An ode to the Moms that make sports possible

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Published on : May 8, 2016



Today is Mother’s Day and in honor of all the moms out there, we thought we would say a few kind words about the most important people in the world of sports or the world as a whole, for that matter.


Let’s be honest. None of us would be here if it wasn’t for our mother. It’s just a biological fact. But that’s not what today is all about. Today is about all the things that our moms do after bringing us into this world. From nursing, to diapers, to helping with homework, our moms are always there. They selflessly sacrifice their personal lives in order to make better ones for us.


This applies to all facets of life, including our beloved sports. Many of us would not have been able to play if not for our moms. Sure, for some people dads are just as important when it comes to sports but today isn’t father’s day, so let keep our focus on the mamas. Here are just a few ways that moms make sports a reality.


Soccer moms

It’s true that moms are more than mere chauffeurs when it comes to their impact, but the fact of the matter is that in order to play sports you need to physically show up. That’s where the masses of soccer moms and their mini-van chariots come in. The soccer moms (or football moms, baseball moms, hockey moms, etc) are what make the world of youth sports go ’round. They spend hours behind the wheel driving their children and their children’s teammates to games, meets and matches.



They also spend tireless hours organizing and planning in order to make sure that all of the obligations for their children and their teams are met. Whether it’s setting up fundraisers for team equipment or preparing post-game snacks for this week’s matchup, moms are indispensable. If you little leaguers are reading this right now, go and give your mom a hug and say thank you!


Your biggest cheerleader

When I was child playing soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey and football (yes, I played them all at one point or another) there was always one constant at my games. And that was my mom out there in the stands cheering me on as loud as she could. Sure, as a kid sometimes you can be embarrassed by your parents always being around but as I look back on those times I realize that there’s something special about it. It makes me feel good to know that my mom was always there and always had my back. Even if I sucked at the sport I was playing.




Moms are our biggest supporters and are always there with some words of encouragement, whether you need them or not. That’s because our moms care and they genuinely want to see us succeed. There many people in our lives who care about our wellbeing and progression as people for purely unselfish reasons, but that’s just what moms do. They are there shouting, screaming and rooting us on from kick off until the final whistle. And for that, we say thank you.


Doctor, teacher, mentor

Moms do it all. They help us clean the cuts and ice the bruises that are inevitable, and they help teach us lessons in good sportsmanship. There really isn’t anything that they can’t do, or wouldn’t do for their children. They impart the wisdom they have gained through the years onto us, their kids. And they withhold judgement when we make mistakes. It’s their love and support that helps us to be the best we can be, both on the field and off.



They are team doctor, trainer and coach all wrapped up in one and none of us would be who we are today if not for their care, advice and influence. So go find your mom and wish her a Happy Mother’s Day, give her a giant hug, buy her some flowers and a card, and appreciate everything she’s done. Because she did it for you.


Love you, Mom!



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