An Australian Open for the ages

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Published on : January 31, 2017



I don’t really follow tennis beyond seeing some stray highlights on SportsCenter or hearing about one of the superstars, but the universe was telling me to pay attention. First, our guide when we went horseback riding kept talking about the Australian Open and then it came up again randomly, so I decided to tune in and was lucky enough to catch some world class sports entertainment. It was so good that I may have become a fan overnight. So in case you missed it, here are the highlights of an incredible tournament known as the Australian Open.


Serena Williams rules


Serena just captured her 23rd title after she defeated her sister, Venus, in straight sets in the Women’s Finals. Williams actually never lost a set the entire Open. Which is straight bonkers. This win cements Serena as not only one of the all time tennis greats but one of the best athletes ever, in any era. Her dominance is well documented and Williams has hardware in every tournament there is. The stupid issue here is that people feel compelled to frame her success within the fact she is a woman. That sexist garbage has no place.


I’ll say it again, Serena Williams is one of the all time greats of any sport. And by the looks of it, the 35-year-old isn’t slowing down, so be ready for her to win a few more titles before it’s all said and done. I don’t know enough about the sport to truly say this but her performance at the Australian Open makes it seem like Williams is only peaking now. Which is a scary concept. The only thing that can stop Serena Williams from winning is retirement. And let’s all hope that is years and years away.


Nadal vs Federer

The final matchup of the Australian Open pitted two legends against each other. Both men are very familiar with the other’s style of play so there would be nowhere to hide. This contest did not disappoint. It went to an intense 5th set after some amazing back and forth play. Federer took the first set 6-4, only to have Nadal storm back in dominate fashion to win the second set 6-3. Roger owned the third set 6-1 but couldn’t close it out. Nadal took set four by a score of 6-3. They played like two samurai. Waiting for their enemy’s error so they can strike.



The action was wicked. Aces then super long volleys all topped with some of the craziest shots you ever seen. It felt like a highlight reel. Nadal plays a tough game and demands your best because his effort will roll anyone who is not playing perfect. But Federer proved, over and over again that he is a champion. Roger routinely landed these perfect shots that are impossible to defend against. Even with Nadal’s athleticism. I watched the last set standing in front of the TV cheering, spilling my wine, and seeing Roger Federer win his 18th title.


Tennis is great. I love all the grunting and that little man in his tower by the net is so polite. He asks the crowd to please be quiet and they listen. The whole thing is so classy and the sportsmanship level is off the charts. Overall, this event seems catered to me, why else would the Men’s Finals be on 4am PST? It’s like they know, that’s when I’m up and watching TV. What fun. I guess it’s time to start watching more tennis and it’s all thanks to the Australian Open.





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