C’mon, Manny!

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Published on : February 18, 2016




Manny Pacquiao, what in the hell are you doing? You should probably shut up and keep your old timey hateful thoughts to yourself. Don’t you know that people actually liked you? Well, you went and messed that up with one stupid ass quote. Way to go, dumb shit. You already lost your Nike endorsement, and who knows what’s next. I’m sure Nike was happy to cut ties with you because, let’s face it, you’re kind of washed up now, but you still have to give them props for taking a stand and distancing themselves from a bigot like yourself.


Do you not know what year it is? You can’t be so oblivious to the rest of the world that you thought that a comment where you said that homosexuals were “worse than animals,” would go unnoticed by the public? You’re logic behind the comment was that animals do not engage in homosexual relationships, but maybe you should get your facts straight before you open your mouth. Let me show you the long list of animals that engage in homosexual behavior.


It’s bad enough that your boxing star has been fading out ever since you got knocked the hell out by Juan Mánuel Marquez, but did your brain get damaged too? I mean it’s pretty bad when you’re making Floyd Mayweather seem like a level headed person…



I’ll end this little rant by saying that I’ve lost a lot of respect for you and that I hope you lose your election bid in the Philipines. You’re boxing career fell apart quickly and maybe this showing of your true colors will make your political one do the same. People with outdated lines of thinking like your own should not be in charge of leading the future of an entire group of people. Your type of thinking is dangerous to progress and there is no place for it in modern society. So I guess it’s time to just fade away, dinosaur.



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