Dinner with your favorite athlete

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Published on : September 15, 2015


People stand in lines for autographs, write fan mail, spend fortunes at charity events just for a chance to rub elbows with their favorite star.  Most of these encounters are brief or totally one-sided. Super stars are swarmed on the regular, so the opportunity to make a real connection is slim. But what if, by magic, you had a chance to sit down and have dinner with your favorite athlete?  Who would you pick?


My mind is flooded with so many answers. Do I go for the local hero? The mega star? I can’t decide. Part of the problem is that I secretly believe I will become instant friends with whoever I meet. I mean if they really got to know me then how could they not wanna be buds? So the real question is, which pro athlete do I want to be my new best friend?  The answer is all of them, but let’s break this down into three hypotheticals:


Dinner with any living Athlete.

This is tough. I’ve always thought Shaq was maybe the funniest athlete off the court. But I always hated him on those Laker and Heat teams.


Shaquille O’Neal


I truly love Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions but I know he works really hard so I wouldn’t want to bother him on his night off. Tiger’s slugger Miguel Cabrera is a cool dude but my Spanish is weak at best. Okay, I’m dragging my feet. I pick Rob Gronkowski, Tight End of the New England Patriots.

Gronk just seems like a funny, cool dude that would be a blast to hang with. I feel like he would pick up the check and maybe even suggest an after party. Bottle service anyone?


Gronk and rapper 50 Cent


Dinner with any past Athlete.

Another hard question. Where would you even begin? Maybe steaks with Muhammed Ali or tacos with Jim Thorpe? Maybe go way back and split some deep dish with an Ancient Greek discus thrower? Decisions decisions.


Jim Thorpe


I really want to pick Ty Cobb, but I just know we are going to get wasted and then he’s going to say something racist and then it’ll be a whole scene at the Sushi bar.  So final answer is: all-you-can-eat buffet with Babe Ruth. The Bambino would be the perfect dinner companion. He’s just the right amount of fun-loving and scummy that ensures a good time.


Sports fantasy with any Athlete past or present.

The idea here is simple: pick a pro and what sport you’d wanna play with them. Like catch a pass from Dan Marino or skate with Wayne Gretzky.

For me, this one is easy, I’d like to dunk on Michael Jordan. If he isn’t available then I guess LeBron or Kobe could work. After I dunked in his face, I’d totally yell “in your face!” Yeah. That would be sweet.



Well, those are my thoughts. Comment and let me know your answers. If your stuff is funny then SBS will publish it. Holler at your boy.




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