Let the Ladies Play!

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Published on : May 23, 2016


If you went to high school in these United States of America, then you probably have some idea of what a Powderpuff Football game is. For those of you who did not go to school here, it’s a game of football played between the female seniors and juniors at high schools around the country. The proceeds of the ticket sales and concession are usually used for some kind of charity or to fund school functions, be it a dance or what have you. The game itself is usually played in the style of flag or two-hand-touch, but one glorious school Jupiter, Florida actually has it’s ladies play full contact in pads and helmets. Totally badass!


That is until last month, when the principal of Jupiter High School canceled the annual game, citing safety concerns. Principal Dan Frank feels that the game is just too dangerous. A few years ago a girl broke her leg and there numerous bruises and sprains every year… You know like in all sports. And the state of Florida even allows girls to play on boys high school football teams! This is just ridiculous. After doing the game for 50 years, this school is ending a tradition that students and members of the community love just because they are scared someone might get hurt. A mother of one of the students, upset that the game had been canceled, correctly stated that “the car ride to the game is more dangerous.”


Caitlin Walsh, Megan Mendoza, Haley Osborne and Savannah Tardonia of Jupiter High School are not as scared as principal Frank.


Principal Frank suggested multiple alternatives to the beloved tackle football game, all of which were underwhelming to say the least. He suggested the usual flag or two hand touch football alternative, which was metĀ little enthusiasm from the students due to the fact that tons of schools already do that. These girls were unique and the administration took that away from them. One of his other bright ideas was to play a modified kick ball game where the runner might have to bob for apples at second or spin around at third base. The girls found this option demeaning, and I agree with them. This principle took something that would require skill and athleticism and wants to replace it with something for 3rd graders.


Shame on you Dan Frank! You’ve robbed these girls of something that many of them have looked forward to since their freshmen and sophomore years in school. Hopefully, you will come to your senses or get fired and replaced with somebody who has some vision. Either way, I think we can all get behind these young ladies in their quest to resurrect their beloved Powderpuff football game.


Let the ladies play!



Read the local news coverage of this travesty, here.



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