Happy Birthday SBS! It’s our 1 year Anniversary

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Published on : July 18, 2016


As of today, SBS is one years old. We have posted an article everyday for a full 365. Including holidays. A deeper look into the data shows there are over 400 pieces from 26 different authors. Not bad for a baby. I was only crawling and pooping at one. So before anything else, let’s have a round of applause for the writers. Now, jump into the time machine was we warp back to see how the website all came together.


ScoreBoredSports is the story of two jerks and a dream. A dream that started out simply to see the Detroit Lions covered fairly, not just mentioned for a second or skipped over completely. Our original thought for the site was the “Detroit Conspiracy,” how the refs, broadcasters, and world all work together to keep the Lions down (this is a true phenomenon).


One night, after a few margaritas at our favorite LA spot, El Compadre, Alex Jag and I really unpacked the idea. We had so much to say and so much energy. We knew we couldn’t be the only people that felt that way, not just about Detroit, but about their teams. We decided to broaden the concept to cover all sports. Which was the right call. Make it a place for everyone. Democractic-like.


So much of the sports news world is cold stats and the same handful of stories regurgitated from the major outlets. ScoreBoredSports looks to provide interesting, well-crafted sports content from a range of voices on all topics. We are not sports writers. We are writers who love sports. We welcome new contributors from all walks of life and our message boards are open to the public. Sorry, no robots allowed.




Things really took off when we met our third partner, Dennis Henning. Alex and I got to know Dennis while working our day jobs at the restaurant. Dennis would come in and sit at the counter and we would talk sports. Alex pitched him our idea and Dennis helped us build our site and get the operation off the drawing board and into the real world. He was the perfect partner because he matched our passion for the game and brought serious business expertise to the table. There is no site without him.


Our vision for SBS has always been to entertain, educate, and provide a platform for discussion. We want to be a haven for super fans and novices alike. Sports is a big world and we need help covering it. Tell us your stories, write us something, help us help the little guy. The underdog. Everyone’s favorite character. Is there something we should be covering? Let us know.


Here’s to another year. Now pass the cake.



ScoreBoredSports – Bored with the status quo


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