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Inter-sport Trading: The Dream of the Hometown Fan

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Published on : May 19, 2017

  While there certainly are some exceptions, for the most part I think sports fans grow up rooting for their local teams, riding out the highs and lows while sticking with those teams no matter how bad the tough times can get. I mean, take it from […]

SBS Guide to: H-O-R-S-E

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Published on : May 13, 2017

  H-O-R-S-E is a basketball skills/shooting competition that can be enjoyed with any number of players (2 minimum). This driveway staple has been providing NBA inspired thrills for decades. It’s one of the truly perfect and simple games that will live forever because it’s easy to play […]

SBS Film Vault: Mr 3000

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Published on : May 2, 2017

  Move over Andre 3000 this is Bernie Mack’s time to shine. Mr 3000 (2004) is kind of like the the How Stella got her Groove back but for Major League Baseball. There are laughs, baseball hijinks and the smooth charisma of one Bernie Mack (RIP). This is the SBS Film […]

SBS Guide to: Thumb Wrestling

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Published on : April 27, 2017

    1-2-3-4. Let’s have a thumb war.     The first hand-to-hand combat that many school children learn. I love a good knuckle-tussle and no, that isn’t code for masturbation. Thumb wrestling is great because it isn’t about the size of the thumb but the power […]

Holyfield to fight Nigerian politician

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Published on : April 21, 2017

  Boxing great, Evander Holyfield is slated to box a Nigerian politician. I know it sounds like one of those spam emails you get that claims you can make tons of cash if you just help this foreign guy bring his wealth into our country. But no, this […]

SBS Film Vault: Like Mike

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Published on : April 19, 2017

    2002’s Like Mike is another orphan sports story just like Angels in the Outfield. But our hero isn’t watching from the sidelines, he ends up balling with real NBA pros. It’s really like Angels in the Outfield mixed with something like Rookie of the Year. But with basketball. Time to […]

Tom Brady’s Stolen Jersey Found

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Published on : April 11, 2017

  The smoke has finally cleared on one of the most bizarre cases in NFL history. First, Tom Brady’s Super Bowl jersey went missing. There was tons of speculation of where the uni could be. No one wanted to say it was stolen. But that was in […]

The Sports Oscars

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Published on : March 30, 2017

    Award season has come and gone. And in honor of the recent 89th Academy Awards, ScoreBoredSports would like to present the 1st annual Sports Oscars. Just what America needs, another award show! Press your tux and fill your flask because it’s time to walk the […]

How the Texans Helped Change the Perception of Mental Health Issues

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Published on : March 28, 2017

  Football and masculinity dominate life in Texas. Feelings and emotions in men are tied to a rigid ideology – you don’t show or talk about them because men don’t do that. Likewise, men across the country may have lived under the same social norms that restrict […]

SBS Film Vault: Angels in the Outfield

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Published on : March 19, 2017

  Disney’s Angels in the Outfield came out in 1994 and is full of everything that you’d expect when you think of a kid’s sports movie and 90’s Disney. It’s an underdog’s story with slapstick jokes that gets pretty cheesy. But it’s chalk full of charm and movie […]

SBS Guide to: Getting Into Spring Break Shape

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Published on : March 8, 2017

    Hey you! If you’re anything like me, you’ve been indulging yourself in the name of holiday cheer since last Halloween. While nothing may have mattered during the big sweater/heavy jacket season, spring is here now and you’ve got some extra pounds to shed along with those […]

Biggest scumbag moments in sports history

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Published on : March 7, 2017

    Sports has plenty of villains. You can’t really blame them because sports tells a story and any good story has an antagonist. A lot of times these hero and villains tags are a result of rivalries. Most people worship Jordan, but as a lifelong Pistons […]

Let’s update the NFL combine

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Published on : March 2, 2017

    Before the NFL draft, we hold a Miss America-style pageant of football skills called the NFL combine. A showcase for college athletes trying to make the leap to the pros. The combine is voluntary but it creates helpful data that top brass use in deciding […]

SBS Octagon: Varsity Blues vs Friday Night Lights

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Published on : March 1, 2017

    Time to step back into the blood stained SBS Octagon for another round of hypothetical combat. This chapter focuses on the best high school football teams Hollywood and Texas can put together. Without further ado, ScoreBoredSports is proud to present our matchup. Coming out of […]

SBS Film Vault: Over the Top

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Published on : February 24, 2017

    Sylvester Stallone was straight killing the 80’s. He was stacking hit after hit while juggling multiple franchises. Sly was flying high. In 1987, he returned to the sports movie world but this wasn’t another installment of Rocky, this was a little diddy about a truck driver […]

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