dimples. Kill me and him. If he wasn’t a Michigan boy then I’d be brewing my own Haterade for Tom. But honestly, can we see someone else* hoist the Lombardi Trophy for once? It’s getting pretty boring.

* Aaron Rodgers need not apply


Cristiano Ronaldo


The easy joke here is that he is really good looking. I don’t see it. I think he looks like a tan hotdog with beach muscles. But maybe you are into that fit, rich, adonis look. Whatever. Also his hair is straight Ross from Friends. “Could it be any wetter?” That my friends, was a Chandler Burn!


And the winner is….




Floyd Mayweather

Floyd and his best friend Justin Bieber


Of course Mayweather wins this. He wins everything, ever. I don’t know many sports fans not named Floyd that would not LOVE to see “Money” get knocked the fuck out. Dude is 49-0. I’d give Pay-Per-View my first born, Rumpelstiltskin style, If I got to watch him get crushed. Especially after all that fancy evading he loves to do. POW! That would be the best. Only thing sweeter than that would be betting tons on the fight too so you cleaned up as Mayweather got laid out.


Leave a comment on your least fav. Maybe you’ll find some like-minded enthusiasts and you all can start a fan club where you send glitter-bombs to people who cross you. And remember, you can be mean as long as it’s funny. Don’t be a jerk just to be a jerk.






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